Porsha Williams Mother Pimps Her Daughters Out For Cash & Gifts


HSK Exclusive – Diane Williams arranged for both of her daughters Porsha and Lauren Williams to fly over to Nigeria to be courtesans for billionaire, Bashorun Jide Omokore.

In March, the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Williams and her sister Lauren both flew out to London, England. Know why? Because Porsha Williams and her sister Lauren were sent on a U.K. shopping spree, paid for by their trick, Bashorun Jide Omokore, before the sisters caught a flight to Nigeria. Don’t believe me.. Ask Bashorun Jide Omokore’s wife Angella Ebagua.

An insider is saying Bashorum Jide Omokore is unable to achieve an erection so Porsha Williams and her sister Lauren both service the Nigerian billionaire with fellatio in exchange for gifts and money.

The insider went on to say the Nigerian billionaire wired 500K to Porsha so the RHOA cast member could buy a Rolls Royce only to show off to her RHOA co-stars.

Here’s what Angella Ebagua had to say:

“Porsha had to cancel her 10K speaking engagement over here in Nigeria. She knows if she comes over here I’ll kick her ass.”

Is Porsha Williams mother Diane striving hard to be the next Kris Jenner? Of course. Don’t believe me? Ask Kordell Stewart.


  1. Some people will do anything for money and to remain famous. Didn’t Kenya Moore try this same thing. Kenya was then exposed by the man wife. I love my black men and even African men sometimes but most of those men from Africa are already married but still would wife an American woman in a minute.

    • Well Porsha and he sister are both grown and Porsha is already in the entertainment industry so i c no harm
      *shrug shoulders*

      • LOL at you for seeing “no harm” in prostitution, infidelity, incest (if both sisters are orally tag teaming that blue lipped old corpse). Or a mother pimping out her child. Smdh, me.people are DESTROYED for lack of standards. Damn.

    • Why are you so invested? Some African men can have as many wives as they can pay for. It is not uncommon to have more than one wife.

        • Wifing. And if it was all culturallly acceptable, the wife would not be looking to kick her ass.

    • A WIFE??? r u kidding me. africans have a tribe of women they called wives, that they do nothing for except f8ck. why do u think their kids always on tv begging for americans to feed them?

      if porsha is doing this she is going to end up with a big dose of AIDS or Ebola.

      But I dont know why he’d send for them when he has a whole african continent of whores to use. And africans see nothing wrong with young girls servicing men.

      • Really, you sound ignorant. To call a whole continent of women whores and then to say she gonna catch AIDS or Ebola. Let me crown you todays POS.

    • Bitch WTF are you even talking about? Kenya wasn’t dating that guy. Some dummy, like you, snatched a name out of a hat and said “THIS is Kenya’s Nigerian prince!”, and dummies like you ran with it. There are also blogs that said the SAME GUY was f*ckin with Porhsa. So please STFU dum dum.


    • I believe that the Williams sisters’ mother may have a lot in common with Pimp Mama Kris. But unlike PMK, she has allowed herself to get fat. One sign of an older woman who used to live off her looks is that she refuses to believe when it’s over. Why else would Mama Dianne allow her huge arms to be exposed? I hope she hasn’t been a part of this African pimping out scheme, if it’s true. Black women should have more respect for themselves and their children. BTW, do Porsha and Lauren have the same father?

    • Porsha better offer up sacrifice to stay relevant. Maybe throw in a wishbone or too.


    • when you are Porsha kinda dumb you have to find her a rich man ..how else is she to survive lol

    • Woooo, ya’ll had me cracking up! I don’t know why but I just got a visual of her mama shaking up a bag of bones like dice and tossin um. Weird,lolz.

  3. Are the Williams related to the Kardashians?
    Do they work togerther?
    Do the Kardadhians compete against The Williams?

    Just asking LOL

    • They may laugh at Kim and call her a hoe but Mama Kardashian is going to make sure if she hoing, she’s gonna be a well paid hoe, lol!

  4. Fellatio doesn’t seem so bad.I mean, at lest she isn’t having to phuck his wrinkly old man peen. It probably doesn’t even take very long either.

    • You have a point, still gross though. On another positive note at least Mr. Omokore is circulating black dollars. Most rich black American males would rather trick on other spectrums. Keep black money in black hands. The Williams family practices susu economics. One small step towards nation building 😉

      • Positive? One small step towards nation building? Aint shit positive about a mother pimping her daughters out, and two stupid whores aren’t “building” a damn thing. Especially not a “nation”…LOL you’ve got to be as dumb as Porsha for typing this bullshit

    • Fellatio doesn’t seem so bad!? When performing it on an old nasty decrepit old (African) man whose dick doesn’t get hard, and who more than likely has bladder issues….YES, it is “THAT” bad…..Just thinking about the ancient smegma encrusted around his dick head makes me want to vomit. A lot of foreigners (including African’s) have hygiene issues, musty & stank for no damn reason!

  5. He made the vow to his wife not Porsha and Co. Men are the worst. The wife is pretty, hope he is keeping her well enough to put up with his philandering with whores.

        • No the f*ck she isn’t….She’s is right thought…..Well lets say, shes probably the “prettiest” of there in Nigeria. I haven’t seen ONE attractive Nigerian EVER. That goes for men & women both. Just look at the husband. LMAO! That nigga ugly as f*ck. Lookin like a Purple beaked Nigerian snapper turtle with out it’s shell.

  6. She can’t take none of that to heaven…if she go. Even the devil don’t want that me in hell. Kordell was right about them chicken heads.

  7. Damn, Porsha can’t catch a break from the blogs! When you’re ’bout that life, you have to turn tricks sometimes. I would just advise them to keep being classy ho’s instead of being messy ho’s because the messy ones are the worst ones. Also I would advise her to keep a bottle of listerine mouth wash.

    • It’s called an oxyMORON….get it? Smh at some of these people’s commentary like this inter generational ass selling conglomerate is somehow cute.

  8. Wow, she got those bought those new tits and completed her Thot makeover. These women aint shit allowing these men to degrade them for material things.

  9. These what U called assbackwards hoes! I’ll get me a damn house, 2 vehicles wnd and bank the rest. Not to mention, take not one but two life insurance policies on dude,

  10. so that’s the going rate for head in africa . you take the fake hair off those hoes and all you got is regular ol hoodrats

  11. Well damn and all this time I thought getting an education and working hard would get me the finer things in life. When all I needed was a lace front wig, butt implants and a smile so white that it looks like I took a chip off the tub in put it in my mouth.

    Wow, hoes stay winning…. If I ever decide to cross over I’m gonna take your advice DaRadiant1.

    • You would be suprized at how many escorts and people in the sex industry have degrees, they say that even with a degree it takes a woman 5 years longer than a man to pay off thier house, in the sex industry it takes them 2 to 3 years, im not condoning but this is the reality

      • I wish I was in physical shape to become a part time high paid escort
        Im not going to even front
        Its gotta be a step up from some of the losers I have dated
        Good brothers are scarce now in days

        • You dont have to be in shape as long as you look completely different from thier wife

          • Im curious. How does one join? Do you set a price for services a l carte or is it lump sum with anything goes? Is it like a contract? My interest has nothing to do with the Louis Vuitton Spring Collection 2015 Parisian premiere in a few hours 😉

        • Yeah I’ve heard several prostitute interviews where they’ve said “The clients I see are treat me better than any guy I’ve dated before I started escorting”, and always talk about the gifts & diamonds jewelry, & cars they have gotten from them…So yeah they would agree with you

    • @Black Enga, I told yall on three different post these misstresses, girlfriends , and side goes are taking over! A married woman don’t have a standing chance unless she do something about it. But it goes back to how that married woman got that man and got herself in that predicament. Can’t knock Porsha and Lauren. That wife had to do the same thing herself. Women have to put some kind of game on a man in order for her to get where they are. Then want to cast stones because they now know how it feels once its being done to them.

      • If this isnt truth. I get approached by as many married ones as single ones to the point I question marriage.

        • I agree with you 18:06. I married very well. That there are no marriage minded men left is a myth . But I do tell my single ladies what you told NI, go for it and don’t wait long. And here’s a tip….I learned a lot watching my white girlfriends. I ntoiced by my mid twenties they were getting enaged and married and my friends of color really weren’t. The only difference I could see? The white girls all not only wanted marriage but expected it and were very up front about it. So…don’t waste time trying to change a mans mind. Find out early if he sees himself as husband/ father material.

          • I’ve observed that also. They generally have better suitors and marriage minded men. I noticed it first during an internship when a WM peer asked me and a coworker (BW) advice on ring buying. He wanted to wait until after undergrad when he secured a position but was fishing ideas around for his then girlfriend now wife. My coworker an I were amazed that someone so young man had marriage as a goal. Same pattern with the mid-late twenty somethings of other races in our office. It seems they are programmed to create families, even Hispanics. A lot of american BW that I know either came off their birth control(unknown to the man), married later(mid -late 30s), or tried to change a man’s mind as you mentioned for the Mrs title. Those American BW who “did things in order” married BM from other countries, in the military, or other races.

      • Lolz, I know right that’s why I got out tha game. No need to make some mother, sister, niece or grandmother have to put on a black dress cuz I got in my feelings.

        I love them from a far, love everything about the Black male form, you know that muscle where their hips meet their waist…….never mind. I just watch and admire as I go about my day.

        I will eventually jump back in the saddle but the competition is fierce out here!

        • I guess I went to far before because my comment is in moderation, oh well better calm my ass down……. now where is my blood pressure medicine?

    • I’m one of them old skools that can’t accept it’s over. And all I got out of f*ckin them niggas is a really nice house. So right on to them hoes that’s collecting!!!

  12. Porsha wants to lead that glamourous life,so she will sell that p*ssy and mouth for big dollars. I just hope she saves some money. Kordell left her with nothing, so bitch needs to trick to pay cash for her home and black card.

    • I dont see nothing wrong with it
      She is grown and have no kids
      But 1 question, why she gotta be a bitch?

      (no pun intended, just curious why she have to be a bitch and y folks are angry for her doing her)

  13. Diane IS NOT the Mother of Lauren. Porsha and Lauren have the same Father, different Mother

  14. HSK

    II dare this mind control experiment you call -a blog to print something positive about black people.

  15. Porsh was ho’in when she married Kordell.. this is nothing new. Who marries a man and your name is not on the house. dumb ho

  16. Hoes know more about these womens men then thier wives do, and thier men would rather be in thier company and give them all thier money while the woman gets to keep her independence, these escorts are smarter than regular females because they dont have the veil of ignorance over thier eyes its a FACT men like different p*ssy its how they are biologically wired, just like you wouldnt eat steak and potatoes every night they dont like to fucc the same pucci its boring, the truth hurts

    • I think women may like to experience varieties too, but if they do society labels them whores. I don’ necessarily think it’s how you’re bilogically wired, I think it’s how we’re programmed to believe what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. There’s a lot of women that get bord with the same di$k too, but if they say something, they’re sluts, ungreatful, thots, etc.

      • Our Society programs us from birth…tells us what’s acceptable, what is not…and we grow up believing all of these untruths. Infidelity is infidelity and it hurts no matter whose doing it to who…it doesn’t hurt any less because a man did it and I am supposed to understand that that’s man’s perogative. I’m always on the sid of fairness…don’t do onto others as you do not want done to you.

    • Half of the bitches that get mad are mad because either you giving it up for free and not getting anything in return not even a relationship, and the other half think thier men are faithful but dont know hes at chocolate sugars house on his lunch break gettin it in, they even have phone apps that men can download to hide seceret pics and texts and emails….the sexual instinct is to strong thats why prostitution is the oldest proffession in history and always will be

      • @JB, LOL…I agree with you to a certain extent, especially about prostitution being the oldest profession (as well as the most successful one). But I feel that our perception of what is right for a woman to feel and want is looked down upon, and what a man feels and wants is applauded. I think it sucks either way, if you’re in love and you get cheated on…it just sucks

        • And half the dudes that cheat left and right and go to Magic City, HATE it when their woman steps out on them even ONCE. She gets called this ho and that ho…and it’s basically cuz homie is hurt that she wanted another becho. LOL…works both ways.

  17. I am no proponent of whoredom,but Porsha needs to take every penny from this filthy,disgusting Hamite.

  18. Tb i agree 100% women some women get bored too, and they are afraid of the social stigmas associated with exploring thier sexuality

    • Absolutely. They don’t exercise their right to go after what they want because there are a lot of “powers that be” that label that type of freedom and free thinking a “no, no”. So sometimes these wives stay in a thankless marriage and don’t pursue someone else because they’re told it’s not ladylike or real women stand by their man no matter what. Uh…NAH. LOL

    • Then get that shit out your system before you take vows. Simple. Stop trying to complicate shit. If you step out male/female you a ho!

  19. damn porsha getting dick down by some old age pensioner…… better take them birth control pills porsha cos you might get knocked up!!
    because couldn’t even look after her niece let alone herself

  20. So this is what these tv whores are tryin’ to push to young girls — whoredom?

    Yeah, go to Africa please — and let EBOLA do its thang on all them hoes and johns!

    • I dont know which place is the worse
      Dubai or Africa
      Some men are pigs when it comes to hoing
      The reason most men are attracted to hoes are because they are whores themselves
      Then they have the audacity to want to settle with a good woman at the end of their whoring
      smh. No good bastards

      • They settle with good women since these women have been programmed by dogma and society to stand by their man no matter what. Just because he cheats doesnt mean he doesnt love you blah blah. Some women’s life ambition is to be a Mrs. Its kinda sad. I wonder what society would be like if women behaved like men and more wives had outside families/children and extramarital affairs. Didnt realize how much crap women put up with until I talked to some who celebrated 35+ anniversaries.

        • wouldn’t you like to know? You seem very bitter and bitchy… who has hurt you in the past? You hoes (not respectful women) act like female are angels – as if he didn’t have to put up with her bullshit within the 35 year marriage. Women are some of the most petty, shallow, conniving, deceitful, envious, jealous creatures known to man. As men (well I’ll speak for myself) we don’t sit around and complain about your short comings because we accept women as mere mortals – human beings who are flawed and sometimes clueless.

          • Wanting women not to be mistreated/abused by their mates and society’s apathetic treatment towards men’s infidelities doesn’t make me bitter. Next time counter with a valid argument instead of personal attacks and generalization of females, from a respectable one. Quit projecting. A hit dog will holler 🙂

          • I got something for dat ass, how you gone come? I was born with a split, you better realize Negro that the only reason you got balls is because your mothers genes told yours to close that split up, drop your ovaries so you could sprout a few.

            Ummo let that shit marinate and I’ll be your huckle berry while you lift up your piece and explain what that line from ya nuts to ya asshole is from. FOH!

            Know thyself!

            • Huh Bruh? What you say? Male bashing, you started it with yo dumb ass.

              Get a grip fool, I’ll be your hoe today but you’ll be somebody’s bitch tomorrow.

      • And women don’t whore and do the same? Women can/will out whore men because vagina is more in demand…. FOH lesbian feminists.

  21. I am what my ex would call a renegade hoe. I don’t take orders very well, you aint getting no keys to nothing, don’t even ask where I’m going or when I will be back. If I ask you to do or fix something and you don’t, I’ll do it myself whether it’s changing a light bulb or putting brake pads on my car. I didn’t want to be a man but I was forced to act like one. Check out Takime tirbeman/tribeswoman of Enga. The shit is real, and she is my idol.

    I, like a lot of females, believed the Cinderella story and saved myself for prince charming and what did he do? Took my precious jewel and moved on to the next one. I wasn’t always this way and some might call me bitter but I love my Black brothers I just don’t trust them is all. I’m working on that part. You want to get with me, you got some serious proving to do Bru, if not, by all means, THOT yo mutha f*ckning brains out. I aint mad at cha, get yern cuz um gone get mine.

    I rest on the fact that all these men out here playing will eventually meet that thot like no other thot, the one that makes their toes curl up and puts they ass to sleep for a change, breaks their hearts as well as their bank accounts, have them crying to they moma talking bout how she did you wrong.

    And I’ll be that Black bitch laughing in your face saying “this shit’s chess, it aint checkers!” in my best Denzel voice Haa haa!

    • damn its some bitter hoes on here… putting the p*ssy on the pedestal type hoes. I hope you’re like 21 and haven’t realized – news flash – it won’t matter who you date/marry or what race they are – you WILL have struggle and problems in the relationship – they WILL do shit to irk your nerves… they will NEVER be perfect…

      divorce is common place but the couples who stay married made their minds up to love and stay together NO MATTER WHAT.

      I’m aware hoes today aren’t loyal – aren’t built like that because they’re bitter, selfish and spoiled human beings… they want everything served to them on a silver platter. Reality will hit and sink in though.

      • Bitter maybe, cherishing my body and not tossing it up to anything with a dick, yeah,and I serve myself on a silver platter, no need to wait on someone else to do it. Shit, I love me some me, you should try it sometimes it’s a great concept.

        But nah, yo bitter ass has a misogynistic f*cked up view of females in general. I never said I hated men like you seem to hate women, I said that if you cant act like one I will take that role upon myself.

        You wouldn’t know how to deal with a female like me, I’m to strong for yah punk ass mo fo, might get yo nuts handed to you. You heard me bruh, huh?

        I’ll be your huckle berry in my best Val Kilmer voice, lolz. Bring it…….Now go sit your young ass down somewhere before I take my belt off. You don’t deserve a loyal hoe.

        • “I love me some me” haha that’s why your ass will continue to be by yourself. No man is an island – we are here on Earth to engage/interact/co-mingle with the people around us… let go of your ego you ain’t all that.

          Oh I respect women – my mother, grandmother, sisters, fiancee, nieces, aunts – you know – no mam yes mam – holding doors you know that chivalrous southern hospitality thing… I just don’t respect loud mouth ignorant hoes lmao…

          All women in my circle play their part because they know respect is earned, given and is mutual. You holier than thou walking contradiction type hoes don’t get my respect though (and I don’t care what skin tone you are — you can be a color the rainbow skittles type of ho – it doesn’t matter a hoe is a hoe). Because you do not respect men and you think women or you are somehow better than men (which you/they are not).

          After observing how you speak “You wouldn’t know how to deal with a female like me, I’m to strong for yah punk ass mo fo, might get yo nuts handed to you. You heard me bruh, huh?” Now I understand why you don’t get any play from a stand up guy. Step your game up to womanhood enough to know the difference between thuggery and womanly.

          • All women in my circle play their part because they know respect is earned, given and is mutual. You holier than thou walking contradiction type hoes don’t get my respect though (and I don’t care what skin tone you are — you can be a color the rainbow skittles type of ho – it doesn’t matter a hoe is a hoe). Because you do not respect men and you think women or you are somehow better than men (which you/they are not).

            And you will get none from me but hey, you are the one posting on an article about so called ignorant hoes like your self righteous ass is above them. Where did you get all those generalizations and terminologies for how some women are built? Bitter much? Sounds like a hoe really did your ass in son because you seem to know a lot about them.

            I noticed you didn’t say wife cuz your f*cked up standards wont allow you to have one. So spare me all the bs about loving someone, and staying together NO MATTER WHAT. You sound like women owe you something for being a male and they should put up with your chauvinistic ass no matter what. Your fiance better run. I have had husbands notice that the word is plural. I made a choice to be alone not because I have to be alone there is a difference. And after having this f*cked up discussion with you, it seems like I made the right decision. There are not enough quality men out here and you are living proof with your one sided, flawed way of thinking.

            I don’t think men are better than women, I think that they are equal.

            And I don’t owe you shit because you were born a male, f*ck yo talking bout son? Get a wife, have some kids, and get a clue. Maybe then we can play on and even field but with your attitude and perception of women, it doesn’t seem likely so good luck with that.

            • No I didn’t say wife I said fiancee – you know the proposal is BEFORE the wedding/marriage duuuhhhhh… you aught to know with 2+ husbands under your belt which is an awful track record. I’m sure you’ve heard the “baby its me, not you” speech just to spare your feelings smh

            • One died, still really good friends with the other. We were young and we both made mistakes. it’s all good.

              Like I said, good luck with that.


  23. paid courtesans are expected to provide sex acts upon and after receiving payment.

  24. My HSK Family,

    I’m going to say say this one more time…

    This is NOTHING in comparison to the f*ckery, lies & omissions soon to be witnessed by those who view the Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah:The Princess of R&B on November 30, 2014.

    Without discussing the supposed talent they chose for this film it’s been said that the trailer’s soundtrack is Iggy Azalea’s “Goddess.” (YES, your read that right.)

    So,they made a movie about a black artist with music by a white artist who’s been accused of appropriating black culture…REALLY?

    Wendy Williams should kick herself in her own ass.

  25. Why do individuals feel the need to tear down the RHOA women. All of these women are adults and can do whatever they want, providing they are not breaking the laws of the land. Lots of women down cry the actions of these women, without even knowing whether what is being said is true. Dont we all know that the media lies a lot just to get ratings. Incidentally, why are women so quick to rip other women to bits when they themselves are most times doing the same thing, if not worse. One can hear the envy in some of these comments. What……is it because the RHOA women are able to get more for what ‘they may’ be doing sexually than the average ‘hoe’. Some of you just need to shut your asses up, behaving as if you are morally correct…..when the fact is, most of you are no paragon of virtue. You all are just being paid less for more bumping and grinding.

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