Joseline Blasted With Boos


In true showman fashion, Stevie J saved Joseline’s Dallas performance. This, after The Puerto Rican Princess recently felt the wrath of a tough Texan crowd that blasted her with boos over the wiggity wack emcee game she brought to the stage.

A video of Joseline rockin’ the mic has just surfaced. But scratch the boos… the moment Stevie steps in is hilarious! Joseline may now want to stay in her lane and get her guap from hosting rather than rapping.


Here’s what an insider tells HSK:

“She caught that lick but that hustle through now. Ain’t nobody gonna pay to see her again. If she was good she coulda made more money.”

Check it the video:


  1. Stevie j stop gassin this thot up makin her think she can rap not she needs to stick to reality tv cause her music is trash did any yall see that horrible video she made lookin choked outin the studio dissin rihanna,nicki,beyonce,lady gaga ,katy perry somebody please tell this

    • Man stevie tryin to make her a rapper is all scripted. That fool can’t speak let alone rap. Sounds like ages sucking and swallowing when she takks. Siddown!

  2. I agree wit u ed her head has brown up from the lil fame , shes givin an stevie j hes worst. For tellin her shes a rapper the thrist is real my friend mona got these fools lookin crazy out here pitiful.

  3. Side note.. tonight was the “Mimi Tape” episode.
    Someone / everyone called her out on having a cameraman on a homemade sex tape. Shes such a liar still sticking to that same story about it being leaked.

  4. Damn….them photos tho…..she looks like a linebacker in a yellow bikini. She needs her doc to regulate her estrogen supply. The man in her is re emerging.

  5. It was not her first time they did that and it won’t be her last. I don’t know who is pumping her head up but she can’t sang for shit and that go for her Karlie and rasheeda who rap like her ass was in special Ed

  6. Her ass is really starting to look like a man leave those I want to be a woman pills alone the shit not working it’s working backwards dude

  7. I don’t agree with artist having gimmicks, but this huzzy needs a few if she wants a fan base for her music and not her reality show.

  8. I’m shouldn’t laugh but LMAO…why would people pay to hear Jose rap when she can’t even speak clear English? TBH Her lyrics are really bad but they aren’t any worse than the other mess that is out there now.

  9. Joseline is a choked out thot shes startin to get on my damn nerves an she aint all that fake everything this wont end well wit her stevie gon drain her when he done than on to the next one

  10. I’ll take Joseline over Mimi anyday. Atleast Joseline is honest about who she is, what she does, who she does, and why. She’s who SHE is, Mimi is a lying sleezy porn sex tape participant. Yes she made money, but she let herself be used by gross Nico. If she was going to make a tape then she should have made it with Stevie, or someone respectable–but not gross Nico.

  11. This is the norm on these reality shows.Some thirsty for relevance dude gases up the head of some reality show h* and makes her think that she has what it takes to be the next big star! Reality show pimping at best! Too funny… Can;t sing..rap.. best talent appears to bve f8ckng and s8cking.

  12. you know what, steebie is partly to blame here. why would he try to get her to rap in English? we all KNOW shawty’s English is the worst. when she’s going in Spanish she ain’t half bad. i really feel like she could have had a decent go at the reggaeton game or the club scene in Miami, but hey- that’s what she gets tying herself to him. pimps never let their hoes go

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