Bobbi Kris Reacts To Bong Pics: “Someone is trying to tarnish my name!”


This just in — Bobbi Kris is calling out “some lowlife individual” as an impostor behind the blast of a recent image featuring Bobbi Kris hittin’ a bong. Don’t believe me.. Just ask her pops, Bobby Brown. According to Krissy’s Twitter, it was the “My Prerogative” singer who alerted her to the pic being put out there.

Peep the Tweets:






  1. Isn’t that an old picture of Bobbie Kris? I remember her saying, when it was posted years ago, one of her so called friends did it. I also remember Whitney(RIP) and Bobby being too caught up in their own troubles to see trouble was on the horizon. They didn’t address the photo or they made excuses for BK.

      • For real though, can’t even make a comment, I’m a start typing like I’m on twitter.

        • If you are on a laptop, install Firefox and add the “stop refresh auto-reload” feature. I am completely computer illiterate, and even I did it in 3 minutes with no difficulty. You have no idea how nice it is to never worry about losing your post midway through again.

  2. Did Bobbie Kris say she makes smart AND conscious decisions? GOH and stop being delusional BK.

  3. Who was the “lowlife individual” she was calling out? Her mama Whitney or her daddy Bobby? Or Pat? Cissy? Nick? Uncle Michael Houston? BOL!

  4. Is she trying to say that someone else made those tasteless comments about A. Bassett?

  5. Bobbi Christina look I know you lost your mother I understand that I lost a parent too but you need to stop using that’s as a pass card grow up because people are not laughing with you they laughing at you wake up and grow up.

  6. This girl was raised with more opportunities than most people can only dream of and she is busy squandering her life away. This is exactly who Blue Ivy will become 20 years from now if her mom doesn’t straighten up.

  7. The girl misspelled “me”–in this day and age of spell check.
    That alone tells me everything I need to know.

  8. She was bound to be on something.It’s in her blood ha .hell they probably conceived her f*cked up. I’m just saying crack and weed along with some other unknowns probably running through her veins

  9. That’s an Illuminati bong. Bobbi Kris will be programmed like her mother and crackhead daddy.

      • C00n Citi provides a service much needed here. By mocking the Illuminati and it’s supposed influence on celebrities, he makes the point that everything can be seen through a clouded lens, and it’s important to use common sense when viewing the world as full of witchcraft, Satanism and mysterious Powers That Be.
        Some people just die, f*ck up and have gay sex as a result of their own decisions.

    • And so are you a part of the industry. Trying to spread deceit. You’re just like Satan. The greatest trick he ever played on mankind is to make them believe he’s not real. You will have your day too.

      • That’s ridiculous. Having a sense of humor about the lengths some take their beliefs in superstitious mumbo jumbo silliness does not equate to being like Satan. Of course evil exists. No one doubts that. But EVERY DAMN THING that happens to celebrities is NOT brought on by Satanic overlords and nefarious plots. People at all levels make choices and many of them are deleterious to their well being. That applies whether the person is working the counter at McDonalds or starring in a movie.
        Just exercise some common sense.

  10. She’s just blowing kush….at least its not crack…well at least not ALL of it is crack #likemotherlikedaughter

  11. But didn’t anyone catch what she said? She was like 13…what..what..what…? She it’s ok to smoke crack or whatever at 13…? Has the whole world gone kray?

  12. I hope that she gets her life together..that is all.. Everything else that could be said about her has already been said!

  13. Considering the source, lucky its a bong instead of a stem. Have to ‘work with people where they are at’ as one elder told me.

  14. Have a seat Bobbi, you ruined your image showing up on the red carpet with miss matched shoes, by disrespecting Angela Bassett and by phucking a dude who disrespect your entire family. This pic was just the icing on the cake.

  15. Yall don’t want to hear it but that is not her. So many of you people want this young lady to be messed up just because of who her parents are. Blacks really are a bunch of crabs in a barrel. I see now that some of things Whites say about Blacks is really true. Blacks love to tear each other down. If any of you had a drop of right in you,you would be praying for her.

      • That chick didnt have a jawline or waist until she was damn near 18. I doubt this was during her teen years, maybe last year

  16. Bobbi when you are in the room with low life people that makes you a lowlife too , nice lungs BTW

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  18. She tarnished her name way better then the person who released the photos! Stupid girl!

  19. 4 Years Ago These Was A Picture Of Her Taking Drugs!! So Really This Is Not Shocking!!!!!

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