Lil Wayne Delivering DL Drops 2 TMZ ?

Lil Wayne TMZ Collab

HSK Exclusive – Can someone please tell the L 7’s over at TMZ that they might wanna consider an ‘According To Tunechi” column for Weezy. It could be a better look … now that Harvey Levin & Co. have GONE URBAN and all. *PAUSE*

“He tryin’ to stick up nightclubs because he can’t get real bookings.” -Young Thugger

NEXT. Yesterday, TMZ published this word: “Lil Wayne will perform at your club for $110,000 … for a 15 minute/5 song set.” This marks the second time (in less than a month TMZ has pressed up Weezy’s word. And guess what? It’s not exactly CREDIBLE. Just ask Oscar.

“We paid Lil Wayne 15K to play at Heat…How can Wayne charge a club $110,000 to perform at a nightclub? Doesn’t he expect the club to make money? Who believes this sh*t?”– Oscar, Party Promoter

Here’s what TMZ reported:

“Lil Wayne will perform at your club for $110,000 … for a 15 minute/5 song set. In addition to the loot, Wayne demands an artist section big enough for his 20-plus entourage, stocked with 10 bottles of Dom Perignon, 5 Cirocs and 3 D’usse bottles at least 10 minutes prior to his arrival.”

Check the Drop:

“Is Wayne is crazy? He’s the perfect example in how to waste money. He should stop blaming Baby for his money problems. He got his money and spent it on bullsh*t. Who buys a skateboard park and doesn’t make money off it? Wayne. He’s a jack-ass and he got TMZ printing his bullsh*t stories.”


  1. He also bought his spoiled daughter 2 cars?? what does a teen need with 2 car??

    either it was fake for MTV’s benefit, or his losing his dame mind (with all the smoking he does, wouldn’t put past it).

    • Nope that was for show. Dem babies went back to the dealer soon as the director yelled cut.

      • @Sunni

        I highly doubt that, because his spoiled daughter was bragging about it on Wendell William’s show earlier this year.

        Since he’s going through some money problems, maybe your right he did sent it back because of MTV’s benefit.

  2. Wtf is a tunechi?? How gremlin gay is this ugly mufuga ?
    If he can’t find work that’s his problem!
    He sucks he’s an asshole etc…. The list goes on an on !

  3. I want to big up the Jacky Jasper writing staff for correctly spelling Weezy for the very first time!! I guess when you upgraded the website, you also stepped up your spelling game. Good job.

  4. This nut tjought he was a ceoand ran stuff he tjought nicki, and drake was his artists he tjought he had a label baby raped hom took all his money now jiggavgonna take his money

  5. Yeah Phuck T.M.Z.. I HAVING WATCHED THAT ISH since 2008 . Brings down black people and laughs while doing so.

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