AKON: Hip Hop Is A Braggadocios Lifestyle, It’s Embarrassing!

Akon versus Hiphop Rappers

“We look like Mascots.. What is the purpose of it, just to style on YOU?”

HSK Exclusive – Akon has one question for the Rolex-wearing, Rose Gold ‘ropes on top of ropes’ sportin’ rapper “who got to do two or three shows just to pay off his Bentley note” — Who brought the Clown in???

Akon broke down that character to the last molecule, blaming them for “Looking Like Mascots.” Know why? Because their flossin’ cost Big Dollars, yet their purchases make NO Sense!

Buss it:

In Hip Hop we got so much access to money but how we move it is so petty, and just disrespectful. I mean, you see how we living. It’s disrespectful.

I can’t remember the last time I wore diamonds, even though I’m connected to it. Think about it, when was the last time you seen me wear diamonds? Why? Like what is the purpose of it, just the style on you?

You know what woke me up? As you sit around with all these billionaires and they’re talking about all these big life-changing projects, and you go into these boardrooms and every body’s just normal — T-shirts, jeans, dirty beat-up sneakers, that they probably haven’t changed in two, three-years — and they got enough money to.. it’s just ridiculous. It’s that ‘f*ck you’ money.

And then you see somebody that walks in from my walk of life. I mean, just imagine how dumb this looks. Everybody’s rich… billionaires dressed normal. Like, they just woke up and put on something… and they’re talking about something that’s gonna make an economical change. And then you got someone from my walk of like that I might have recommended to be a part of this, and he walks in with a Rolex, gold chains, ropes and ropes… I mean it looks embarrassing!!!

And let me remind you.. he got to do two or three shows just to pay off his Bentley note! Just imagine that mind state. I mean, we look like mascots.
That money could actually go to where it actually does go for someone else. Hip Hop Is A Braggadocios Lifestyle.”


  1. His comment is so stupid to me that it is hard to put into words just how wrong he is.

    1st off he is hardly a person to talk about a high quality lifestyle when he is the one that went on crips showing off one of his houses, his helicopter, his supercar, and then bragging about having a gas station built for his home.

    2nd how is it disrespectful to spend the money you earn on yourself? The man is clearly ignorant of the english language. You could say the money is spent poorly or without much thought for the long term, but that would all be on the person who earns it, not on anyone else because the artist earned that money.

    3rd, what is really disrespectful is how he as the signer of T-Pain and Lady Gaga robbed them blind taking most of their earnings on their biggest hits and the the structure of the whole music business that he is a big part of. What is disrespectful is humping underage girls on stage and throwing kids off the stage and getting them hurt.

    If Akon wants to wisely invest his money be about that and tell people about the ways they can invest, but the way I read his comments it seems to me like he is trying to talk himself up to run a new scheme on someone else.

    • Akon was not behind Lady GaGa that way he pretended to be.He had somewhat of a attachment to her because,Vincent Herbert was the brains behind the GaGa Wave.

    • HOLLA! Tell it, Droppin’! Akon is just the latest case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • But hold on this is the fake gangsta looooool Lied to even be in that world no police record no jail time nothing what a liar?? Why listen to a liar??

  2. Brilliant breakdown. Just go to the Microsoft Campus in WA and you’ll see what he means. Damn secretaries in jeans are millionaires and the billionaires look like bums and hippies. No flossin to be seen, but they all go home to mega-mansions.

    I’m just surprised that Akon is so self aware. Good.
    It’s never too late to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • I know right??? I don’t know what’s more surprising…that he is aware of it, or that he publicly mentioned it. Most of these rappers and producers out here fake flossin like its the real deal, but it looks like Anon knows the way to acquire money is to not blow it on bullshit.

    • What did he mean with that last sentence. “That money could actually go to where it does go for someone else? Not quite sure i follow. Is he saying rappers and producers should give some money to beneficial causes, as opposed to mindlessly spending on material-objects and jewelry?

      • Anonymous 11:09 That was me up at #2 11:20. I am just speculating, but the gist of what got from his statement is that there are life changing projects which could be funded by the same money spent on meaningless luxury items by the current rap royalty.

        I don’t think he meant charity per se, but think of the jobs which would be created as well as potential revenue streams which would stem from a really good start up company. THIS is how true wealth is created and funneled onto the next generation. We’ve had a few black entrepreneurs which have done just that, but how great would it be if some of the younger generation would do that with the new found capital they’ve gained through their music and art?

        • @ Christa, I do sometimes wonder why celebs dont do more. I always assumed once they make it they lose their minds, memory , and perspective, in that order. I sincerely hope Akin decides to do something to benefit the underprivileged either here in his adopted country, or in his homeland. Something to help and not exploit. Fingers crossed!

    • Thank you, Anon @ 9:20. I have seen people who look like they should be pushing shopping carts on Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. Whenever I see them, I know they’re usually loaded. Older white women dress a certain way when they go shopping. I’ve gone some of everywhere in ripped jeans and flip flops. No one has time to overdo it when you’re used to living a certain way. (I’m not rich, but once upon a time I was better off.) New money is always transparent.

    • Yes it’s too late to wake up preach after smelling the coffee, why comment if you were/are 1 of those ppl in all his videos he has that said chain & ropes so no it doesn’t work coming from him no – Just a liar!!

    • I love, live, love that he said he “woke up”. Let’s hope TPTB don’t come up with a tax audit situation designed to put him back to sleep. I’m not even kidding.

  3. Akon is 100% right , very insitefull breakdown
    and so what if he started his career off flossin
    hes now seeing what it really is to be wealthy walking into these boardrooms
    with the non flossin individuals
    and it IS straight up embarrassing to see these artist earn and then burn their money without a thought to the future which alot of them end up Broke and in Tax trouble, why?? because their earnings are tax free and its left up to them to
    pay thier taxes which alot of them dont

  4. Damn, he does have a good point. In fact, he just mentioned when he came back to SC. Guess how he was dressing? Forces, a pair of jeans and forgot what kind of shirt. He also said it don’t takw all that unnecessary stuff to make you rich and powerful. I have to hand it to ya, he hit this one on the head.

      • He just has on a nice suit, which seems appropriate as he appears to be at some sort of press conference. At least he isn’t flossin lee press on nails ala Snoop Lyin. Give me a man that looks like a man any day

          • Lol…I think even my manBlack Anastasia would have to agree to that, lol. He would probably say take it w a grain of salt, and DO Not marry Akon or his brother,lol.

            • Lol @Anon 12:39:OK,Akon is one of the Hamites I do like,so I won’t go in on him as I usually would. ha.ha.

            • Awww BA….that was really sweet. Even you have a little room in your heart for a Hamite every now and then. I like that and it makes you seem all the more real.

              Now don’t worry, I’m not calling you soft on the kidnappers/sellers of the Israelites. I just love it that you will make an occasional allowance for a good person of good deeds.
              Ya’heard me?

          • I know folks here can’t stand Akon, but he is one beautiful bar of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate.

            *orders Hamite and cheese sandwich from the deli* IDC, IDC, IDC!!!

            • Akon sings through his nose it’s awful but he thinks he sounds great what a fool he looked like in Guetta’s video – he should sing African songs it would suit him more he has an identity crisis he should seek his African heritage and lifestyle

  5. Truth. Black culture have been brainwashed into believing this nonsense. Hatred towards women, crime. You rode the bus not a Bugatti. I don’t listen to none of this garbage

  6. The only thing I’d disagree with what he says here is that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT HIP HOP!!!
    They are indeed mainstream rappers or rappers turned rockstars if you will, but they are not hip hop at all. Hip hop never went corporate only rappers have. When you see the dudes on the corner or at the lunchtable freestyling and its all about skills THOSE PEOPLE ARE HIP HOP!
    We need to watch for the spin on language because that’s how we get robbed of culture. Misuse of the word hip hop has led to cornball commercial radios stations claiming they are ‘where hip hop lives’ and BS tv shows called ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ None of these claims are true. Hip hop is a culture that encompasses five elements. These entities just feature a little corporate driven rap here and there.
    Still, kudos on changing up your steez Akon!

  7. Much respect for his comment and he’s right! I use to pay my bills late so that my son and I could be fancy, and when I evacuated because of Katrina to another state; I learned that people with money did not behave like me. They didn’t have to stunt and when I returned, I stopped stunting too! True Lesson Learned:)

    • Gingerbread While I knew you were a homegirl, I did not know about your evac with your son. I LOVE your personal testimony! It’s so heartwarming to hear examples of personal growth and wisdom.

      Bless you and your son.

  8. Yep,akoon is apart of what he describes,this ninja ain’t sh$t,I am so sick of these entertainers contradicting themselves,hip hop,Is on its last leg cause of ninjas like him! And why is he still talking about his interest in blood diamonds,I thought it was a lie,and he didn’t have a stake in diamond mines.go back to taking care of all those wives,that are caught up in you bull,oily bird!

    • If these are the words of a coon, then I may have to redefine my definition of the term.

      He may have made mistakes in the past, but can’t you give hm some credit for showing some growth and maturity?? We all have done and said things in our younger years which we regret later.

    • @ 11:43, I get your poi.t, but maybe he evolved? It’s been years since that Cribs episode. Everyone starts out seduced by the money and the glamour but maybe he has become disenchanted with the crumbs and trappings. IJS. It is possible.

    • He is…remember ACTIONS speak louder than words! What exactly is he doing again? Other than recruiting white women 4 his videos…

      • Exactly?? Is he starting an organisation to help starving people in Africa? No then shut up Akon you could be a great African role model and gain massive respect but you jump into US hiphop lie to get fame and then diss US hip hop artists bling and style you just aren’t the person to say that that’s all

      • Actually, he is working on getting electricity in a million homes in his home country in Africa. I believe it’s Senegal, but you guys can google it.

        • Someone on this thread lied and said Akon hides the fact that he is from Senegal, which is a joke. That’s all he spoke about at one point.

          Why niggas want him to singlehandedly repair Africa is beyond me. No accountability or responsibility is being placed on the greedy whites who deplete Africa of its vast resources daily, but because Akon is African, he owes strangers his net worth because they’re struggling.

          Niggas need to stop. (Not you.)

  9. Akon speaks the truth! Think about how many people you come in contact with everyday that literally are financially killing themselves to be an unpaid walking billboard. You can dress nice and be fashionable w/o being an advertisement.

    • You would gullible do you also believe he was a gangster? Went to prison? Ok he is African why is he hiding that fact? Why is he not helping those poor Ethiopians? Why is he hanging with Eminem, gaga & ghetto whilst there are starving people in Africa he could pay money towards a charity and rep the Africans no he is faking American instead

  10. Dude, HSK your threads are confusing af
    …would it hurt you to plug-in DISQUS??
    at least i could follow the conversation!!

  11. It is called growth. Well said Akon!!! to bad those fools spending their money on show-off luxury wont heed the message….

  12. Is anyone here going to ask Kelsey Grammer and all of the white people like him who go to Africa and pay little to nothing to go to mines and pull huge stones from them, only to have them set in rings for their wives what they plan on doing to aid Africa? Feel free to refer to RHOBH when Camille went to an event with Kelsey, just before he left her.

    Kinda like how some white devil snagged a $60 million diamond from the hands of a little African girl only to bring it to the US and auction it off. Is that Akon’s fault?

  13. I agree, he is right. Now whether or not he has always practiced what he preached. It does not take away from the dirty truth that he spoke.

  14. Despite his ‘Cribs’ episode which made him into the very thing he criticized, Akon has a point about US spending at or above our means just to ‘look like something,’ then wonder where the money’s at when it comes time to save, invest in, or buy things of importance. This is a glaring weakness that other races are well aware of and have used to enrich themselves at our expense for decades now:


    Not to mention the ‘Mascot’ comment was pretty apt, so he gets props for that.

  15. What is so stupid about his comment? And so what he showed his house on cribs. What I find is stupid is a lot of these dumb a** comments, from peeps with so called knowledge. Your knowledge come from where? You are not in the game, so who is talking to you beside the bloggers. Show a rapper that still has paper? You have a few of them that stepped out of the game and started other businesses, Jay-Z, Kanye, Diddy, Fifty, they have money because they stepped it up and expanded their brand. They also don’t wear the gold chains or the pants under their a**weezie style. They know how to don a suit or wear NORMAL PEOPLE CLOTHES and converse normally.

    Nowhere did I read where he said wearing the gaudy clothing or spending the money that you make is disrespectful. I for one do not thing that “Oh the n*gga got 24”rims or a gold grill is the one I would look up to or have my kids look up to. They are mascots for the hoodrats. Yes the artist earned the money and he/she can spend it as they choose, but they can also look stupid while doing it.
    To know what really happened with the Lady GaGa or T-Pain may have been smoke and mirrors, you would need to be in the game to “DroppinThisKnowledge” Akon has a lot validity to his comments. So why call them stupid? Because he is not “DroppinKnowledge” like what you want to hear or read. Drop that S*it in Garbage!

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