Tamar Declares War Over Vince!


Tamar’s taken to Twitter.. with a vengeance!

A recent set of social media rants reveal someone — possibly from the ‘Love and War’ singer’s circle — could be plotting to land her husband!

Check it:

tamar-vs-liars tamar-twitter-rant

Could Tamar’s public outcry be solely based on staying relevant. I don’t know. What do you think?


    • Vince is a millionaire. It’s like saying who wants Warren Buffett, Bill gates, diddy, Jay-Z….wealthy, rich men are always wanted by women. Only hood chicks want good looking broke hakeem with 10 kids. Smart women go after well off men.

  1. yep, there seems to be a consensus…She’s tho only one interested in Vince. (while he’s a great guy and obvi tialented)
    I’m also pretty sure she got with him bc of what he could do for her… (that looooong money plus he had Gaga at one time)

  2. What? Is he treating to stop the plastic surgeries? The weaves well that can’t happen child support ain’t enough to keep them face lifts in tacked

  3. Stop the lies if Vincent Herbert pushed up on ANY of you’ll, you would be trying to move Tamar and lil Vince right out the way like she is saying. Fat and all you know you would. Money TALKS bullshit WALKS!!!

    • Money Talks and Bullshit Walks, for real!!! These hefers would be on Vince’s jock before he could bat an eye!!!

    • Just like Tamar who is money hungry who preyed on Vince for his money, girls like her will also prey on him and his money. Where is the love? If its all about the money then yes she should be scared and shaking in her boots- because the new batch of money hungry girls look way better than her and know how to shut up. IJS

    • Ain’t no lie to me. I wouldn’d f*ck him with YOURS. Not enough money in the world to lay up with hs babyhuey lookin ass. Ta-money can have him.

  4. Other women is after Vince for the same reasons Tamar is: money. As much as she gets on my nerves she is right. Watch those “friends” ladies.

    • THIS!!! Watch those friends, male and female these days, especially when people live in cities like Atlanta. You never know.

  5. She is prolly talking about,one of her sisters,maybe trina,the one with live at home loser husband lol.

  6. I think Jacky makes money off clicks and comments, right? He doesnt really care what you say.

  7. Believe it or not it is some females that will take Vince these girls/females today are just…..

    Moving along there is not one thing about Vince I find attractive. YUCK!!!!!!

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