BET Networks To Take Jesus Back To Being Black?

BET Black Jesus

HSK Exclusive – It’s probably safe to assume that BET Networks has the ratchet department covered. And with upcoming plans for production of a new bible TV series, BET could be gearing up its programming to be consistent across genres.

“BET is banking on winning with their new Bible series that  currently in production.”

Check the drop:

“Stephen Hill is taking a page out Mark Burnett book and he’s going to exploit Jesus for ratings.”


  1. It’s my and most Biblical scholars opinion that he looked much like a Palestinian. Certainly not white, but not like a black American or an African either. Nothing like the Jesus we all grew up seeing.
    There aren’t many true black people living in that region of the world then or now. Brown, yes.

  2. *eyeroll* how does that matter when they sold it out to nonblacks and mr white man run the music industry… we’ll see who pulls the strings mmmmmhm & how they continue to lead the ppl to stupidity

  3. There is show already called “Black Jesus” Aaaron Mcgruders producing the show, are they trying to copying him?

    • Aaron McGruder’s Black Jesus isn’t a biblical series. It’s a damn cartoon.

    • @Anonymous

      Aaron Mcgruder “Black Jesus” is a live action show, set in a modern Los Angeles, Compton. It’s a comedy!

  4. skin like bronze hair like wool… That is the description of a black man… That is the only description we have of Jesus…

  5. White hollywood executives love black men like Stephen Hill, Tyler Perry, Don Lemon, Jamie Foxx, Frank Ocean. These type of black men are considered non-threatening. Gee I wonder why?

    • @NBA is fixed

      Your right, Hollywood dislikes strong black men, who aren’t down with swirl! They only like coons, and man who chase dick! Remember 2 years with Frank Ocean started chit with Chris brown? the White media defended Frank because he came out of closet
      now nobody cares about Frank ocean, White people have their own white soul singer Sam Smith (who lost his voice)

      • Phukk frank ocean fighting over a hooker why the hell did frank fight over a girl and ge dorsnt like girls drake was jeaous if cb why fight over a girl u had a one night stsnd with ri must have good p*ssy and mouth

  6. nobody knows what color Christ was.

    we don’t even knoiw if jesus even existed.

  7. remember god loved his only begotten son so much he gave him to the world to be killed by a bunch of sinners.

    don’t worry its his divine plan he’ll be back soon to set things right they legalizxed gay marriage jesus must come down and destroy this evil earth.

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