Fabolous Barely Dodged Bullets @ La Marina Shooting


“La Marina is located at the end of Dyckman St. on the Hudson River, and has attracted stars including Beyonce, Jay Z and Leonardo DiCapri.”

Fabolous is lucky to be alive today. Know why? Fab wasn’t only at the Big Apple spot where shots rang out, Saturday night… the Brooklyn emcee may have been in the line of fire. Cops say… Fab “was not involved” in the shooting, but they have confirmed that he “was close by when the gun went off.”

“Fabolous and his entourage were not hurt in the incident.”

Unfortunately, a bouncer for the Manhattan hot spot wasn’t as lucky. The 27-year-old “was shot in the neck as he attempted to break up the fight inside the venue.” Cops say the altercation is what led to the shooting.

Here’s the latest:

“The shooting occurred on the outside patio of La Marina shortly before midnight Sunday. The bouncer, Andre Obert, was admitted to a nearby hospital and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Police are still hunting for the shooter.”


  1. Isn’t abolous connected to that ATL robbing crew who jack the cash and jewelry from patrons of a certain after hours club?


    • Yes, and he has been connected to multiple murders as well but never charged. Fab & his brother are two very shady characters.

  2. Why do rappers get mixed up in this violence. Josh Groban don’t get involved in shoot outs. Just retarded

  3. Isn’t Fabolous connected to the robbing crew in ATL who jack patrons’ cash and jewelry after leaving a certain after hours club? Waffle House heist?

  4. Fabulous Always Getting Shot At!!!…..What’s Up With That Crap!!!!

    Must Of Piss Off The Wrong People. Black Men Can’t Fight Strong Powerful White Men The Law Is On Their Side!! (Enough Said)

    • Bouncer gets shot breaking up a fight. What has that got to do with yt. You’ve said more than enough cb. It’s bedtime kid. Grown folks are talking.

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      • That typo should be a major clue to us all that Jacky Jasper doesn’t run this blog site anymore! It’s sold to the “Industry.” Why? Because this site used to feature the real breaking stories, that themmajority of the public didn’t know. Only a selective few that experienced encounters with some of these celebs he talked about gave in depth detail & specific knowledge of what they knew for real. Which couldn’t have been made up. But anyways, if any ofyou check out old posts, you will see that 90% if not ALL the comments have been erased!

  5. La Marina is at a beautiful location, wonderful view. Just try to avoid the trying to impress crowd. 😉

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