Jay Z & Beyonce Checking In With Marriage Counselor Weekly

Jey & Bey Marriage Counselor

This could be the Carters’ first three-way of its kind: Jay, Bey — and the marriage counselor. Word is the pair are using Skype to check in with a therapist, from the road of their ‘On The Run’ Tour.

Here’s what a source has put out there:

“They have known their therapist for a long time and try to have weekly sessions just to keep communication open and make sure there are no misunderstandings.

It’s about maintenance rather than trying to fix anything hugely wrong. They are both happy and their daughter, Blue Ivy, remains their absolute priority.”


  1. Wasn’t aware that marriage counselors’ clients included business partners, but I guess it makes a certain kind of sense.

  2. That’s their lives —I don’t care what they do
    I just come on blogs to talk crap on anyone… No tea no shade

  3. BS Do you really think their PR people would let anyone know what they are truly doing – come on! All hype for the foolish to buy into this “tour”.

    • I’m glad to see some people are smart enough to see those 2 media whores for what they really are.

  4. If true good for them they are both humans that got shit just like any one else that is married. Why is he are she telling there business they are not right for that one.

  5. Beyonce an gay z is so fake lets pretend were tryin to make it work its all about money wit these people they put on a good act for the cameras this fake relationship is a joke gay z dont give a f*ck

  6. Marriage counseling? Seriously? If this rumor is true, then the relationship will not last for much longer. Jay is probably banging every hole that he sees, including holes in a sidewalk! Bey is probably tired of having to kiss and look at a camel everyday!

  7. U know they relationship is a business arrangement they no chemistry every time they hug or kiss it seems forced u just get the feelin that its no emotion wit them hes not into beyonce like that j wants that money money its a wrap wit them

  8. @Beauty I agree and I’ve been saying that there is no chemistry between them. Especially GAy Z. You would think that he would be more into her seeming that every man in the world would love to be with Bey.

  9. U don’t believe the speculation about someone becoming famous. U don’t know anyone famous personally……….. Try crackin the industry. You will soon find out. But you gotta have some talent. If you don’t you will never know.

    • lots of folks don’t have no kind of talent unless you’re taklking about bedroom skills.

      • A lot of celebrities can be entertaining. How they got famous is a different story. But if your not someway entertaining they can’t use u.

  10. In every way this statement from an insider of ‘skyped therapy sessions’ on many popular blogs, reaks of a publicity stunt. Don’t believe the hype.

    • No Killa, It’s more like he/she’s lonely and needing some attention.

      Nigga, we see you now beat it!

  11. I don’t know if they love each other are not. But what I know for sure that he really did love Aaliyah, he loves her so much and she loves him too.

    • Jay Z did not love Aaliyah. He wanted to use her as a come up the same way he used Beyonce. It should be clear by now that he loves no one but himself and maybe his children.

        • He doesn’t claim any of them except for Blue but it’s old news that Jay Z has a son in Trinidad who looks almost identical to Blue and there are rumored to be 2 more that live in Brooklyn. You best believe the mothers are paid very well to raise their children as single mothers. Why do you think the Carters are always on tour and Jay Z is still making albums at age 50.

          • sinc e jay and bey so call run a record label and have all these other revunes they shouldn’t be touring but they’re making money and as long as jay and bey sell records they’re gonna be here.

            clown bey all you want but all her albums sold and they all went platinum and that’s all the industry cares for.

      • jay and aaliyah didn’t even last long.

        jay was phukking everything with a hole then why would he need aaluyah as a comeup he was really selling records and the roc was banging so.

  12. Don’t care if these freaks renegotiate their marriage contract or not. However I do wish Bey-otch would stop stuffing herself into Blues discarded House of Dereon onsies. They look hella stank on her ole worn out cootchie poppin behind.

    • She keeps wearing the same ole shit and singing the same ole shit and her stans keep falling for the same ole shit.

  13. Guess what? I hope they, The Smiths and Denzel/wife STAY TOGETHER. DAMN! We need some celebrity married black couples am I the only one who sees this? I don’t care how freaky they are or if they hate each other its WHAT THEY REPRESENT: UNITED BLACK FAMILY. So they fake? So are most wealthy white folks and they KEEP THAT LEGACY MONEY IN THE FAMILY.

  14. Is it me or Jay looks dried up? Where is Crazy Chris or Rahiem at? I need to asked them a very good question?

  15. @coon citi thats why everybody ignoring ur dumb ass u want attention but u aint gettin it sorry they still dont see u cause u a dumb bitch coon an u not funny bitch go to a jack off site u sound like u weirdo dumb bitch

  16. @Coon Citi Hey everybody ignore this coon wit the dumb ass comments keep ignorin him coon citi what the hell type of name is that that sound like this nigga retarded

    • That’s what I noticed. A few months ago Jay said he was going on a “vegan” diet. That coulda been just damage control for the actual truth.

    • Wonder if its drug use ? Or stress?….then too, all that touring takes a toll. I believe all three Carter’s are older than they claim. I lubs me some Blue, but even she looks older than age 2.

    • Well as everyone here loves to say, Jay s nearing 50 and for a black man that is a turning point health-wise. All those genetically predisposed conditions start to kick in during middle age, so I would imagine that the Carters have a dietician specialist on staff who is attempting to improve his longevity by keeping his weight low. Also, nothing makes a rapper/rocker look more over the hill than when he is sporting a big ol’ belly hanging over his belt. White folks swear that the reason the Rolling Stones stay relevant while all other old rock bands are jokes is that Mick and Keith stayed skinny and look the same from the neck down as they did in their heyday.
      Whatever the reason, he’ll live a lot longer at that weight, so good for him.

      • haha at ‘look the same from the neck down’
        cuz from the neck up…oh lord Jesus!!

    • Maybe it’s the Herpes Virus he allegedly has attacking his organs??? Either that or he’s been eating at G. Paltrow’s house every night.

  17. Gay j might have that package they all f*ck each other in the industry very nasty so u know those disease floating round

  18. Lawd….give it a rest with the constant illuminati voo doo hoo doo. That horse had been beat to death on thus site.

  19. Eating sushi everywhere will make u skinny lol can’t eat @all the restaurants ijs

  20. Their Marriage Councillor Needs To Careful…They Might Hire Some People To (You Know What) If The Marriage Councillor Blabs About Their Marriage.
    That’s what They Did To Cathy White

  21. black people seeing a marriage councior??? what’s next people dancing on their hands!!

    beyonce what you done in the past is coming to bite your fat ass. all of the nasty shady antic to keep you on top of the food chain
    is all tumbling down!!

    both jayz and beyonce have more things in common their both sellouts and exploits their own race to make white men happy

  22. Well good for them for at least attempting to keep things smooth with help from a marital counselor.. They are married and have been rumored to have some problems (well Jay Z..cheating rumors) so if true..good..hope it works out.

  23. everybody waiting on jay and bey to fall for some reason.

    not a fan but come on looks like people want the business arrangement to end.

    bey and jia are no better and have done n o better or worser than anybody else.

    at least beyonce married before she had a child.

  24. can badu say that, jill scott hell no.

    Ciara had a child but she’s not married to future.

    lil kim’s not married to her baby daddy.

    mimi’s old ass never married stevie j.

    even the best white p*ssy in the world kim k had a child before marriage.

    oh yeah the other whore Madonna had a child too after her marriage.

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