Naya ‘I Make Mo’ Money Than Big Sean’ Rivera Fired From Glee!

Naya Rivera Fired from Glee

That Ego Will Kill Ya!

It looks like Naya Rivera may have boss’ed up on Big Sean without thinking. Know why? Word is she’s been fired from the cast of Glee. I’m sayin’ though.. that G.O.O.D. Music money may be looking a lot better to her now than it did before. Don’t you agree?

Peep It:

“Insiders report Naya Rivera has been cut from the cast of Glee.. after she accused her Glee co-star Lea Michele of starting rumors that she had been fired.

Have Lea’s wishes come to pass..? Yesterday it was reported that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele got into a tiff on the set of Glee.

Sources say.. when the dust settled Naya was given her walking papers.”


  1. No matter how much money you make in California, the maxium amount of unemployment you can collect is $1800.00 a month. I wonder will that apply to Naya as well. For someone whose use to earning 100K A MONTH, $1800 a month is enough to make you wanna jump off the nearest ledge, justsayin.

  2. Naya should be alright she’s been acting since she was a kid. She has more money then big Sean. I wont be surprised when big Sean is dropped from his label. I dont see any talent in him.

  3. Naya should be alright she’s been acting since she was a kid. She has more money than big Sean. I wont be surprised when big Sean is dropped from his label. I dont see any talent in him.

  4. I heard the reason why she broke up the engagement was because big Sean slept with one of her cast members on glee. It’s said she read big Sean text messages and it was from a Glee actress. Who did she get into it with? To be honest I think Michelle is ugly and Big Sean too. Such a awesome couple don’t u agree lol. God does everything for a reason Big Sean is not on her level.

  5. Couldn’t the producers wait until Naya’s contract expired? This is the last season of “Glee” anyway.

  6. i thought that gay ass queer turning little kids to be gay ass show was cancelled, I would never let my child or nieces and nephews watch that horrible its cool to be gay and kiss in Highschool my gay lover show ….. Its just foul

  7. All this gay bashing n gay this n that I am gay myself n don’t agree with Hollywood n thier tactics to what u have to do to become famous n not everyone who is gay or lesbian is out to convert children we’re simply trying to live a life of peace so for those of u who continue to judge just remember God can only judge

  8. Well Big Sean betta change that last line is his rap song to my ex girl used to make more money than me and shit but the bitch got fired from Glee and shit…

  9. If this chick wants to keep working, she will have to sit on the casting couch again!

  10. Yes, big Sean slept with Lea..heard it was very tense on set after that. But, this wasn’t the result. the decision to let Naya go was made months ago. They then recently thought about keeping her on, only to later change their minds. Oh, and naya is getting dropped by def jam, single bombed. Stay tuned-

  11. Damn her own cast member slept with her man. These super hoes need to be careful. That is some below the belt shit. She knifed herself up for dude & this sir nose devoid of funk bitch straight clowned her & her man. Nervous breakdown material.

  12. Naya Found out that big sean slept with Lea.. Naya confronted Lea.. but of course the producers are going to take the white girl side..

  13. Oh well Naya “sorry NOT sorry”!!! Not funny but funny as hell! Thought you were the best thing since sliced bread but karma always has a way of slamming you and bringing you back to raality. Haha maybe next ime you’ll watch your back and get to know these dudes before you go making songs about their ex’s.

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