Single Ladies BET

Only time will tell if Debra Lee will decide to serve as a rest haven for “Single Ladies”. Know why? Plummeting ratings led VH1 execs to announce they’re done with the monotonous, soft-porn soap opera. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Queen Latifah.

BET may now be “Single Ladies” last, and only, hope to keep the show alive. reports:

“Producers of the series have began putting out feelers with other networks to see if there could be interest in picking up the show. We reached out to reps at BET about the possibility of them acquiring the show and they were coy on the matter. “We can not comment at this time,” is all a network publicist would tell us. They did not deny they were interested when pressed further.”

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    • LADIES loved that show with beautiful clothes, great friendship, and fine Terrence and DB, so it will return.

    • I believe OWN should pick the show up. Oprah needs more people watching her channel. Tyler perry shows are great but she needs more variety. Thinks about it O…. I think it would be a good move for ya.

  1. It was garbage with horrible acting! Especially Lisa “I can’t act” Ray if they are not gonna change the actors then let this show tank,before BET do what it did to “The Game” and that’s f*ck it up even worse

  2. It’s nothing wrong with some of the actors (i.e. like Denise Vasi) who was on All My Children, and DB Woodside, Terrell Tilford, et al. who are trained actors. I just think that stations like VH1 and the CW who had ‘The Game’ use shows that appeal to a younger market to stay in the ratings game, and then when they feel like they’ve done what they’re supposed to do, then they ax them. Which is awful because I would rather watch Single Ladies than some of the other mess that’s on TV nowadays. But, I hope that BET cannot get the rights to the show, because like everyone KNOWS, they will BUTCHER it like they did ‘The Game.’ The Game doesn’t even look like the same show as it did on The CW (i.e. from the look, to production, and style).

  3. @topic Lisa Ray’s non acting ass bring Single Ladies down.. and in the response to all The Game comments, leave it a true Game fan and the show is just fine, BET didnt f*ck it up, all episodes are not fire but what show really is? I’ll wait…

  4. single ladies got worse with too many characters, letoya luckett character was not needed, dumb ass plot lines, bad acting and schedule changes doom the show, it was time for it to go and the game is so far gone it is coonery at its highest that is why Pookie left and went to a real show The Mentalist and never to return, what show would make a 48yr woman pregnant and not know who the father is, it is rachet theater, nothing less shall come from BET.

  5. I love Single Ladies! It’s beautiful fantasy — beautiful men, beautiful women, beautiful clothes, beautiful lives. LisaRaye can’t act, but that is part of the beauty of the show. Makes it all the more fun to watch.


  7. I’ve watched every episode of Single Ladies. I prefer Stacey Dash to Denise Vasi. When people mention horrible acting, look no further than Denise. But I love Travis Henry, as well as the other male cast members. I tweeted BET and asked them to rescue Single Ladies like they rescued The Game. I hope they comply.

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