RiRi Takes Heed To Whitney’s Tyler Perry-Warning!

Rihanna vs. Tyler Perry

“Whitney put her off Tyler by warning her bluntly that ‘Tyler’s films are for fading black stars, not rising ones…”

Recent word reveals Tyler Perry has faced “a year and a half” of Rihanna’s rejection! Know why? Sources say… before her passing, Nippy advised RiRi that merging with Madea would be detrimental to her career!

Dig the drop:

“Tyler has been courting Rihanna..hoping to build a movie around her. She has rejected the idea and has avoided meeting with him.”


  1. And you would take professional advice from a notoriously drug addled fading singer (not even an actress) who smoked away her own voice because why exactly???

    • Well from one drug addict to another, Whitney told no lies. Don’t do it Riri.

      • TRUTH drugs or no drugs Whitney was right and at least in her few films they had different plots and a high budget. Not some sub par highschool plots/narratives/characters that were stereotypes/coonish. Boondocks did a funny episode of him a while back.

    • I don’t believe this one.

      Whitney SANG the tune, Family First, on the Daddy’s Little Girls soundtrack.

      Tyler flew her body back to NJ for her funeral, damn near did the eulogy and put BK in one of his television shows.

      Don’t think he’d do ALL THAT if they didn’t have an association of some kind.

  2. Whitney got a good point because most of the Black celebs wouldn’t be doing a damn thing if Tyler Perry didn’t give them jobs…

  3. I’m over the single mom struggling to make it/loud gun toting granny/always 1 token “thick girl” going thru something. While I understand who the target audience is, just tired of seeing women of color depicted in those manners. She’s not the idea role model but I do commend her for sticking to her word.

  4. Tyler’s writing is repetitive. Same old crack head in the movie. Same old sad woman who’s been dogged out by men being saved by the good man. His plots are tired and audiences are bored

  5. so true of tyler movies, if people stop going to see them he would have no choice but to chnage plots and stories, but folks continue to drop coins of coon theater he presents, sad yet true.Rhee rhee dont di any tyler movies, stay clear, do independent features.

  6. Tyler Perry is an excellent filmmaker who will evidently prove his critics wrong about the type of films he can or cannot do, Rihanna will live to regret her words. Mr. Perry is simply like Spike Lee being type cast into a certain type of box, that is the price a filmmaker pays if they want to consistently see movie tickets, but this too Tyler shall pass

    • A man whom dresses up as a 40 something year old Obese woman is considered a good filmmaker? I’d have to fundamentally disagree with that Assertion.

      • Tyler Perry dresses like a senior citizen. No different than Eddie Murphy dressed as the Klumps or Flip Wilson as Geraldine. Its all characters. Ask white folks what Robin Williams’ best movie was. Bet many of them say Mrs. Doubtfire. Same thing, just fewer films than Tyler Perry played as Madea.

  7. Tyler Perry is am excellent filmmaker who will eventually prove his critics wrong about the type of films he can or cannot do, Rihanna will live to regret her words in the future. Mr. Perry is simply like Spike Lee or any other successful filmmaker who gets type cast into a certain type of box, that is the price a filmmaker pays if they want to consistently sell movie tickets to the public, but this too, Tyler shall pass

  8. Whitney is right about Tyler Fairy! Only has beens and D-listers work for him!

    • Christine Elise, Shemar Moore and Steve Harris are has beens? Taraji Henson is a has been? John Schneider and Tika Sumptner are has beens? Oh.

  9. Tyler Perry screws over more black actors and crew members than white owned B.E.T.

    • So do white producers, writers and directors, but no one says boo. There are a ton of non-union productions that have no affiliation to Tyler Perry or his studio whatsoever.

      John Singleton never paid the cast of Hustle & Flow. When do people plan on dragging him?

      • They should if they don’t! Anyone busting unions should be dragged on whatever color of their skin.

        • The origin of unions was to stop the newly freed slaves from working. Know your history.

  10. Tyler Perry is the reason we see black people in the TV now, black people support his movies and prove that we are an audience

    • Who told you that lie? Do you know how many great black directors, producers, writers and actors came before Tyler’s cross dressing sell out ass? I can’t believe young black people feed into the bullshit out there now and know so little about their own history.

      • Yes there are great ones that came before him but I can’t remember any having the box office power as he has consistently not even Spike Lee

        • That should make you question what Tyler Perry did to get to where he is today. Success in entertainment has little to do with talent these days.

        • If you decided to wear some makeup,wig and act as a woman,you’ll become a box office sensation also.

          • ….And feed into the Agenda that ALL Black Men that WERE “Thugs” R now Gay, or DL.

            Guess WHO They Chose to Start dis Sh*t?

            No other than yo Gurl Oprah! (Remember the Down Low Show some time back? The Gay Black Sh*t started right after that show)

            • JL King and the DL phenomenon were known before that Oprah episode. She put white housewives on to the phenomenon via her show and that episode. Black folks knew what time it was.

  11. When Tyler Perry dresses as a woman, he is mocking and making fun of black women! this goes for every single black actor who has wore the dress. Why can’t black women see this. Hollywood is ridiculing you. Burn hollywood burn!

  12. I have my issues with Tyler’s movies but at the same time I find it very ironic that Tyler had his private jet fly Whitney’s body from LA to NJ for her funeral. Tyler came to her f*cked up daughter’s defense and gave her talentless behind a spot on one of his shows to try to help her get into acting. It’s so amazing how black people think. They’d rather take bit parts in bad white productions (I cannot even remember the name of the movie Rhianna was in or if it was ever released) where they’re killed off in the first 15 minutes rather than to star in a black production working with a black producer. Tyler has worked with many top stars, black and white: Angela Basset, Loretta Devine, Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Sophie Veragara (or whatever her name is), etc., etc. Tyler’s not trying to make Rhianna into a starlet in one of his Madea flicks. It’s interesting she wouldn’t be interested in sitting down and at least talking about what sort of movie she would like to star in. Whitney had a lot of nerve. She smoked herself out of her career and ultimately out of this world yet she had time to throw undue shade. Just wow.

    • Well that kinda makes sense and with Rhianna she should at least check out what role it was black should always stick together if she is in a white flick I have’nt heard about it and listening to everything you hear not to do is foolish what’s good for 1 may be excellent for another

  13. According to the bible:A woman should not wear what pretaineth to a man and a man should not wear what pretaineth to a woman.So,that finish cross dressing bullshit Tyler Perry does is not only a joke!Its always foes against scripture.FCK his bullshit movies.

  14. Tyler Perry has put more Black people to work in a decade than Hollywood has in century. Give respect where its due. I commend that brother. Crabs in barrel type negroes only know hate and can’t stand to see others achieve.

    • Okay so Tyler put more black people into his movies but look at the stereotypical, bullshit roles he has them play. I’m sorry but IMO his movies do more damage than good. There is no creativity in his work. Every movie he makes are just different variations of Diary of a mad black woman.

  15. Men have been doing comedy as women for the longest. Flip Wilson was fantastic as Geraldine! I love Madea!!!

    • You love Madea because you love to disobey God.The bible says a man should not dress up as a woman and viceversa.I stand in solidarity with the most high.The wicked shall not go unpunished.

    • …But how many of those men were, as ‘The Boondocks’ put it, ‘Crossdressing for Christ?’ That’s the difference here. The lengths people go to defend Tyler Perry’s garbage never ceases to amaze me.

  16. Hollywood hates women, especially black women. Hollywood is ran by a small number of extremely rich gay pedophiles! This is why so many actors dress up as women! The hollywood mafia loves homo trans shit! Tyler Perry is giving the mafia exactly what they want That is why they pay him hundreds of millions of dollars.

  17. Cut dude some slack. How many of us play roles (work in an environment doing things we hate with people we dislike) In the name of getting that check to support our family and pay some bills. We might not like his body of work personally but he provides jobs for black actors/actresses who would not otherwise be seen or have a platform for their craft. He gets a pass from me. my only request Tyler.. Stop trying to place sexy love interests and get rid of them pearly white teeth. Both creepy

  18. Ella, Cora, Curtis, and Brown- are strong straight male and female characters, love those characters. However, I’m so tired of Tyler for trying to explain over and over again as to why he is not in a relationship with a woman or married. He made no sense explaining this most recently on the arsenio hall show. This is why he has lost all credibility with me. He comes across as a big liar. Just leave it alone, we know your lying.

    • Maybe Aaron McGruder was right when he satirized Tyler on the Boondocks TV show.

      • Aaron McGruder is a sellout, if you really want to throw stones. You think his brand of comedy is a feather in the Black race’s cap? He was the Dave Chappelle of the Cartoon Network.

  19. how are you a sell out if you show a variety of black characters in different socioeconomic positions and the narrative isn’t repetitive but truthful? How many current or recent shows show that? If people have a problem with Boondocks more than likely its because it hits too close to home as a lot of the material is basically coming from real life events like people defending r Kelly…ratchet women who thinking twerking is special..gentrification… differences in generations…the gay agenda in rap including skirts years before it happened.. one brother politically aware/intelligent well read, the other despite living in the burbs wants to be “gangsta”. or even the two rich white kids that want to be gangsta. In short you must have only seen one episode and felt some kind of way about it, or don’t appreciate social commentary satire because that requires critical thinking skills which some people don’t have.

    Don’t see how Dave chapelle is a sellout after turning down money the majority of Americans or celebrities black or white would jump at because the lack any character and worship the all might paper currency instead of having control over the creative direction of ones project.

    Tyler Perry is a obviously closeted gay man but won’t come out because it will hurt his bottom line financially and some people might call that selling out to be a drag dressing but ” god fearing christian”. How people’s gaydar does not go off the charts for this man is a shock to me. Especially since he is totally evasive and unconvincing in his personal life. But he wins ultimately anways…he managed to sell a christian/godly straight man to the black masses despite wearing drag on how many sub par coonish pointless movies that HE created for himself not someone from “white Hollywood”. Who’s the fake or sell out now?

  20. Aaron McGruder being a ‘sellout’ is true only in the sense that he ‘sold out’ to Hollywood–The hard-hitting, truthful content of his show AND comic strip is leagues ahead of the tripe Tyler Perry has been peddling for years now. The very thought that black women are breaking their neck to defend that Coon Perry is laughable and pathetic, to say the least. If I wanted to see ignornat, brainwashed blacks acting like buffoons for extended periods of time while patterning their lives around trite sermons, I’d just go to church.

  21. Didn’t he preach Whitney’s funeral?!? Rhi drunk coke head ass better not be lying on the dead!

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