Tiger Woods Is Sleeping With Friend’s Ex-Wife

tiger woods affair with friend ex wife 3

Never one to wait between girls, and always attracted to the THOT type, Tiger Woods is dating his friend’s ex-wife.

Woods is dating 27 year old, Amanda Boyd, who is recently divorced from professional golfer, and friend of Tiger’s, Jason Dufner.   Boyd started sleeping with Woods when he was still with his last girl, Lindsey Vonn.

tiger woods affair with friend ex wife 2

Tiger’s last girl left him when she caught him cheating, which was right before Boyd left her husband.  Sources close to Woods say he’s had a “relapse in the sex department,” which was the reason his wife left him – and made out with a ton of money in the divorce.

tiger woods affair with friend ex wife

Amanda Boyd and Woods became friendly during the PGA Tour, and things started to heat up.  Reports now say the two are serious, but who knows if either can trust each other.   Boyd’s divorce from Dufner was just in April, and Tiger obviously likes to keep jumping from girl to girl.

[Via DailyMail]


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    Go ahead tiger they,screwed ur career and was so happy u got into trouble so yeah duck all they bitches what goes around comes around!
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  3. of course there will be a black woman who will use this to try to divide our community and as a reason why she is single when this has nothing to do with either. when tiger got a divorce, it was his fault, wasn’t it? so if you are single, who’s fault is it really???

  4. Quote from Corey Holcomb, “Tiger Woods is terrible at golf because he finally realizes white people don’t like him.”

    • That’s complete horseshit. Tiger’s game is shot because he had to stop taking the HGH and some steroids as well. It completely destroyed his power game, and that in turn messed with his head/confidence and now his short game is off too.

      Whit people still love Tiger. They never stopped. You go into any country club in America, and he is still the favorite topic of conversation. He did more for the game in 20 years than anyone since Palmer and Nicklaus. They love him for that and they always will. He has a lifetime pass believe me.

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