NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal Battling Erectile Dysfunction?

Jermaine O'Neal Erectile Dysfunction

HSK Exclusive – He might be a six-time All-Star in the NBA, but such top ranking may not apply to all other areas of Jermaine O’Neal’s life. It seems to be a situation that’s left some unnamed women less than impressed with the former Golden State Warrior turned free agent. Know why? Word from numerous women peg O’Neal to be a dude suffering erectile dysfunction. Don’t believe me.. Ask Esther Baxter!

“Jermaine f*cked so many chicks, he can’t get his d*ck up anymore.”

The drop:

“He’s gotta watch women giving each other oral sex. He pays well, but his attitude is the worst.”


  1. What about that college footballer player, who punched a white woman in face? she started it by calling him a “Nigger” then she punched him 1st.

    • Really. Even his own attorney Jose Baez has debunked that story “woman who cares.”

      The only thing you care about is stirring shit and blaming black men for all BW problems.
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  2. “His attitude is the worst”, was this before or after u had ur face in another woman p*ssy….these hoes kill me, u ain’t even have to even do nothing too crazy 4 the money but they still go back & run they mouth tryna sell a story, hoe go suck a limp dick.

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