Erica Mena Refuses To Work With Jhonni Blaze

Erica Mena vs Jhonni Blaze

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena is refusing to shoot any Love and Hip Hip New York scenes with Jhonni Blaze. Know why? Because Erica Mena knows Jhonni Blaze wants to beat her down while L&HHNY cameras are rolling.

A source says Jhonni Blaze shot six scenes and she already had three physical altercations with other cast members.

The drop:

“Jhonni Blaze knocked out Darryl Strawberry’s daughter Diamond on the set. She also got into two physical scraps with Precious Paris. Erica knows Jhonni wants to beat her a**.”


  1. Thats a lie from the pit of hell. Erica doesnt want to get “fired” or “arrested” because it almost happened to her before when Kimbella threatened to press charges lmfao BRING CHRISSY LAMPKIN BACK ON THE SHOW

    • Imagine how much more beautiful she would be if she knew how to compose a sentence.

      • Was just thinking the same, girl don’t know her plurals from her possessives from her contractions…….

        Go back to school, Erica, forget about the quick money and just maybe you’ll create something more substantial and respectable with your life. This is a dead end.

    • Chrissy is a disgusting fat greasy pig who should have gone to jail for that violent fight, shes not to good for monas shenanigans shes got a big ego and only wanted Mona to show them in a positive light on TV, she cant handle the good and the bad thats why her and her bitch ass nigga left and tried to have a reality show that failed cuz noone wants to see that ugly bitch with that big mole on her face

      • Kimbella’s funky ass needed to be checked but I agree Chrissy is just a bully. If you don’t agree with her enough to her liking she wants to fight. She’s very ignorant and extremely annoying. I despise people like that

  2. It’s okay her bi boi friend will just call up his lovely goons to fight her problems.
    Or drake lmao!!!!!

    • I think Jhonni is the new Chrissy if all this is true which will only make this season worth watching. Screw that cunt Erica who doesn’t take care of her son.

  3. Erica wit all that mouth Scarrrd? Naw no way wit all the shit she stay talk’en can’t be, blaze say when she catch you she beat’en that ass on sight LOL! Dam I hope she catch that ass LOL! I would love to see that LOL! I might even pay for it LOL

  4. Erica should be scared because at the last love n hip hop reunion that stripper Nia almost knocked Erica out. She’s probably scared Jhonni Blaze will do the same. Nobody is going to put up with Erica ratchetness.

  5. I read that Erica was being aired out for having all these abortions and using drugs. Let alone doesnt acknowlege her son. Jhonni had a miscarriage on stage and I dont think she knew what was going on with her body. Erica is just mad that her 15 minutes is up.

  6. Erica Is Getting Her Just Deserts, She Cussed Out Peter Gunz And That Dyke Stripper Nia, Now She Running Scared?

    Erica Thinks She Better Than Her Cast Members Because She’s Engaged To Her Pet Rock Bow Wow.

    Erica Needs To Remember Where She Came From!!

  7. Yes Erica better remember where she came from the gutter! She has no class and her mouth should be stapled shut.

  8. Erica Will Cheat On Bow Wow, He’s A Damn Fool, He’s A Soft Nicca

    Erica Is Using Him, She Will Go Back To Bytch Holla’s Again Like She Did To Cyn Santana

  9. So, this article is basically about one whore calling another whore a whore. Okay.
    I got it now.

      • I wonder if Erica and Remy were messing around. I read somewhere that Erica was a ran through chick at terror squad

      • DR1,

        Ohhh weee…
        Let me shut my mouth, my doors & all my windows. I actually may be in big trouble.
        Girl, I FORGOT her dude has “goons that he sends out to kill people like ME who call his girl a whore!”

        Damn IT! Me & my big mouth…smdh!

        • Naw Reg U straight. U forgot “who I am”? You remembered how I told y’all last year about me and the old man and his best friend? U straight..

  10. Johnni is afraid of some chick named Alana Kush and Was run up out of Atlanta Georgia she was terrified to come out the airport she even got Airport police man to protect her when Alana was going to come and beat her down where she stood check her twitter

  11. So Jhonniis thuggin on LHHNY and Hoing with Vlad as executive producer. She’ll be used up and worn out before 2015. Poor lost little girls.

  12. Word is that Jhonni is a mental case that blacks out! She crushes on guys and then spazzes out when they deny being involved with her. She wants to be loved AND famous sooo badly that she’s willing to do any/everything. Let’s not even mention her CONFIRMED porn run…I wouldn’t want this beast around me either! Sheesh…

  13. I wonder if the delusional stripper can spell better than the delusional reality ho??

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