Mally Mall: Las Vegas Home Raided by FBI

Mally Mall FBI Raid

Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles personality, Mally Mall’s, Las Vegas home is currently being raided by the FBI.

Here is the latest:

“Allegedly, Carmen Electra’s ex BF, and current pimp, is a target in an ongoing criminal investigation. The FBI was not specific regarding the charges, however, they did enter the property pursuant to a court issued search warrant. 

The FBI carried out the raid in Las Vegas, while Mally is in Los Angeles filming his part in the latest installement or Mona Scott-Young’s latest incarnation of Love & Hip Hop.

The rapper/producer/pimp works with some big names in entertainment, including; Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tyga and Drake.”

Mally Mall FBI Investigation


    • @BOSSK3 my sentiments exactly! I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to see that this man is a creep!! and he runs around with wild damn near extinct animals…who di hell does that? You see what happened to Steve Irwin f*cking around with wild kingdom..

      • Thank you Candi Gyal. I think people who keep exotic wild animals as pets should be removed from their habitats and placed in the jungle as an exchange.

        F*ck this idiot. I hope he goes down with hard time.

      • Hey Candi, reminds me of that show on Animal Planet called ‘Fatal Attractions’ where people kept wild animals for home pets, i.e., alligators, 400 pound Bangle Tigers, Bulls, Deadly Snakes, 6 ft. Komodo Dragons, Elephants, Chimpanzees, Rhinos, with tragic results.

        • Smh. I hope he’s not using those animals 4 sex rituals. smh. I heard rumours about the industry

  1. damn justin looks like he’d just been dick down by those men in picture. he’s hair looks like a cheap wig

    • Raw “N” Fresh hell yea ms justin been dick down by all those big dicks lmao hell he looks like a cheap lay

      • @Anonymous

        justine looks like he’s been gang banged!!!! he looks tired see when white boys wanna look cool and tough they can’t hack it

        • Its a shame cuz Justin actually do hve talent and most of those ninjas are eating off of his talent

          No pun intended

          • Justin Bieber sans autotune sounds like Mally Mals exotic cat with its tail jammed in the car door. Lookup the clip where he is in the recording booth working with Migos. Horrible!

            • Justin Beiber plays over 5 instruments, self-taught since a young child …music industry just likes to dumb him down to a basic pop act, like they’re doing with Ariana Grande..

          • Until I start seeing producers credits and no autotune or pre-recorded tracks during concerts, he will continue to me mediocre. Just about everyone in church/choir can carry a tune or play an instrument(me included) with no formal training, doesnt make them a performer. He’s gotten by so far because he is androgynously adorable. Looks like a pretty dike. 🙂

  2. j Bieb does look like he’s been dug out or either high as a kite or MK’ed take ur pick.

  3. CELEBRITY = ESCORT & PROSTITUTES !!!!! (Janet Jackson Rhanna Jlo and Mariah Carey INCLUDED!!!) Google Search : Porn Wikileaks – Sad but True. Anything For Money = Anything For $ $ $

  4. I bet ole “Exploit ’em” Mona Scott-Young is on the scene with a telescopic lens drooling and yelling about how this “police visit” scene is better than Scrappy and Stevie J’s combined.

  5. mally mall looks like a hybrid he’s real name is jamal (isn’t that a African name) he do’t look black

  6. lmfao thats good for him. Mona should fire his fruity ass

  7. That nigga looks weird
    Like he is in all types of things
    But looks can be deceiving and maybe he’s not

    • What is wrong with you control freaks who want to dominate and cage exotic animals. They deserve their freedom, and not to be in a cage for your own amusement, and a side show for others to see. I saw a lion in the zoo when I was a child, and I will never forget the look on her face. She looked devastated, depressed and hopeless, laying on a bench, after she paced back and forth in her cage. It’s like she felt trapped, and knew her life was over. I could feel that lion’s agony, and I despise those without soul’s who have no empathy, and who care nothing about enslaving these magnificent creatures who have a God given right to be free.

      • All animals were bred and domesticated at one point even poodles. I prefer reptiles but that serval cat is cute. I would I would use it to frighten neighborhood children 🙂

  8. All you black guys who love Carmen Electra, yes she is a hoe! As a mmatter of fact, all of those Baywatch bitches were hoes!

  9. Ladies, FYI, actresses who are out of work resort to prostitution. If you don’t believe me, ask Traci Bingham!

  10. Wait until the Feds trace all this supposed money Tyga has via his music, clothing line & Last Kings Store that’s only actually open 4 days a week but advertises it’s open 7.

    Just wait…it’s coming!


  12. Is Mona really just an undercover-op for the “HIP-HOP task force?
    Is it possible she was in trouble with the Feds in the past and now works as “snitch and bait”?

    Every black/brown moneyed person that comes around her suffers a legal and financial downfall…

    BTW, Jacky where’s your post on the Kris and Bruce Jenner being audited by the IRS… apparently the church they own is about to be investigated as well??

  13. I guess that’s why his new girlfriend is the daughter of a strip club owner. I see now

  14. Justin looks like a wanna be nigga! I’m surprised that the brothers are misting with him after Justin made that black joke.

  15. I also heard that is y 50cent was mad with his babymama Daphene Joy was because of her affiliations with Mally Mall

  16. He’s of Arab descent. His girlfriend is Arab as well. Those type people are Quick to sell black men/women that are willing & not willing. This guy is a piece of Shit, literally. Him and is split breast bitch are deep into kidnapping and forcing men and women, as well as young girls into prostitution. The 85 packs of remi bitchs family is all over and so deep in the sex industry, it isn’t funny. I hope the Feds find all they need and send this trash and his towel head bitch to prison without the possibility of parole. These devils have ruined so many lives. Read between the lines people. This dude and his madam are no good and non kosher….

  17. Innocent until proven guilty. Anyone remember that on this thread? I didn’t think so. If you are all upset because he has – legally permitted – wild animals, then go after the government that allows it! If he is just an owner at an escort agency – in Vegas, where it’s legal – then fall back. If he’s dealing in unlicensed or underage women, then that fool will get what’s coming. If he didn’t do that, then no one will remember it at all, except that the bad boy is a bad boy. It’ll just up his reputation, if he shakes this off.

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