Retouched By Richardson: Is Terry To Blame For Putting Mariah’s Pre-Photoshopped Pics On Blast?


HSK Exclusive – The recent “leak” of an unedited set of images exposing Mariah Carey as anything but the skinny b*tch she looks like in magazines, has many wondering who’s the blame for putting MiMi out there like that.

“The images were heavily retouched.. changes included trimming her waistline, bronzing her ski, toning her leg and removing creases on her neck.

To be sure… this is the first leak of its kind — complete with a detailed description of each alterations made before the shots were published. Could Mimi have crossed the very man who shot her goodies? Though we don’t know the answer to that question, we can tell you this: Terry Richardson apparently blasted seemingly metaphorical messages, shortly after the time of the shoot.


Check it out:

“Mariah’s appearance is altered to make her appear slimmer and more tanned.”

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  1. They do this to all the models and celebs photos. I don’t know why he released the proofs tho. I guess he doesn’t like her or he thinks she needs to get straight. If I looked like TR wouldn’t be throwing stones at MiMi…he’s ugly as rip.

    • Ikr, he is a creep, and it is no secret that every single model and celeb pic is photoshopped. Most of the time they don’t even see the final pic until after it is released. No one expects mariah, who is a 40+ yr old mother of two, to be as slim as she was back in the day; and in all honesty, her untouched photos don’t look bad at all. I’ve seen way worse.

  2. Mimi Looks Like A Chubby Wubby White Women (Enough Said) As For Terry Richardson He’s No Good Look Him Up On Youtube He Pose’s
    Pictures With Mind Controlled Celebrities. The Infamous Picture He Did With Britney Spear’s Is Creepy Basically She’s In Her Bedroom In (Louisianan)

    Her Blouse Is Opened Showing Her Bikini. She Surrounded With Her Dolls Creepy Britney Seemed To Think That Too!!!

    • Terry is a real creep, this dude is slime. He tries to get the models drunk/high and take advantage. Since lots of them are porn stars he thinks he can get away with this type of behavior.

  3. She’s aging and has had twins. No one really expects her to be a size 2. Most older divas are overweight but they all have one thing in common, they can sing their asses off.

    • Mariah expects to be a size 2. Vision of Love…she was a 2 in that video.

      She was a 5 in Honey. Now shes a 12. Its ok. No one ever thought of her as a sex symbol anyways. She was never on anyones list.

      Shes never had a “good body “, like J Lo of that era or Janet did every now and again. Its the white part of her. Sorry but it is. She didn’t get the black body genes.

      • Being stupid and racist is no way to go through life Willie. I got jokes too, but consider this your warning.

        • Women of different ethnicities have different body shapes. She wasn’t born with the hourglass figure that black women have. Sorry but she wasn’t.

          It wasn’t a joke. Its the truth. White women are not known for having naturally banging bodies. Mariah Carey does not have a naturally banging body. Sorry about that too.

          No need to call names or make threats. For real.

          • Don’t I know it. While both my parents are black, there is a fair amount of Caucasian DNA in my system. Unfortunately I was cursed with a white woman’s shape- like an ironing board. And that straight up and down bod becomes just like Mariah’s with age unless you work constantly to maintain some semblance of a waistline. You just turn into a rectangle instead of an hourglass. Yuck.

            • I can relate. I didn’t win in the gene pool either..

              I used to stress it but it is what it is…

              Anon.. you are a beautiful lady!

            • My bff is biracial and she laments her shape too…she is very hippy, but booty is flatish . And no boobs. She always says I have it all because I got boobs, butt, small waist and long legs. But growing up she always got more attention because she has light eyes and hair. Funny.

          • black people are stupid. not all of us have hourglass figures and there are whites who naturally have hourglass figures and dont have a drop of african gene anywhere. stop this narrow minded foolishness.if anything I see many black women and men badly built, top heavy, fat, oops I mean thick with big muscle man legs, big ass heads and no necks. And im just talking about the teens… is it too much testosterone or toxins in food? Mariah carey needs to get her fluffy white ass in the gym. she is chunky from those antidepressants.

    • Her weight isn’t so much from aging as it is from her drinking too much. I love Mariah but alcoholism is her #1 problem.

    • Truth! Her diet is obviously too rich and she drinks too much. If Mimi would put the champagne glasses and bottles down, she wouldn’t look a hot bloated mess. She needs to spend 30 mins – 1 hr per day on a treadmill. She would look a million times better in no time.

  4. WE are all striving for “perfection”, and these chicks are FAT CHUBBY AGING BADLY.

    WOW – HE IS —>. M E S S Y

  5. Photoshopped. And cropped..
    Took 20 pounds off her stomach. WOW…
    trimmed her jawline…

    I guess i can head over to KrispyCremes now LOL

    • Have u seen Nick Cannon pics as a child? The son is his light skinned stunt double. Agree that the daughter favors neither of em

    • I disagree. They look just like a beige version of Nick and Nicks half brother, esp the son with that dominant high Frankenberry hairline. The daughter looks like a mixture of Mariah’s sis with a little bit of Nick.

      If you are going to be lane bryant/Ashley stewart size please do not dress as if you shop at Hollister/Charlotte Russe, Mimi.

      • Whyyyyyyy@ Frankenberry hairline. Heeeeheeeheeeee. Cut it out N I, you know I’m at least supposed to pretend in doing work, ha!

      • My fave, ” If you are going to be lane bryant/Ashley stewart size please do not dress as if you shop at Hollister/Charlotte Russe, Mimi.”



  6. Guess she didn’t pay for her photo-shopped pics so he decided to try to shame her..

  7. Baby girl is fine Either Way…
    Let this one go y’all. It’s only giving her more Publicity..

  8. Poor Mimi see these folks will make you look like a fool anytime they want and Terry Richardson is a satanist and a pedophile Mimi is very foolish for letting her children be around him.

    • I noticed. But….hoping its innocent. Little girls do like butterflies, my neices included, and I know they are not MK ultra. Baby boy has on shades that looks like lips, so maybe it was just a fun thing…I hope . Mimi is programmed outta her mind tho. These days she always looks like she is on something…

  9. That punk sold her out for whatever reason.

    All that tanning goes to show you she ain’t black she mixed. I don’t care about the racist one drop rule simple math. She mixed not black.

    • Black people can be mixed. Her daddy was black so she’s black. The.light skinned amongst us are still fam. Stop copying ytee and excluding people based on skin tone.

  10. mimi has daddy issue….there’s a video on youtube where mariah’s mother was complaining about race these white people need help

    mimi has issue mixed breed have major issue because their mixed. they do’t know which side to take

  11. I don’t care she is still beautiful and she wears her weight good…Still a fan of Mariah..She didn’t need no photo shop.. Keep Eating Girl You Look Good!! #biggirlsrock

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