Drake XPosed Using Government Funds To Floss!

Drake Taking Government Handouts

Welfare Baby?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve landed docs proving Drizzy received hundreds of thousands of dollars, from the Canadian government, for his two-day 2013 OVO fest in Toronto.

According to Government Grants Ontario, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham was green-lighted $300,000 for the pair of Caribana concerts, held on August 3 and 4, 2013. The situation has left members of Toronto’s local music scene outraged.

Here’s what a source tells us:

“They took funds from The City Of Toronto’s annual Jazz Festival to fund an internationally-established artist who has no business double-dipping!”

Drake Getting Government Money

Drake on Welfare

Check out the docs, exclusively obtained by HSK:


  1. I really don’t get it. Why are they mad? Why shouldnt he get paid for his performance? I’m sure Beyondfakey got paid for performing at the inaugeration and birthday party since she doesnt even perform at funerals for free. Or is it the amount people are objecting to. oh well. can’t please everyone.

  2. So what? He brings the government millions of dollars in that weekend because of all the people that travel into the city ,stay at hotels and dine. The least they can do is pay for the venue. This is a stupid article. What the hell is their to “expose” this was already known.

  3. How is this exclusive when this has been posted already it’s been public knowledge oh the faux outrage!

  4. All I want to know is why this damn page keeps refreshing on me? It is very annoying!!! JACKYY

    • …T H A N K YOU-beyond annoying. I’m only here cuz tattletailz linked to the ‘article’ ~

  5. Even in the middle of a damn comment! I will lose the whole damn thing when it refreshes. Is this happening to anyone else? I need to know.

  6. Then in the middle of reading, the damn thing refreshes and goes all the way up to the top of the damn page, unlike where I was reading. What the hell is goin on here?????

  7. what other site does this refresh shit? what is the point of it? when did this begin? on topic I wish drake would take bieber w/ him back to Canada never to be seen or heard on american media/news/music etc again.

    grants are set up for those in need a.k.a struggling Indy hometown artists not corporately signed major label artists. So basically he’s being greedy and saying F u to hometown artists. No matter the revenue for those 2 days he brings in, that doesn’t give a truly Indy /struggling artist grant money. Does he have dual citizenship or even live in Canada anymore anyways?

  8. The PTB appointed George W Bush as President. The PTB appointed this Nickolodeon kid as an A-list rap star. Bush has no business in politics and Drake has no business in hip hop. Bush destroyed the country, Drake helped destroy hip hop!

  9. ^^^^I don’t need to tell you why the PTB promoted Drake to the top of the hip hop industry. You guys already know!

  10. So Drake robbing people now? Well, he learned from some of the best in ‘black’ music–Baby and Puffy *shrugs*

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