Phaedra Parks & Mr. Chocolate Caught In Adultery Scandal! [EXCLUSIVE PICS]

Phaedra Parks Mr Chocolate

HSK Exclusive – It’s gonna be interesting to see how Phaedra Parks denies being caught on camera while creeping with Mr. Chocolate, described as her “African sugar daddy.

Hey Look! She’s even got Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker in tow to witness her shameless “housewife” actions!

Dig It:

“Kandi and Todd knew all along Phaedra’s been cheating on Apollo.

How can Phaedra hide behind that ‘good Christian’ act when she’s a fornicator? What she really needs to do is own up to her true self and wear the title … The Real Adulteress of Atlanta.”

Phaedra Parks Cheating Scandal


  1. Well she looks happy. Also it doesn’t appear that she is trying to hide the relationship with Mr. Chocolate.

  2. I need more proof on this one. Phone conversations, text messages,anything that ties her having this alleged affair with this Mr. Chocolate. Apollo can say anything he wants right now but his words don’t matter anymore. This Mr. Chocolate is a nice looking guy but I won’t give her the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people these days don’t take their vows seriously.

    • These words aren’t coming from APOLLO this time obviously! Phaedra is not , nor has she ever been the Southern Belle that she claimed to be..and no Apollo is no saint by far.. Too much faking and fronting for the cameras.

  3. This Bytch Is Portraying Herself To Be A God-Fearing Woman
    And A Proper Southern Belle, Hypocrite

  4. That’s a group picture, I don’t believe this lie..
    Come up with something else

  5. WHY focus on them two when this is CLEARLY a f*cking group picture? Sad as hell to attempt to defame a m.f. intentionally.You ALL THAT from a picture? Really? Get a real life & stop f*cking w/someone else’s!

  6. At some point, I’m sure Apollo’s conceded azz stepped outside the marriage too. Apollo’s a loser…good for her. Have fun, life is short.

  7. Seems that the ATL housewives went to Africa to get Ebola dudes. Kandi is suspect too. She goes from person to person gossiping about who ain’t there! Phaedra is nasty and I knew sooner or later, it would show in her marriage. I think Apolla is lying about Kenya, He is trying to cover his tracks and get alimony from Phaedra by showing she is the cheater.

    • Don’t be ignorant and attempt to link Ebola with all African men..You sound ridiculous

  8. So where are the exclusive pics then?

    You got all that information from one pic?

    All I see is “one group photo”, and I don’t see any signs of scandal in it.

    “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  9. don’t care bout Phaedra or apollos marriage.

    Apollo and satan are both gods of music according to myth.

  10. (Singing Artful Dodger) Please Do’t Turn Me, It’s Not Fair
    Please Do’t Turn Me, Cos I’m Strong

  11. Any American Black woman whom would lower herself to being with a shit eating Hamite needs to be dispatched.

  12. Fornication does not mean sex before marriage because according to the bible sex is marriage.Fornication means transgressions of the Laws and there’s over 600 Laws in the bible not 10 like the Christian church teaches.You’re church and Pastor is a damn Liar!

  13. Khandi And Todd Can’t Say Shyt Because Todd Cheated On His Wife With Khandi, Then Moved In And Wife Up Khandi

    That Marriage Won’t Last No Time Soon Plus, Todd Was Fucking Khandi’s Best Friend Carmen…Karma

    • Can you blame him? Only an opportunist would marry a woman who looks and behaves like Phaedra. Between her and Kandi’s hoodrat behinds I’d choose Kandi. If I was Kenya and Apollo did reach out to her in jail, I’d visit just to further PISS Phaedra’s behind off!

  14. Don’t know if this is valid tea or not but it wouldn’t surprise me. Phaedra is a fake, gap-toothed, ugly, out of shape, hoodrat, WHORE. Only hoodrats cape for this chick. She’s a fraud who needs to be in jail along with Apollo. Apollo may be scum but SHE obviously CHASED after HIM which further validates Angela Stanton’s tea that she was the mastermind of his past crimes! This chick’s karma will EPIC!

  15. Apollo called Phaedra out. He said she was making a booty call to him at 3 am in the projects and fuc**** him on an air mattress. Phaedra should have married one of those mega church preachers. She’s a psuedo christian anyway. They are just as fake and crooked as she is.

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