Riff Raff Boycotts HOT 97 Over Ebro Darden’s Herpes Breakout!

Ebro Hot97 Herpes Outbreak

HSK Exclusive – If Riff Raff had his way, dude would probably direct the CDC to decontaminate HOT 97. Know why? Word from the streets has it that the NYC radio station’s longtime programming director, Ebro Darden suffers “a serious case of herpes!”

Dig the Drop:

“Riff Raff said he’ll never go back to Hot 97 for an interview. He’s scared, and he believes that if his lips touch any of their mics, he’ll catch Ebro’s herpes.”

Riff Raff vs. Hot97 Herpes


  1. Stop it Rigged Raff! Weren’t you competing for Tiffany “I Love New York” Pollard to be your wo-man? I’m sure you’ve seen a whole lot of that plus more around the lips. Hahaha

        • He was never on I love New York. He did 2 episodes on Gs To Gents before getting kicked off. This fool then decided to tattoo MTV on his neck because it was his first time on TV and he wanted to forever remind people that.

  2. Wow that was kinda of funny can’t front Ebro talks a lot of trash can’t wait to hear his rant Lmho !!!! Get it ??

  3. Wow I dont blame Riff Raff for exposing Ebro. I remember Wendy Williams airing out a former colleague who has the monster years ago on her radio station. He was eventually fired but still does radio. Can anybody guess who this person is. I figured it out.

  4. Anon 5:24 I remember Wendy saying that too and someone needs to disinfect those mics. My gu

  5. My guess was funk master flex because Wendy used to expose their down low activity. A transvestite used to call Wendy about flex.

  6. Its Bugsy! He used to work at Hot 97 for years then was fired. He was then hired at Kiss fm and now that station is no more in NY but I think he might be at WBlS where Wendy was at.

  7. Pretty gross.
    I’m no MC, but how close do you need to be to the mic?
    Who’s licking the mic?

  8. Ive seen djs and rappers with the mics close to their mouths. People spit, sneeze, and cough into them and thats definetly a health hazard. Im sure Wendy is happy she doesnt do radio no more..

  9. Yuck. Sounds like its no better than a public pay phone.

    So why can’t Riff just stay back from the mic? Can’t anyone wipe it off with an alcohol pad?

    • That’s what i was thinking, they should carry clorox wipes and lysol with them.

      • And the next radio station will be any better?

        Who knows what they got?
        His reasoning is flawed because it aims at a specific person and neglects the reality that all mics are probably infected.

        Guess that’s why Oprah always had her own mic..

  10. Like Riff Raff is even anyone in the first place to be boycotting anything. Puhleeze. This blog stays promoting the small time yts nobody’s ever heard of. Next!

  11. I dont blame Angie Martinez for leaving hot97. Unfortunately she’s at power105 which has gay ass Charlemagne whose now bleaching his skin.

  12. Does that fool have a BET and Bart Simpson Tattoo? He needs to think about those choices and not some other man’s herpes breakout.

  13. It’s the price you pay for being promiscous, yet pop culture is still adament about it being ok for men to be whores and serenading a harem of women, they especially market this lifestyle to black men. Yet white men marry their women, build families, and consequently suffer less from STDs.

  14. Riff Raff Is White Trailer Trash, This Wigga Wears A f*cking Du-rag, What Does A White Man Need A Du-rag For??

    The Last Time I Checked, Only Nicca’s Rock Them, And Black Women With Short Hair

  15. K Michelle Was Fucking Ebro At One Point, She Dumped Him Because He’s Girl Was Expecting A Baby

    Ebro Done Fucked The Relationship Up

  16. I think its dj clue because he’s on the low and nobody seems to talk about him anymore. I never hear him with a woman. Oh and lets not forget about the tall skinny dude Ed Lover.

  17. Some promiscuous woman phucked Ebro’s corny ass? I am more shocked at that than the simplex.

  18. If you guys did your research, you’d know that his co-host Rosenberg and Laura Styles showed the picture on air and he posted it himself on Instagram. They said it’s an ingrown hair and If you’ve had one you know it is by the whitish center on his lip.

    • An in grown hair will make your whole lip swell really??? Never heard that B.S. before.

  19. If you guys did your research, you’d know that his co-host Rosenberg and Laura Styles showed the picture on air and he posted it himself on Instagram. They said it’s an ingrown hair and If you’ve had one you know it is by the whitish center on his lip.

  20. Ebro suck too much dick and eat p*ssy. I think him and funky flex got a bromance going on. Ooh and by the way who is this chick who had his baby?

  21. ► 2:59
    Riff Raff Freestyles on #SwayInTheMorning – YouTube

    The funniest freestyle of all time. Classic line after line. When I have a down day, I hit the bong and watch this. Someone needs to tell him his a joke tho. He doesn’t realise it.

  22. Omg, when will you guys listen?!? BURGER has been talking about this FOREVER! Many comedians will not use a mic after others, and some BRING THEIR OWN MICS TO SHOWS!
    Do Rap battles work like that?

  23. I don’t blame him at all. Who wants that crap hanging out on their face?

  24. Okay, this is how you know there are certain things I just don’t keep up with in spite of where I work.

    So, is the wannabe black tatted up & corn roll wearing white boy the Riff Raff character in all this?

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