Claudia Jordan Confirms Sex Tape!!!

Claudia Jordan Sex Tape

“I told her you were the best sex I ever had.. I didn’t show her the tape though.”

HSK Exclusive – You’re looking at a still pic — reportedly taken from a sex tape of Claudia Jordan after gettin’ smashed! If you don’t believe me.. Just take a look at the video footage below — exclusively obtained by HSK — of Claudia Jordan confirming the tape.

The only question now is.. When will it drop?

“It was filmed early this year in the Caribbean…”

Take a a listen to Claudia’s admission. No word on whether this was the conception she later aborted


    • It’s 2:20 in Los Angeles. By now I’m sure Claudia Jordan knows about this naked picture. She is probably crying right now. I don’t give a f*ck, this is what happens when you decide to become a hoe!

      • I’m curious to know what Claudia did to you. You are always on CJ threads spewing vitriol. Whatever it is, I hope you get over it — soon.

    • Jacky why do you obsess over this washed out, has been hoe?? Just why??? Answer me.

  1. Oh…is that what it is??? She looks like one of the victims on a Discovery ID show to me.

    • Claudia Jordan’s life has been like this for damn near twenty years! If you don’t believe me, ask the many black men that have f*cked her! This bitch is one of the biggest hoes in black hollywood! She will f*ck anyone for money! She will do anything for money!

  2. Claudia Jordan might as well do porn! She should call Ed Powers or Red Light District. Those two pay good money. Claudia’s time in black hollywood is just about over! She has f*cked damn near every actor, rapper, and athlete. No producer or director will work with her! Ms. grey pubic hairs might as well get paid two dollars for a one hour session.

    P.S. I would love to see Claudia Jordan do ghettogeggers! That shit would be hilarious!

  3. She looks drugged or sleep. Can’t trust these niggas Claudia. Who is this person telling all of her businesses.

    • ITA…her head is hanging off the bed. Her hands are under her like someone rolled her over. I bet she was roofied. Whoever taped this definitely set her up. Claudia girl, you have to watch your back at all times. Can’t trust none a these fools

  4. Claudia is really going to hate Jacky for this! This old bitch is either drunk or drugged! Nevertheless, the grey pubic haired bitch is a broke pathetic loser! Fucking and sucking is all she knows how to do. I’m surprised she is still alive!

  5. What is the point of posting this. Any of it really? She’s not a star. She’s barely a celeb at all. Nobody cares.

  6. ^^^^The point is that guys like me want to see fake ass hoes like Claudia Jordan exposed! In this case, we get to see her ass which is a bonus! That is the point!

    • Sir, you’re contradicting yourself. So she’s a fake ass hoe but you want to see her ass? So what does that make you? You sound creepy as f*ck, to be honest. By the way, are you Jacky? Just wondering.

        • I’m not contradicting myself. Claudia Jordan is a prostitute that I want to see get f*cked! There are five bitches I want to see do porn.

          1. Stacey Dash
          2. Meagan Good
          3. Keyshia Cole
          4. Claudia Jordan
          5. Denyce Lawton

          These bitches f*ck for money on a frequent basis. I can’t stand them but I still want to see them butt naked getting f*cked! After all they are prostitutes! They might as well give Steven Hirsch a call!

          • If they’re prostitutes….So what does that make the men in the industry, who fuxk around even more than the women do????????

  7. Why a woman as beautiful as Claudia is would spread herself so thin is beyond comprehension.I’m certain Harriet Tubman would be appalled

  8. Daaam he beat that p*ssy up, he put her ass to sleep. Where’s the actual tape? I bet Vivid CEO would love to pay for this one, “Journey inside Claudia”.

  9. I’m sure this sex tape cant top Kim Kartrashian’s sex tape. Come on Claudia no one wants to see a forty year old washed up prostitute. Claudia your a non factor and everyone knows it.

    • Kim isn’t far from 40 herself. She has been washed up for ages. If Kim can fake suck and f*ck for a buck, I’m certain a better looking woman with a better body can come up in a similar fashion.

      CJ is 40. So what? She looks better than a lot of 20 yo’s. One of the top names in porn is Savanna Samson. She is knocking on 50 and she is fabulous, if she isn’t 50.

    • Kim Kardashian wack ass……the one thing I will say is that KK did something really really good for me. She ruined porn for me. I haven’t seen a porn since the 6 minutes I wasted of my life watching her on tape. Every now and then I want to holler because I will go thru a period when all I hear is that bitch saying ……O bee bee, O bee bee, O bee bee, O bee bee……shit I’m scared for life behind the shit….lol

      • Ha ha!!! Claudia talks dirty on her tape–CJ is a true porn star–CJ needs to sign off on this tape-it will give her mainstream fame & guap!!!

      • ELTHP: ROTFL. You know, you can always mute your videos. Do you really want to hear the stupid things folks say in a porn? Just ffwd it and cut to the meat and potatoes. No pun intended.

        • Bella, you have to admit that in a way, watching porn is connected to you and what you like in the bedroom. And me, I can’t stand it when you you have that real tough chick that does not want you to know you are getting the best of here and she is sitting there making these crazy ass faces and and the only time you hear anything is when she starts shaking and squealing, shit i like them noise makers. But on the real, KK wasn’t just annoying, she was pretty wack in the sack. Turning down the sound would not ave been better, I guess when it comes to her its a catch 22. She just ain’t my type of hype

          • ELTHP:

            I’m not a porn watcher besides an occasional Showtime soft core flick. 1. Most of the guys are ugly. 2. Most of the women look plastic. 3. I am repulsed that they’re all having unprotected sex. Just give me some stills of a big stick, and I’m happy. My imagination can do the rest.

            • Bella, Im not into porn either, seriously. KK ended my porn watching. I really don’t see the point in that shit anymore. But if tha Claudia clip come out, I’m gonna give it 3 minutes……lol

          • Yeah, I’m gonna watch it for three minutes to see if she talk as much shit as jacky says she does….lol. Plus if she is as big a hoe as they say she is, that’s above and beyond, one minute is enough for trizick… I ain’t trying to get in the way of her making her money, with a hooker, time is money and she can’t have none of mine. I respect the game, not gonna wreck the game….lol

            • ELTHP:

              Aha! I thought all you needed was 3 minutes to beat your… Lol. Make sure you have plenty lubricant.

            • Oh she better not Eddie! I will see you in court Mister! We are getting a divore! Giving my good ole meat to an oblivious skank!

        • Are you ok? And where you get that trail mix from. Whole food got a crazy insane trail mix section….

  10. Anybody who wants to f*ck Claudia Jordan, she charges $5,000 dollars. She will be in Las Vegas at the Mayweather fight May 3rd. If you want to pay that much money for some 40 year old used up p*ssy, go ahead. She desperately needs the money!

      • If Claudia has been a hoe for twenty years and she is still broke, I don’t think she is smart enough to realize she could make a quarter of a million dollars making a sex tape. I don’t get it! I would pay to see Claudia do anal, DP, facial and a throat gagg. She might as well, she has nothing else going for herself.

          • Well when we gonna see it….hold up scratch that Jacky, that Kim Kardashian bullshit is in my head right now. O bee bee, O bee Bee. Shit!!!

            • Coming from you, that’s music to my Ears. But the best sound is u saying…I’m cumming!!!!lol…no disrespect bella, I’m just having fun

      • Jacky, I just Google her. I thought she was a radio personality and a model. And she doing porn on the side or this her mainstream?

        • I want to see Claudia Jordan face down, ass up, getting butt plugged! I want to see her sex tape A.S.A.P.

  11. Terrible! I like Claudia..she seems like a nice girl. Even if she does like sex does that make her a bad person? People are horrible, these people are human beings with families. Honestly this doesn’t look like her, its hard to tell. If anything she looks drugged completely out of it. Can’t truss these disgusting men.

  12. ok why did Jackey put his logo over her ass? thats some faggot ass shit. the nigga is jealous. only a fag will cover a woman’s like that.

  13. Claudia Jordan is not a nice girl. She is the type of bitch that will talk shit about you behind your back. Ladies if you have a boyfriend or a husband, Claudia will f*ck him. If you think I’m lying, ask Tom Joyner’s ex wife.

    • Donna Richardson was the shit back in the day. How he go from a self made empire to CJ?

  14. This is so sad. I am embarrassed that this is on the internet for the world to see. She is gorgeous and could have a long standing career. I wish she would make better decisions. You can”t befriend everyone. Whoever did this is vile and downright mean.

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