Stevie J’s Million-Dollar Child Support Case: Diddy, Benzino & Mona Scott Young Subpoenaed!

Stevie J's Child Support Court Drama


Stevie J’s ongoing child support battle against baby momma Bennett has reportedly turned into a star-studded court case! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Diddy!

Based on a reported “effort to determine Stevie J’s true financial standing,” sources say Project Child Support subpoenaed a group of entertainment entities, previously and currently connected to Stevie J.

“Project Child Support is trying to seize any royalties due Stevie J to satisfy his child support obligations.”

You’ll recall.. back in February, Carol Bennett — mother of two of Stevie J’s kids — smacked the music producer/reality star with a subpoena after he reportedly “fell behind $1million in child support.”

Here’s the latest:

“Project Child Support subpoenaed Bad Boy Records, Joseline Hernandez, Sony Music Group, VH1 Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Viacom, Universal Music, Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott, The Kompany, and Mons Scott-Young and Monami Entertainment.”


    • He is indeed a low life. Stevie J spend the rest of his life getting money under the table and mooching off of women trying to avoid tax evasions and garnishments. If he is found on anyone’s payroll his money is being recouped.

      • Of course she will that’s the best exploitation going a black man in court with a signed waiver/release….ching ching to the bank MSY is going.



            • DaR1:

              If her and Stevie’s kids were grown, that doesn’t mean he won’t owe child support. He will still be in debt to her. I’m grown. My father never paid child support, so now that he is collecting social security, the state takes arrears out monthly and deposits them into my mom’s account. So much for, “I’m not paying child support.” ROTFLMAO.

            • DaR1:

              What these neanderthals don’t realize is that once an order is issued for child support, it remains valid until that child reaches majority. If it goes unpaid, it accrues interest, hence arrears. Even if Stevie J. files for bankruptcy, he will still owe child support because it cannot be discharged.

              In your son’s case, you may not collect money in time to pay his college tuition. You need to go to court and ask the judge to enforce the order.

              There was an agency called Support Kids that was instrumental in getting my mom arrears several years ago. Not sure if they still exist. Good luck!

            • You can’t just pop up at the courthouse. Call the clerk of the court in the department your case was heard in. Ask when they hear ex-parte motions. Not sure what your state laws are, but I think you’ll need to file an ex-parte motion to request enforcement of child support since your ex is evading payment. Or you can call your attorney for clarification. Not sure if you’re handling your situation in pro per or if you have representation.

              I told you I’d help you if I could.

            • @ Bella and Da Ra-1, it depends on what state, and possibly what day. It’s very jurisdictional, meaning it very much varies depending on where you live, but many child support agencies so have walk in hours…and most will start accruing arrears from the hearing date. da Ra-1, even of your ex never voluntarily pays a cent many stateswill go after his tax returns, disability, property he owns, insurance settlements, they will even.keep him from getting a passport. Good luck to you and your college boy. I hope you both get every cent you have coming….eventually, lol!

          • Child support is not welfare adn just because one parent does not take of the child(ren) does not mean that the other parent is a lowlife. Did you consider how much it takes to raise a child and that it takes two to make a child.

            • Well damn Bella! LOL! So that means my son’s money is still in the rears even his father is still catching up? HOT DAWG! JAY IS GOING TO COLLEGE! LMAO!

            • Thank you Sunni,
              I was just about to type the same thing. I hate it when men try and villanize a mother for going after what she’s owed for taking care of their child. Stevie should have been paying his support in the first place, then he wouldn’t have to worry about now owing 1 million bucks in back child support.

            • I just want to say how proud I am of you all for “articulating the matter” correctly. I’m one who can DAMN sure speak on it since I’m one of those “villainous, only about the money, bitter, hateful,tenacious, spiteful, evil bitches” according to my husband because I requested court ordered child support but only AFTER giving him plenty of opportunity to “simply help out” with our son’s cost of living which was $900 at the time & that was for his school tuition & team sports activities, NOT my mortgage, his clothes, food, hair cuts, gas, car insurance or things like that which I was paying on my own anyway. Plenty of time went by that equaled 6+ years AFTER my leaving him. I’m appealing to ALL the men reading this. Was 6+ years of NOT receiving any financial support AND him NOT making visataion arrangements EVER (we are separated by 3880 miles) since he learned that he could not “stay at MY home & have sex with me under the very roof of his ONLY legitimate child.” I wasn’t having it & after being what I consider to be more than resonable I took his ass to the white man’s court which is how & why I now receive my Alimony & Child Support faithfully every 2 weeks for the last 10 years.

              The difference between the mentality of wives & “certain” women who seem to find themselves having children with men they are not married to is the fact that most of us wives, exes or not understand when the marriage ends the family unit is broken & the man is family OUR CHILDREN NOT US. The baby mama-baby daddy mentality is “because I had your bastard child WE are a family” & that is the biggest mistake young ladies can make. Soon as that man leaves for whatever reason THEN the “child support games” start up & don’t let the man meet another woman. All hell breaks loose then. It’s as if they feel they are equal to or more entitled than a wife nowadays. It’s really gotten crazy…

              My point is…every situation is different & married or not any MAN OR WOMAN NOT IN THE HOME &/OR ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. The rules should not only apply to men. For every so-called deadbeat father there are just as many deadbeat mothers in the same lane.

          • ANONymous, it takes MORE than a million to raise a child. I interned on a case where we determined if the custodial parent caring full time for a special needs child got a paycheck it would be akin to an RNs salary , and college costs 6 figures , plus another 50 to 80 k for an advanced degree. Both parent must contribute, and that is figured into the computation, but so too is lifestyle. Judges aren’t blind or stupid. If you have money to trick off on strippers gold chains and cocaine, you are gonna have to pony up for daycare. It is what it is.

            • Idiot he has not paid this woman child support in so many years that his balance has accumulated to 1 million dollars and for the record I cost over 1 million to raise a child to 18 and this does not include college education.

      • This is episode 4 of upcoming season..

        First episode is that staged fight at Steebies new bar. Its staged when they specifically invite ppl that don’t get along & let them know when they arrive “so & so is here & they said xyz about you “..

        Second episode is Scrappy being late to his daughters bday party. & that whole lie..

        Third episode is Benzino getting shot..

        Season is shaping up to be real stupid..

  1. The one thing left for him to do, I know she said it wasn’t gonna happen but its time for Joseline Hernandez to go BACK TO DA STIP CLUB, or trip club if you ar saying it hoe she says it.

    Nooooo Steebie you always say you gimme lie, and den you sey you gay me lie wen i was at da trip clubb, you no gimme lie den tek it back, jes don’t gimme no lie if you gon take it back, cause I nebba go back to da trip clubb……

    • Your right Eddie. Cause whatever cut Stevie get from Joseline, he damn sure give it to Mimi. And Mimi makes damn sure she gets hers. Look at those breast implants that Joseline paid for.

      • Mimi needs to keep records of money she receives from Stevie. He will turn around and claim he is giving her stacks for Eva when he is tricking. Mimi needs to spend a little more time handling her business and less time worrying about trying to shop sex tapes with Nikko and getting her breasts inflated. Everything isn’t for tv.

        • U got that right Bella! Joseline paid for Oluremi or Mimi for short,, breast augmentation. It was last season she was on the golf coarse with Ericsson Dixon and she said she was getting them done.

          • Joseline is a stupid bitch. She was fighting over Stevie, hoping to marry him, ignoring the fact that any of Stevie’s BMs could go after Jose’s income since it is considered community property. That’s why women need to be smart about the mates they choose. Bet Jose will be back in the strip club soon!

            • They did, Cheese. That’s my point. Jose the stripper fought tooth and nail to have her wages garnished.

              *Monica voice* Should’ve known better! Lol

            • Joseline was just making a lustful decision. Stevie J has so much baggage. That’s why Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter left when she realized Stevie was trying to pimp her and marrying her to pay off his debt

            • Bella,
              Oh okay. I don’t even think Joseline is going to strip, Stevie pimp daddy is going to put her ass out on the track. Joseline has some fame now so she can pull in some good money escorting.

        • U got that right Bella! Joseline paid for Oluremi or Mimi for short,, breast augmentation. It was last season she was on the golf coarse with Erica and she said she was getting them done.

    • Uh oh. I understood every word. That scares me. Apparently I speak spanglebonics , lol

      • That’s a good thing, that means that you are trilingual …

  2. Stevie J need to go sit his poo azz down u on a reality show making no damn $ his kids kno he ain’t got shidd but a limp dic lol

    • It depends on the county rules where you reside , but child support does not end when a child turns 18. Age 21 is considered the age of majority , so if the child is under that way you may still get current support, particularly if they are in some sort of educational program. Also children who have health , emotional/mental issues, or are special needs may not be considered to be in their majority even if they are in their late teens or early twenties. It’s very individual and the judge or magistrate who hears the case usually makes a determination based on the totality of the circumstances. Make an appointment at your county office and see if its worth your effort.

  3. Child Support, The Dept of Education, and IRS are the heavy weights. If you owe them money they will garnish your wages and subpoena anyone that is connected to you. It is not a game. Stevie J blew and tricked all his money instead of taking care of his business and it’s catching up with him. Good luck Steebie

  4. Good. There are too many men getting away with not helping to take care of their children.

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