Jay & Bey Spending Big On Jay’s Mom Big Wedding


HSK Exclusive – We could soon see another Mrs. Carter declared soon! Know why? Sources say Jay and Bey are gearing up to see Jigga’s moms, Gloria Carter, and her partner be pronounced bride and bride.

“People are saying Beyonce is exploiting gay marriage but that’s not true, she’s celebrating now that Gloria can finally get hitched.”

Beyonce Gay Marriage

This news comes just a few days following the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, a cause Bonnie and Hova have backed since the beginning … Just ask Debra Holmes! Now, we’re told Bonnie & Clyde “can’t wait” to cut the checks to fund the big day!

The drop:

Who doesn’t have a gay relative? Still, B knows what she’s doing. She’s a trailblazer. Beyonce and Jay didn’t jump on the bandwagon, they’ve been pushing to make same-sex marriage legal.”


  1. But he doesn’t any money for his son ? She’s not a f*cking goddess!!
    Just a trick from Texas ppl!!
    Stop tripping!!!

  2. Well she had to do something to compete with Rhi’s drop. I wont be watching neither vid tho.

  3. Great, the next thing you know “they” will be pushing interracial relationships down our throats.
    Interracial relationship don’t last very long, because it has the highest divorcing rate!

    The interracial relationship agenda will come soon, they don’t want see same races marry, or have kids.

    • been there and done that america is babylon barack and michelle are the kings of sodom and gomorrah yes michelle is a trans i know you love them blacks folks sorry but it’s true

      • barack aint black. keep calling white eggs black and see how far it gets u when they push the white agenda under the guise of being one of the original indigenous people. peep game.

    • Your statement is one the dumbest I have ever read online. So you think same race marriages last.

  4. Barack isn’t white or black, he’s a Jew and that’s a fact. His mother was Jewish which by Jewish law makes him one too. There is no white or black agenda, it’s the Satanic false ‘jew’ agenda. Look at who control the U.S. Government, Hollywood, mainstream media and banking system – all Jew controlled – and has been for a LONG time.

  5. THE UNITED STATES OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH !!!! Part 2 !!! SAME ENDING !!!!!! ~ Psalms 14:1

  6. This is the same mother that Jay says was never home for him as a kid? Father left him @ 9 or 11 years of age but he goes out clubbing all night and Blue wasn’t even 2, entertaining women in his family’s home when Bey & Blue are out on tour – come on now! Just go live your crazy life quietly and stop all the pity talk.

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