Mendeecees’ Brother Tyrus Harris Sentenced to Five-Years in Federal Prison

Mendeecees Harris Brother Prison

“Tyrus Harris had a minor role in the conspiracy, authorities allege.”

Exclusive Details – While Mendeecees Harris is said to currently be “free on a $600,000 bail package”… the LHHATL fallen star’s 36-year-old brother, Tyrus Harris, is set to begin serving a five-year sentence in the tank! Tyrus’ sentence stems from “his role in a drug conspiracy.” It’s now just a matter of time before Mendeecees — who pleaded guilty in March — learns if he’ll face the same fate. Know why? He’s got a date with a federal judge in October 2014.

According to court docs:

“Between in or about 2005 and in or about August 2012, the exact dates being unknown to the Grand Jury, in the Western District of New York, and elsewhere, the defendants…

MENDEECEES HARRIS a/k/a One a/k/a Uno, and TYRUS HARRIS a/k/a Sat, did knowingly, willfully and unlawfully combine, conspire and agree together and with others, known and unknown to the Grand Jury, to commit the following offenses…

… to possess with intent to distribute, and to distribute, five (5) kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing cocaine, a Schedule II controlled substance, and one (1) kilogram or more of a mixture and substance containing heroin, a Schedule I controlled substance, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 841(a)(1) and 841(b)(1)(A).”

Check out the millions in monies and assets listed as “seized on August 23, 2012”, according to court docs in connection the the federal case:

  • The sum of approximately $488,900.00 in United States currency seized from Safe Deposit Box
  • The sum of approximately $300,200.00 in United States currency seized from Safe Deposit Box
  • The sum of approximately $122,000.00 in United States currency seized from Safe Deposit Box
  • The sum of approximately $384,800.00 in United States currency seized from the premises of…
  • The sum of approximately $230,510.00 in United States currency seized from…
  • One 2012 Land Rover Range Rover…

Articles of jewelry with a total appraised value of $406,950.00, including the following items seized:

  1. one Men’s Hublot Big Bang watch in stainless steel. Automatic Chronograph with black dial and sapphire crystal, valued at $12,000.00
  2. one Men’s Hublot “King Power” in 18kt rose gold, valued at $45,000.00
  3. one Men’s Cartier Pasha watch bearing #604669MX, valued at $8,000.00
  4. one Lady’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster bearing serial # P199844, valued at $35,000.00
  5. one Men’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Pearlmaster Chronometer bearing serial #M423338, valued at $60,0000.00
  6. one Men’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Chronometer in 18kt yellow gold bearing serial # V135268, valued at $40,000.00
  7. one Men’s Cartier Santos Chronograph in stainless steel bearing # 503150NX, valued at $25,000.00
  8. one Men’s watch faux Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Off-Shore Chronograph in stainless steel, valued at $30,000.00
  9. one Diamond Cross and Chain, valued at $5,500.00
  10. one 14-carat white gold diamond bracelet, valued at $50,000.00
  11. one 14-carat white gold diamond chain, valued at $6,000.00
  12. one 14-carat two-tone diamond pendant, valued at $18,000.00
  13. one 14-carat chain, valued at $7,000.00
  14. one 18-carat yellow gold Christ head with diamonds and set with approximately 330 round brilliant diamonds, valued at $20,000.00
  15. one Men’s Rolex watch bearing serial # V140227, valued at $33,650.00
  16. one Men’s Cartier Roadster Chronograph Automatic watch bearing #692863CE 2618, valued at $10,300.00
  17. one Men’s 14kt yellow gold diamond band, valued at $1,500.00


  1. I wonder if his baby mother Yandy knew about this. If you do the crime you do the time.

    • Y’all know smart, sharp, and educated, still likes a thug.
      She can’t talk about Jim jones Smh

      • Yandy can talk about Jim because Jim doesn’t have a cool $1.5 million stashed away, nor does he have $500k in good jewelry. Mendeecees had enough in safe deposit boxes to pay cash for the mansion he and Yandy were going to purchase. I may not respect the manner in which he made his money, but that’s a hell of an accomplishment.

  2. Mendeecees doing time, it’s going down in October. Yandy should watch her back too. She has multiple business interests at this time. Cost money to start a business, hip-hop not rollin’ like that anymore.

  3. this is why people need to think twice about doing these realty tv it exposes things that you didn’t want people to find out.

    like they always say (what’s done in the dark most come to light) it all catches up with people. but still going on tv is not good

  4. Easier said then done slim especialy if u never lived that lifestyle I guess u never been in the game so u wouldn’t know,if he wasn’t tryin to change his life why the hell was he on tv???what people need to realize the game is dead cause of snitch ass niggas u don’t even gotta be seeing real money for a nigga to tell on your ass no more u could have a firearm and a nigga would snitch on you nowadays..yandy alright she’s a stand up ride or die chick u lame ass niggas would get wit a broad that would leave u cause u had a year bid for child support real niggas wind up wit real women that hold them down and real niggas keep they lady out of the line of fire..the goverment make more money of that shit then anybody could ever imagine belive that shit. When u come from the hood everyone gotta find there own way out the hood good or bad and role with the consequences like dice who is anyone to judge them…..

    • YES IT IS!!I can remembered in the 90’s alone that if a person get knocked, they go to jail, didn’t snitch, the next person close to their territory could hustle off that person territory until they did their time. Once that person did their time, the territorial person had to give the person their old spot back and front them some product to build their way back up and give them the frontier their money back. NOW THATS HOW THE HUSTLE WAS!!

      • So true, it’s too bad no one is listening. Everybody wants to be Jay Z and 50 though.

  5. I agree wit u radiant1 as the game has evolved some of the old rules of the g code was lost. Everyone nowadays is all for they self,somehow loyalty gets you nowhere in this game anymore dudes go to jail keep they mouth closed and your best friend be fukkin your girl….

  6. This kind of LOOT, why didn’t they put it in an off shore account.
    Switzerland or Virgin Islands

    Probably dont have a passport.
    But hell they could have leased a Yacht and sailed to St. Thomes.

    Putting your money in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX is NOT SMART..

    ALSo… STOP BUYING ALL THIS DAMN JEWELRY … Its flashy and calls too much attention to your business enterprise.

    GO buy LAND and then build on it.

    BY this TIME You’d think we would have gotten smarter..but NOOO FOLKS gotta FLASH IT.

    WATCH BLOOMBERG TV watch where rich folks HIDE MONEY.

    You would think after all this time, WE would have gotten smarter.
    Buy Land, Buy a Ranch… DO NOT spend more than $9,999.99 on anything or any transaction.

    COULD have paid for college for all the kids. SMH. At how this was all wasted.

    • Now Traci, U know these some well educated fools. The both went to school and got a PhD with a degree in Dummy!

  7. FOLKS REALLY need to THINK.. If this is the game you wanna be in, WHAT IS YOUR EXIT STRATEGY.

    No one gets a 401k from this life.. You need to have a plan, on what you are going do to get out.. Make your money…buy a Yacht and bale…

    LAST Thing you want to do.. Is be on TV…

    You dont see the ROTHCHILDs or DUPONTs on reality tv do you?

  8. 60K for a f*cking watch??!! I just imagined myself dropping 60k for a watch and still have stacks to hold!! My dick just got hard!!

  9. Five years is really not a lot considering you only need to serve 85% of sentenced time in Fed, unless that has changed.

  10. All this dope money was used to buy jewels. Ninjas dumb as hell. Flashy flashy, with no stashy stash.

  11. I was shocked by the fact that he had a $30K FAKE Audemars Piguet watch among all the genuine Rolexes.

    That is proof right there that he was spending money for the sole purpose of flossing before his peers.
    Spending that amount of money just to appear that you can afford a $100K watch you cannot afford might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    • New York is hustleville. People buy jewelry from supposedly reputable dealers who sell them junk everyday. I question whether or not he knows his Audemars Piguet watch is fugazi. Lol

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