Cortez Bryant & Company Tattletale On Jas Prince!


Cortez Bryant claims Jas Prince forced him to sign a deal against his will.

That’s according to Bryant’s attorney, who says Jas Prince was “armed with a gun when he muscled his way into the Drake record deal.”

“Prince threatened to kill them if they didn’t sign the new agreement. My clients called, in fear for their lives. “

Check what Cortez’s camp is putting out there:

“Jas showed up with some documents for Cortez. It was a deal he drafted himself.

My client signed off on the Drake documents because Jas Prince chased him around a table with a gun and forced him to sign in agreement to the monies stated.

Cortez didn’t call the police because he feared for his life and he just signed the document.”


    • Really. You’re gonna have to shoot me. I’ve been at gunpoint 3 times in my life. I ain’t scared of a gun… now gunfire … I would be scared of gunfire…

      Might have to pistol whip me or something. . Don’t pull it out if you ain’t gonna use it.. that’s my rule. Don’t think threatening me with it is gonna make me move.

      Ugh I hate fake thugs! Sorry I’m getting upset. This stuff kills me. Its p*ssy stuff..

  1. Sooo too scared to snitch when it counts but…… Not when it’s convenient so it looks like you can’t spell gangster without gay,ngster ! Get it lmao

  2. I read that Jas Prince ex girlfriend tried to barge in Lil Wayne’s daughter birthday party over the weekend and was dragged out.

  3. He’s The Same Nicca, Who Got Dumped By Christian Millian
    Because She Was Fucking Around With Lil Wendy

  4. Sorry but a real man would have laughed in dudes face and told him to gfoh and punched him off gp not run around with his panties in his hand.

    Waving a gun around makes you a certified crazy person. Doesn’t make you look tough. Makes you look like a nut.

    And this fool fell for it.

  5. j prince was the real deal back in the 80’s so all jas has to do is call his dad.

    think jas has his own record label.

  6. Why does Drake always have his lips puckered in all his pics?

    • You noticed also? Yeah he makes more duck faces than those average looking half naked IG models with their poses and filters. Kinda like the artist Mila J. Chick can’t keep a straight face.

  7. Jas Prince sued Cash Money for stealing Drake and LilWayne in turn stole his chick Christina Milian away from him than taunted him on”Tina Turn up Needs a Tuneup”.

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