Mike Epps Faces MAJOR SideChick Drama!

Mike Epps Woman Beating Charges

Mike Epps is at the center of woman-beating allegations — said to be drawn up by the comedian’s ex-sidechick. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mike’s wife, Mechelle Epps — who’s reported to have had “a very heated exchange of words” with suspected sidechick, Simone Shepard.

Sources say it all went down last night the “A Haunted House 2” after party. That’s where Simone insists “he [Epps] punched her dead in the face”, during her confrontation with wifey. She quickly called cops.. and they say “there was no sign of injury to Ms. Shepard’s face”.

Here’s the word:

“Epps was involved in an altercation at Lucky Strike in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Police officers say a woman named Simone Shepherd alleged she had a prior romantic relationship with Epps when she worked as his ghost writer. She wanted to confront him about something.

It turns out Mike Epps had his wife with him and things went left between the two women.

All parties agree that there was a very heated exchange of words between Shepherd and the comedian’s wife. When things looked to be escalating into a physical fight, Mike Epps stepped in and separated the ladies. Shepherd claims that as Epps separated her and his wife, he punched her dead in the face. Simone Shepherd called the cops and filed a police report.

Cops say they observed no sign of injury to Shepherd’s face. Mike Epps vehemently denies ever laying a hand on the woman, but Shepherd says she may not have been showing signs of injury at the scene, but when she went home her face swelled up.”


  1. When will these side chicks learn..don’t step to wifey.Let’s just say I’m old enough to have watched Rumper Room, daddy always had side bitches,even took us by they houses sometimes,when I guess the shit couldn’t wait,but the look he gave those bitches was like,Bitch! you no the deal,say something if you want to.Ah, miss those days LOL!!!

    • N that order…When will Bitches learn…Know your PLACE!!!!!!!! #GUESS SHE MISSED THAT MEMO

  2. She may be the sideline chick, but she most likely paid more attention to Mike Epps then his own wife. Epps wife may have felt like she got the prize therefore she didn’t need to compliment her husbands accomplishment therefore he find himself a women who is less attractive then his wife, but knew what M.Epps needed in terms of a confidence booster. This happens in marriages all the time

    • Ent Goon. You just dropped some serious knowledge. Thank you for that! Relationships are challenging but loyalty and unconditional support go a long way in keeping the home fires burning.

  3. I agree Mike Epps isnt funny. He looks kind of musty. Lol. I dont know why he would cheat on his beautiful.

  4. Really? His wife is a beautiful woman. He cheated on alla that with that funny looking Brandy-esque child? Some men just like to cheat because they can.

  5. Luv mike epps worked wit him hes the coolest cat .. Hes funny as hell to me

  6. Well his new wife and side chick isnt dark nor look like James Brown as his first wife as he tells it. At least he is consistent.

    • You took it there, LOL

      Never had good feelings about this guy, he just kinda rubs me the wrong way.

  7. I remember this side ho!!! Ya’ll remember her from BET’s HELL DATE show??? Bwahahah. She was funny too. Hell Date!

  8. Simone Shepherd is a comedian and Kevin harts ex wife friend and assistant. Look it up… She seem cool

  9. She is just trying to sue because he probably wanted to call off the affair. Now she wants money and this is the only way she can get it. She confronted him in front of his wife knowing it would get messy. If you are a ghost writer, stand a ghost. Why would she see him out with his wife to confront him. She should have called a meeting with him and his wife! Like Fred Sanford said, “Dummy”!

  10. One thing that I have noticed is that hardly anyone in this thread has called Mike Epps out on having a side chick,yet you have so much to say about a side chick knowing her place! Should he have a side chick when he has a wife, or is that just an accepted norm, because he’s a celebrity? We too often give passes to cheating men while ostracizing the women they sleep with,and yes it takes 2… That would include him too right? I mean he wasn’t forced to sleep with her.

    • #TRUTH The married man who made the commitment always seems to escape blame, when every woman knows damn well a man does what he does…no forcing..no pleading no begging. Women need to equally be mad if not more so when it comes to men cheating!

      flip it…..how man guys you think would be fine married to a woman who has a trifling side gigolo and only complain about said gigolo not his wife when it comes to cheating?

  11. Comedians normally have a dark side. Mike Epps called his own daughter a bitch, so who the side chick think she is? He’ll yea he would punch her in her shit and not think twice about it.

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