Columbus Short Denies Delivering Death Threats To His Wife

Columbus Short in Denial

His wife may have exposed Columbus Short as an armed man who ‘threatened to kill her before killing himself’, but the Scandal star seems to be treating the allegations as nothing more than something he can just brush off his shoulder. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Roland Martin, who recently asked Short if there are any truths to her story.

Here’s what Columbus Short told Roland Martin:

“Life has the best scriptwriters of all time. That’s all I can say about that. I don’t mean to laugh but it read outlandish and it sounds even more outlandish coming out of your mouth.”


  1. Columbus Short is an abuser of women, he’s in denial. Rationalizing and making excuses is not gonna make this right. The jive-talk is not fooling anybody, shows a lack of sincerity. He needs to acknowledge his demons before they kill him and his soon to be ex-wife.

    • She needs to acknowledge his demons and leave him the hell alone..stop going back to him..

  2. Of course he denies it. I would deny it too. What he can’t deny is that he has an out of control temper and needs anger management.

  3. This dude is a nut job. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. IJS. What is up with the short dudes man???

  4. He seems like the sweet boy next door type with the abiliity to morph into a panty sniffing, cell phone monitoring, email hacking, control maniac at a moments notice. Most guys will if permitted. Have to treat them like Angelina Jolie’s character did to Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Only then will a woman be treated as princess.

    Wasnt his character killed off recently? Dont really follow the show unless I visit my gay friends home.

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