Nene Leakes’ Excuse For Stealing!

Nene Leakes Thief

Nene Leakes has come up with an explanation for her thievery. The current DWTS competitor seems to believe because she was a single mom at the time of her her trio of ’94 arrests, she gets a pass.

Peep what Nene has to say on the matter:


Let’s go!


  1. Everyone has a past and a skeleton or two in their closet..some change some don’t…but to use someones past to make a buck or to damage their future is just as bad as any mistake they may have made…we still throwing stones

    • Are we forgetting that Nene bad mouthed Apollo & Marlo because of their past only for hers to be placed on front street. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Now that her past has been fully exposed, she wants to use the single mother argument. I know plenty of single mothers who did not resort to stealing or sliding down a pole. Furthermore, she didn’t take the initiative to change her life. Greg walked into that strip club one night & rescued her ratchet ass.

      • Amen to that! I’m a single mom and I damn sure made a way to provide for me and my son.

        • She never said she was proud…she explained her situation…believe it or not…again people love to judge..lets see how many of you can be on reality TV without any drama or skeletons…Some of y’all couldn’t even be on reality TV

    • but her ass is too damn jugdemental! slam & burn that bitch down…f*ck Ne-Ne…BOYCOTT EVERY REALITY TV SHOW!!

  2. Man, the “single mom” reason has become the de facto excuse for all sorry ass broads these days. They think saying “I’m a single mom” absolves them from any sort of responsibility or accountability, despite their asinine decisions (managing money, theft, bad attempts to garner sympathy etc)

  3. I can’t imagine anyone being mad at Nene for some petty sh*t she did 22 years ago. I know I’m not judging her one bit for that. It’s the sh*t she’s doing NOW which has brought her popularity to it’s current nadir. She was gassed up to the max by her instantaneous fame, and she completely lost herself in the process.

    • I agree @Christa Referring to your blood relatives as HalfSisters is a clear indication that one is starting to feel themselves a little.Home girl needs to come down off of her HighHorse because when the dust settles she’s no Angela Bassett or a real actress.

  4. Some just do not understand the trauma that is caused to some by being a single mother with hungry kids with basic needs. Especially when you think that you planned everything right- college, marriage and then children- And, still end up as a single mother. Its devastating, and in the end, when its all said and done, when you are older you may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer due to the toll single motherhood takes on the body. Many single mothers must fight extra hard to maintain successful and functional children. Its a bad situation for most, and especially those who did not plan their children at all. I understand, some times single moms may make bad choices for the survival of their children, and Nene is now making better choices. I understand. I do not watch her show too much fighting.

  5. There are plenty of single moms in the world. They don’t steal. They work. I hope someone posts the police report showing what she stole. I bet you it wasn’t Similac, Pampers, or baby food. This woman is shallow and has low morals. She will do anything to get what she wants. First she stripped because she was a single mom. Now she stole because she was a single mom. Not buying it. She’s just a low-class heffa who will do anything for material possessions. She is a liar. Her and Greg ripped off her own family. I don’t believe a word she says. She stole because she’s a thief and has no conscience.

    • Some moms will starve their kids at least she took care of hers by any means necessary

      • That’s the assumption you’re making that she was feeding her kids. I challenge that and would like someone to post what she got popped for stealing. Like I said I’m sure it was not Similac or Pampers. Nene is a liar and a low life. I’m sure she’s been on welfare with her first son. My Mom didn’t eat so we could sometimes but she never stole. I’m not buying her bullshit excuse.

        • And her oldest son has followed in her shoes. Why in the hell are you stealing razors at Walmart. Also, people who went to school with said he sought out bad things to do.

          • Her oldest son must have been old enough to know what she was doing because he’s been doing the samething and add Greg to that.

          • You know I did not want to bring her son into it but that is a good point. She’s dogging Marlo’s criminal past and she’s a thief who has raised a thief. Bye nene.

  6. What Cane First the Chicken ir the Egg. In nene case it was
    Definitely the chicken (head). All these reality folks
    Are being exposed as grifters and small time
    Crooks. The lady has chosen to believe her own hype
    The single mom plea is weak and cliche’. They get free food
    Housing and education. If u chose to steal then
    Just own upto it. She just can’t handle the
    Truth. Ask rick Ross

  7. Where is the free food, housing and education? I need that, if the food is not processed, the housing is not the projects, and the education is not for cna classes.

    • Nope not everyone but she should have put this out there before that way this wouldn’t be news now just as the stripper thing ppl saw beyond they would have this too

  8. These broads nowadays are sorry as hell. My mom was a single mother and worked two jobs. This was before they had section eight and wic,etc. Child support was next to impossible to collect back then too. She never resorted to theft. Yall aint cut from the same cloth no more.

    • I come from a single mom but would never knock decisions that someone makes to survive in this world…I was not there and cannot judge her..Single moms do what they have to do..and what they believe to be best at the time..must be nice to judge from behind a computer screen

  9. She still a liar & a thief. Obviously she’s found a way to transform them “tricks and stunts” to gold ratings for Bravo#Somebody watching her arse.

  10. She defrauded the telephone company. She set up seven different accounts using fake names & fake social security numbers. The total amount of phone services she stole was over 2,000.00. You don’t need a telephone to feed your child. If she was employed as a stripper then she should’ve been able to pay a phone bill.

    • Legaleagle where you there?…do you know the behind the scene details? were you the prosecutor for her case?…are you from Athens?…people buying tickets to hell because they wanna be judge and sin is greater and no mistake is worse..its how one grows on this journey called life that matters

  11. I cant stand this dragon lady…please pull the plug on this garbage trash “reality” televison! let’s boycott this mess! Put real actors, real sitcoms with or dramas, with substance, back on television! Just go away!! BRAVO pissed me off so and the RHOATL got me so angry I unfollowed Cynthia Baileys dumb ass and I liked her, but she too mix up in that trash show plus Ne-Ne’s big boned, ghetto ass! I just cant…mi cyan..

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