Lamar Odom Cut From the Knicks!


Say it ain’t so! Lamar Odom has been let go from the New York Knicks! This, just one month after signing a contract with the team. “Unfortunately, Lamar was unable to uphold the standards to return as an NBA player,” revealed Phil Jackson. “We found it necessary to free up the roster spot.”

Here’s what an NBA insider had to say:

“There was a lot of hope there when he had his first initial talks with Phil [Jackson]. He gave him a real shot. He kind of threw this one away. He wasn’t in it. He’s not doing great.

Everyone was hoping that to see him rededicate himself to training and getting in shape for the season but he seems to only be half in it.”



    • THE effects of the Kartrashian KLAN!!!!!!!!! When will brothas learn! Koonye is next

      • Preach, OTG! The Whoretrashians emasculate men. They are witches. They use their sexual energy to control and emasculate strong, virile men. They bleed the men dry of all of their tangible resources until the men are completely battered and broken.

        Kris looks like a dyke. Kim hops from one baller to a richer man because she is an opportunist. Kourtney wears the pants in her relationship. Khloe is the only one with a mind of her own, but her mind is feeble. Those bitches are all Satan’s puppets.

  1. Nothing good comes from f*cks wit them witches kartrashians they are poison every man they f*ck wit they are ruined career,reputation,etc look at koonye has career is a joke on they are laughing stocks to the world

    • I agree. Reggie is really the only one of there exes who got away pretty much unscathed. Kris tried it but nothing stuck to Reggie.

      • Not so true. When Reggie broke up with Kim, Kris was not having that black man kick her whore daughter to the curb. Kim/Kris got revenge by ratting Reggie out to the NCAA. Soon after, he lost the Heisman Trophy.

        I feel sorry for the next black fool who tries to break up with the HUMAN TOILET. No, I take that back. Kanye deserves everything Kim Pissy gonna do to him.

      • Reggie mother must still be alive and in his life in positive way. Mama stopped that BS.

      • ..yet he married a bootleg, busted looking copy of Kim named ‘Lilit’ and her step brother, Brody Jenner attended the wedding.

        I think he suffers from Post Dashmatic Stress Syndrome- no longer with the family, but the side effects still remain.


        • Lilit is more attractive than Kim. The Kim you know and love is a Frankenstein. She is the product of multiple cosmetic surgeries, since she was a teenager.

          Lilit bore Reggie a beautiful daughter. Briseis >>>> North.

  2. Another one bits the dust I bet khloe had something to do wit that those kartrashians got connections so I woyldnt be surpised

  3. That damn man wasnt in no damn crack possibly gettin drunk or on pills I dont believe lamar is a head them witches ruined him after he cheated on khloe than crack allegations startin comin out

  4. I feel for him deeply, but you can’t blame everything on the Kardashians. Even if they were a bad influence on him, it’s up to a 34 year old man to take responsibility for his choices(to do drugs while playing.)

  5. @Mon88 u ar right them thots aint shit they will drain ur life force outta u look at scott a drunk wit baby 3 on the way damn they are pitiful

  6. The best thing to do is just pray for him he is a grown man and no one can make you do something that you don’t want to do he made that choice on his own .

  7. OMG! The Kartrashians destroyed Lamar’s image and everything else. I guess it’s time to retire.

  8. This was Lamars last chance.
    Khloe and those Kardashians are cursed.

    Reggie got away befoe it was too late. Kanye, we used to look up to.
    Now he is wearing a skirt, amd complaining that the fashion world wont let him in.

    Donda would NOT be pleased.

    I am guessing he is back on THAT STUFF

    • Amber Rose ruined Kanye, not Kim. I can’t stand Kim, but Amber was the absolute worst thing that happened to Kanye aside from his mother passing away.

  9. Reggie who? U don’t hear much about him. He was a voodoo doll too. kris is the puppet master. I wouldn’t want to buy a car with a lot of miles on it. Lol I mean Kim has been EVERYWHERE

  10. If Reggie was so ok then why dose he have a Kim look alike got the girl pregnant the same time Kim was and got married the same time Kim did but Reggie is ok yeah right the girl is Kim twin.

      • ironically lamar’s ex liz morales looks is a spitting image of khole

        • It’s K H L O E CB. K hole is something you slip into when smoking or snorting Ketamine.

          Sorry to be the teacher again, but you’ve been misspelling her name for a month now.

  11. Reggie’s wife does NOT look like Kim.. this woman just has the natural Armenian features that Kim has been trying to erase via plastic surgery since the sex tape catapulted her into the spotlight. Kim trapped Kanye with the pregnancy AFTER she found out that Reggie was having a child.. and Kanye went along with it because Amber was also pregnant. This was not a genuine relationship.. they got together out of spite and it didn’t work out because both of their exes moved on and Kim/Kanye ended up STUCK with one another.. now they’re both MISERABLE!!!

    • kim and kanye cheated with each other when they was still seeing their ex’s is all messed up. now you done know that
      marriage is jinxed their marriage is built on lies and cheating not very good

    • C’mon son. All the entertainment shows have been showing pics of Reggie’s wedding and going nuts about how much his wife looks like Kim. It’s like they are long lost twins. If I was his wife, I’d feel really weird about it too.

      Kim must have something intoxicating to men. Right after their divorce, the first chick Kris Humphries hooked up with looked just like Kim too.

      She may be universally disliked here, but I just saw a show where they asked men on the street who their dream woman is, and all but one black guy said KK. I swear. I guess they didn’t see the sex tape.

      • Just about everyone has a preference – breast man/butt man, light skinned/dark, slim/thick, blond or brunette etc and most have a type personality( slut/nerd/buppie/earthy/airhead) they consistently date. Reggies wife is average but prettier than Kim to me since she doesnt try so hard. shes low key, speaks three languages and doesnt use a stylist. An awesome dancer and their child is actually cute, smiles and interact with the parents unlike some children.

        Reggie always dated raven white chicks sometimes a blond peppered every now and again. Hes consistently dated non-black. Thats his type. He looks handsome in his wedding photos and not autistic as usual. I am glad someone introduced him to shea butter.

        Im curious of the answer of the man who didnt say Kim Kardashian, let me guess Draya or Coco? Black men post 1492 are two pieces short of a wing dinner when it comes to choices in females.

  12. What if Lamar Odom had not attended the “Welcome To LA Party” for Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace?…Choices!!!

  13. black men need to stay well clear of the krapstrian their vile. they give black men bad luck they ruin careers

    kris has tooo much power!!!

    • Ain’t gonna happen. When Kris/Kim destroys Kanye and kicks what’s left of him to the curb, there will be a long line of wealthy, successful black fools waiting for a chance to be shitted on by Kim.

      • Right Now…A clique of blackmen are obsessed with the exotic white chick dynamic…Latina, Middle-Eastern, East-Indian, Persian, Armenian, etc. A lot of blackmen are followers, we copy the bad traits of other blacknen. Also, this is hip-hop residue…Brainwashing! This was planned all along. Sex and ego will always enslave us, this is the sad reality. Lusting after chicks who happen to look like blackwomen, but disregard the real thing…2014 Ya’ll!

          • interracial dating is overrated!!! it do’t last long because of culture difference

            21 centurey black men are dumb with a captial d i do’t mind black men dating…..


            because technicality their black altho they do’t want to admit it

  14. OK, here’s how it went down:

    KRIS: Phil, I want that dumb black crack-head off of the team. He cheated on my precious daughter.

    PHIL: The big ugly bitch? Who can blame him? The beast of burden lookin bitch. That ho is so ugly–

    KRIS: OK! I get your f*ckin point. So she’s not a beauty queen.


    KRIS: ENOUGH! We are talking about Lamar. I want him broke and homeless. Now Phil sweetie, I am willing to give you whatever you want to make it happen. You understand what I’m saying, baby?

    PHIL: Yeah, I understand what you are saying, but you are to old and ugly to do anything for me. You are as ugly as your daugh…

    KRIS: I wasn’t offering myself to you, stupid old fool! How would you like to piss on my lovely daughter Kim?

    PHIL: Been there done that. In fact the whole team done that. After a game one night, the players had a pissin contest and Kim, Haha, Oh boy—

    KRIS: OK! I get your point. Which one of my daughters would you like to piss on?

    PHIL: None of them. They’re too damn nasty. I want to piss on Kanye. I never liked that guy, but he’s so cute and sexy in that skirt. Can you arrange that?

    KRIS: Yes, of course I can. Deal? Lamar’s off the team?

    PHIL: Deal.

    KRIS: Stupid old fool.

    PHIL: Ugly old bitch.

  15. HELL TO THE NAWH…that was the funniest shit I believe it went down just like that ha bayou

  16. You can only blame the trashy Kardashians but so much! Lamar is a grown man so please allow him to be accountable. Maybe is he is accountable he will get his sh*t together.. If he was given an opportunity to resume his Basketball career and he went about it in a half azzed fashion that’s on him…

  17. And somewhere in the South Bronx some low-level crack dealer is about to be a hundrednaire

  18. The kartrashians will get theres for everything they have done to people there fall frim grace will be very hard they have f*cked ova alot of people wit no care there time is comin watch it wont be pretty especially kim shell get it the worst

    • or at least you hope so, right Beauty?

      Face it, a lot of folks never get the karmic face slap we think they deserve while people who can’t catch a break continue to slip and fall.
      If life were fair, none of us would be posting here.

  19. This is Karma. L.O. shitted on his kids and the mother of his kids for Hoey Kardshian, now he getting all he deserves. He wanted a troHOEphy and got trash bagged. I feel nothing for black men that shit on black women, just to get f*cked over by white women. HAHAHA f*ck boy.

  20. Agrees with Sunni Hell I don’t feel anything for their ass either shit on us black women to wife a thot a white one at that. Let them drag their ass down through there but would fight a black woman tooth and nail just to be with her serves him right

  21. whites never got bad karma dealt with them when they do or done blacks wrong.

    nobody told lamar to do drugs or marry khloe he’s a grown ass man.

  22. @crazychris, how do u know for sure that lamar used drugs? did u actually see him used them? or used it with him?

  23. Right I never thought lamar was on drugs they just made that up shit ill have to be on something too dealing wit these thots fame hungry witches he needs to finalize that duvorce an move far away an dont look back

  24. I wonder if they will use this to put on their trash tv show since they have nothing, next it’ll be Kanye is losing his mind and they’ll probably go as far as domestic violence. You know white crazy slappers love calling the po po on black men and have them arrested, karma is already getting Kim she’s getting fatter and uglier by the day all that surgery and botox has frigged up her looks just can’t wait for the charade to end sick of the Krapdashians!!!

    • Poor thing. I feel so sorry for her. Today it was announced that her new phone app game will net her 80-100 mill in the next year. What a sad pathetic tramp she is. Some folks are just born losers.

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