MempHitz Turned Himself In

Memphitz arrested mugshot

A few days after pulling a gun on an employee at a car wash, Memphitz has turned himself over to the police.

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, ex of reality star Toya Wright, pulled his gun on an employee at the Johns Creek car wash when he suspected the car washer had stolen his weed.   When he pulled out the gun eh said, “your life or my weed,” but the worker didn’t have his green.

Wright left the car wash and then came back and demanded the dude’s phone.  All of this was caught on security cameras so Memphitz had to turn himself in. reports, “Fulton County jail records show Wright was booked Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault and armed robbery. Johns Creek police spokesman Capt. Christopher Byers confirmed that Wright turned himself in.”

Memphitz is currently at Fulton County jail and being held without bond.


  1. I bet he never thought he’d be in this situation, especially after dogging K. Michelle for years. Karma is a bitch.

  2. His annoying wife is gonna be next, how she and her friend’s called K Michelle a liar on TV but it turns out true. Toya and her friend’s owe K Michelle an apology.

    Women don’t defended your boyfriend/husband until you know the truth, because your gonna end up with egg on your face just like Toya.

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