Chris Brown Doesn’t Think The Kid Is His

chris brown royalty dna test nia guzman

Chris Brown has had enough from his baby mama, and doesn’t think the kid is actually his so he’s filed for a paternity test.

Baby Royalty’s mom, Nia Guzman, has taken some shots at Brown on social media saying he’s not a good father or provider for his child.   Guzman petitioned for $15,000 a month in child support from Breezy and now he’s snapping back with a test to try and prove he’s not the father.

Guzman, who has another man playing daddy to Royalty, says Brown is only paying her $2,500 a month and she wants more.  Chris says he’s giving her enough so now he wants a judge to decide.

Maybe now that he’s back with Rihanna, Brown just wants to have everything sorted out.

[via TMZ]


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  2. For his sake, I hope she is not his kid and consider what he has given a gift for the child. The mother is scum, the leech hanging with her is just as bad. CB is in a no win situation. The best thing for him is to get this one mulligan and hopefully he learned his lesson.

  3. Wait a minute, he never had a paternity test done? This is all bs, he cant be that slow. Can someone say PR stunt.

  4. Wkuldnt claim no child that wasnt mine unless i was sure then nobodu knew this girl was pregnant then allbof a sudden cbs a dad from this gorl we never heatd of cb was phukking this gorl and that girl havong sex orgies with everybody

  5. That child has absolutely no resemblance to him. Not even any essence of Chris. I hope for his sake she is not his. Let that child go on to live a normal life and be raised properly.

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