Beyhive Pair Turn On Queen B: Sue Mrs. Carter After Being Trampled At Concert!

Beyonce Concert Lawsuit

Beyonce could soon be forced to pay two of her fans… who are suing over “injuries suffered” from being trampled at a ‘The Mrs. Carter World Tour’ show.

According to the suit, filed yesterday (April 1, 2013), Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson were both “knocked unconscious and suffered broken bones after the crowd rushed the doors” at Chi-Town’s United Center.

“Security was in a frenzy as the mob of fans grew exponentially as more time passed. Fans were supposed to be seated by 6 p.m., but the doors didn’t open until about 7:30 pm.”

The case — against Bey, Live Nation and The United Center — seems to question the tour’s tardiness, weak security and disorganized grounds.. combined elements that could be to blame for the December 13, 2013 reported mob frenzy.

“The women allege that The United Center, Live Nation and Beyonce did nothing to prevent or discourage the teeming crowd from rushing, pushing and running towards The United Center once the gate was opened.”

In the suit Castellanos and Davidson are on record stating these events:

“Hours before the concert, general admission ticket holders and early admission ticket holders assembled in two gated areas near the area closest to the southeast corner of The United Center.

As the hours passed, the group became larger, more dense and more anxious about how, when and where the gate(s) would be released and where ticket holders and fans were supposed to enter The United Center – none of which was explained.

Castellanos and Davidson became concerned as the crowd grew and were “increasingly anxious” about how to react to a crowd rush since they were near the front.

Around 7 p.m., personnel at The United Center opened the penned area’s gates “without instruction or any reasonable system to permit and orderly entrance. To the contrary, The United Center encouraged it by the set up which it created and controlled.

After the two were trampled, Castellanos and Davidson were helped by two other women whom they believe to be fellow concertgoers. Eventually, two Chicago police officers also aided Castellanos and Davidson and they were taken to a hospital by the Chicago Fire Department.”



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    • and after the lawsuit they will still have way more money to brag about while you are STILL typing about how mad you are it is not YOU..FOH

  3. I thought her show “ALWAYS” start on time. Since she is such a professional. Who knew!!!!

  4. I think not, they need to sue the venue and promoter for any damages or injuries and besides they repin beyhive they should have known them drag queens was gonna stomp them to the ground to gain entry to their beloved Queen.

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  8. LMAO at some of these silly comments. Not a fan of hers but yall going hard for no reason. Bey wont lose sleep or all her money over this. She will pay them off and keep it moving.

    • How come stabs always say “I’m no fan but….” . If you not a fan why do you care if someone dislikes her. I’m truly not a fan and have no f*cks to go about what people say about her. I couldnt care less

    • Lol Oh I thought you knew in no way can you defend beyonce EVEN if it makes sense…lol…Yes there are stans but these people who type so much anger over simple stuff are called BANS….they are the most bitter B’s ..male or female for that matter and if they hate an artist .no matter what they subject they come out spewing that venom…COMMON SENSE will tell you that this is a frivolous law suit because the venue is responsible for security…lol but that will never matter to the bitter ones…so trust the ones calling you out are very much the disturbed (I hate myself) bans

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