Video: Meek Mill’s Goons Roll Up on Drake After His Philly Concert

meek mill drake philly concert

Even though Drake has clearly “won” the battle against Meek Mill, he continues to take jabs at the Philly rapper.

Drake brought his Summer Sixteen tour to Philly on Sunday night. And unfortunately for Meek, his hometown went wild when Drake performed his diss track “Back to Back.”

Drake switched up the lyrics to say, “I did another one / I even did this s— in Philly, man, I’ll never run,” before taking one final shot at Meek.

“Just remember, when you watch that video over and over tonight, it’s not about your city. I Love your city. You did that sh*t to your m*ther f*cking self, boy!”

But after the show, Drake got a little more than he bargained for when Meek’s goons rolled up to the venue and waited for him outside.

Drake had police close the gate while he hid in his bus. Drake even got J. Prince involved in his mess to help diffuse the situation.

@meekmill dream chaser team and bodyguards are tired of @champagnepapi shit!? Via @dline_back2new

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@meekmill goons at @champagnepapi concert waiting on him to come out?

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  1. Stupidity at it's finest!….I'm personally tired of korny Nigga shit, really!….uuuuugh!

  2. Sasha, how old are these people? You know I up on many things regarding the industry at various levels but ^^THIS^^ just doesn't register with me. Didn't we just read about Meek moving to the Hills of Beverly with his girlfriend? WTH is he doing even giving Drake the time of day at this stage of the game?

    • I just said the same damn thing.. They too old to act an ass…

  3. Drake should be ashamed going along with this bs beef shit. Isn't he the darling of the industry?
    Does he need the hype to stay relevant or is he doing this to promote that black on black bs that YT loves to talk about!

  4. Drake a punk he keep running to j prince didnt he say f*ck j prince last year and then j wanna diss birdman and puffy over Drake a shame


    Niggas are playing lots of stupid games out here. With stupid games come stupid prizes. Drake @Anon 11:42, yeah he's definitely the darling of the industry-well lapdog per say. So Meek will face some repercussions if Drake is touched.

    • Meek, Drake and Nikki ALL have to answer to tptb so i doubt very serious that this is real
      Unless Meek is programmed

  6. Drake isn't just the darling of the industry, people like him and more importantly they buy his music. Whatever he's doing, he's been doing it right. An you haters hate that.

    • Drake is indeed the darling/lapdog of the industry, hence why his image is so protected, and constantly promoted and pushed into top-everything. Are you really so ignorant to believe that Drake seriously got to these places on his own, and via his own merit? These artist are all groomed and specifically placed in certain positions and kept there to be used, and to promote whatever the industry chooses for them. There's tons of more talented acts than Drake, yet either never hear of em' getting any play, or getting to his level of fame. Hence why no one has ever seriously stepped to Drake, and the ones who have are quickly swept under the rug. No one here is hating, just stating the truth.

      Plus it doesn't help that drake is half jewish either.

      • What do you mean it does not help? It DOES help.

        Drake doesn't indulge in public ni88a behavior and that is why white people embrace him and his music. Black folk can do that too if they choose. You don't have to be an "industry lapdog" to act like a civilized adult when out in public.

        • Drake has indulged in quite a bit of petty public nigga behavior. You might want to do a quick internet search on that on. Drake is a top earner in the hip hop half of the industry, therefore he's useful to TPTB. Like I also mentioned in my previous comment, him being half jewish helps out a lot. (I meant to say it doesn't "hurt" that drake is half jewish either. )

          • Oh, ok. I took the "doesn't help" at face value.

            Maybe he does get involved in some shit which appears on sites like this and MTO, but so far, he's managed to look pretty clean on MSM sites.

            He doesn't have a bunch of kids and he hasn't been involved in drug or gun scandals thus far. And he comes across as fairly bright too.

            • Which is why he's the perfect industry lapdog. A little bit of petty f*ckniggerdom, a little bit of bright, a little bit of talent, mix it all together, set to 350 and out comes the perfect mulatto/mutt who can appease both whites and blacks.

          • the fact that Drake is joo tells it all why he is so successful and untouchable and also why blacks and whites are still controled by the "invisible hand"…

  7. Drake is mad because he won't live down the truth. He should have been real from day one.

    His puppeteers are mad too because his already short shelf life is even shorter and his marketability is dipping.

    Go back to acting Aubrey. Music doesn't need your ish.

    • That is his intention. Music was just a jumping off point for him, like it was for another corny rapper, Will Smith.

      • Nah. He wanted to be on Jay Z's level in music. That's why he's mad. If it was about acting, he would have already jumped into that. He knows now that the truth will stick, and he needs credibility for marketing because without it, he's Lil Bow Wow.

        He's only still coasting now because audiences aren't as into real stuff anymore, and he has the backing of large companies that won't *let* him slip before they make their money back.

        Meek OTOH is unbothered.

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