Is Meek Mill Getting Out Of Jail Today?


Fox 29 in Philadelphia is claiming that rapper Meek Mill will be released today from prison.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Meek Mill who’s real name Robert Williams was sentenced to three months in prison for probation violation in July. That same month, a judge denied his request for early parole.”

Dave Schratwieser reports:

“Meek must do community service and treatment. He will also not be allowed to travel outside of Philadelphia.”


  1. Did Meek pledge Kappa Alpha Psi or I guess he is just paying respect to his true master. Hey Meek what does a man profit if he gains the world but losses his soul? I will wait……..

  2. There’s A Creepy Video Of Him Signing, May Bach Record Contract With Rick Ross, Rick Ross’s Face Looks Creepy

    He’s Doing A Creepy Hand Sign After Meek Signs His Record Contract.

  3. I bet the Mexicans Mafia beat his ass, Meek Mill
    is a closet Homo Sexual and we Mexicans dont
    like that sh$t

    • Not with all these Mexican flamers out here now…Nah every race got em including yours!

      • @Chh,

        Tell it like it is so they can stop acting like their race is so pristine & exempt from the same issues as everyone else. It’s as many homosexuals in the Mexican community as their are everywhere else. Damn!

    • smhf the Mexicans be the main ones takin
      g it and giving it up the ass you assbucket all of ms13 get fucked #latinkings #freemeekmill #carlossuckadick

  4. Meek Mill – Robert Williams
    Rick Ross – William Roberts

    They can get married each one can just flip their names.

    • Think that’s a South Phila thing. I heart Beanz but he always looks like he could use a good wash, an edge up or fresh braids even in a tailored suit in the Excuse Me Miss video.

      Back when he was hot on the radio I used to have fantasies of being naked bathing him like the servants in Coming to America while he kicked a verse. Even in my dreams he never became clean.

      • @non importante

        omg, me & my ex had this inside joke about beanz.
        Remember when Jay said “Beanz I ain’t tryna change you just give you some game, to make that transition from the streets to the fame.”?
        I always said he would rather wear white t’s & look scruffy.

        • Some people look like they stink even when cleaned up nicely. Billy Bob Thorton, Courtney Love, Maxwell, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp etc. i guess they were the kids that smelled like pee in grade school. Like pig pen from the peanuts cartoon. I like scruffy sometimes.

  5. I been seeing B.O.B. dropping hints bout not wanting to play the game no more and speaking out a little bit. Telling his followers what’s the dc in Washington mean. Subtle but he wants people to look up thanks for themselves.

    • B.O.B Did A Song Exposing The Elite Before He Got Signed To A Major Record Label, Is On YouTube

      He’s A Hypocrite As well

  6. Whatever happened to pending lawsuit against philly city police for the wrongful arrest which caused him to cancel a show/lose money? Did he win lose or settle out of court?

  7. SP or South Philly clique hand gesture.. y’all need to read about the Illuminati before classifying everything as affiliated…SP48

    • So I guess all the other lames that hold that stupid crap up that are not from Philly are just showing respect for a city right. Wake up mane and I think you should do some research on the illuminiti because that is clearly a hand symbol that is used frequently.

    • This isn’t some FB or Instagram shout out. It looks like a publicity still, which makes it a shout out to the ‘Nati & ’em..

  8. So what hand gestures are non Illuminati? Da fuq wrong w y’all Illuminati is real and attributed to just about everything but mofos still praying to white Jesus w blue eyes…don’t pick ya ‘devil’ call em all out

    • I’m just praying to JESUS!! …with skin of bronze and hair like wool…something like that!! You’re the one stuck on that picture not me!

  9. With all of these Satanic celebs doing the exact same hand signal all over the place, people have got to be able to see something is up. This is far beyond some passing trend. These people are demonic as hell and THE MOST HIGH is exposing them.

    • You’re absolutely right because someone told me to pull up a very old video on YT of Esther Rolle on Sammy Davis Jr talk show back in the 70’s and when she came out on stage to take her seat on the sofa, just before she sat down she turned to the audience and did this same exact hand sign with both hands.

      • Its in every movie, TV show, music video. .. I imagine you have to shout out to be on TV.

        The symbolism is everywhere. The 3 sixes is just one hand symbol. The other is the triangle, or the devil horns. Those are probably the most popular.

      • Yes that rat pak and Frank Sintira with Sammy were like the first Satinists on TV, and the rat oak was boring, how about a gang bang with Marlin Monroe that would be the shit !

  10. Come to think of it…..Meek looks like the male version of Esther Rolle.

  11. If he is, ladies beware of him. In this picture he is posing like he is now a gay man! Look at the position of his fingers. Sissyish!

  12. Why is this news? Why are we excited or not about a felon being released instead of a good kid going to college?

  13. What I never understood is why these guys can never stop the illegal activities.
    Like why would you want to jeopardize your career.

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