Rich Homie Quan’s Father Shot 4 Times

Rich Homie Quan Father Shot

Corey Lamar, father of Dequantes Lamar, who is known as rapper Rich Homie Quan has been shot multiple times.

Corey Lamar’s Barbershop, on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, was the place where a feud between Quan and other rappers led to Corey Lamar being shot four times inside his barbershop. Atlanta police say the gunman came in the shop and opened fire.

Here’s what an eyewitness said:

“I heard about three gunshots, and so I saw the guy come out. I saw the gunman and chased after him, but he got away. He got in a black car, and that’s all I know from there.”

One barber said he went to the back, and another barber said he left the shop. They say that’s when the gunman came in.

Workers at the shop told police someone shot up the shop about a month ago. Police talked to several people who believe the shooting is a result of Quan feuding with or disrespecting other rappers in songs.
Police wouldn’t comment on that and say their investigation continues. But in at least one interview, Quan repeatedly said he isn’t feuding with one rapper in question.

Corey Lamar is in stable condition.


  1. You took the words outta my mouth. Sacrifice time one barber left and the other went to the back how convenient. Smh at these so called celebs. Question who will be Beyonce sacrifice? Moms nephew Kelly Jay Blu Matthew or Solange

    • I’m going to take Matthew for $1000 please. He has been embarrassing the family with all these side babies.

    • Black folks? Stop all that bull. All races beef all races have violence. All that talk about black on black violence is a myth perpetuated by enemies of black folk. Who is killing people in Italy? Who is killing people in Ireland? Who is killing people in Mexico?

      • Until I continuously read about a piss poor hit job barber shop in the daytime by another ethnic group I will continue to say Black folk. Hopefully a scuffed brand new pair of tennis and or workboot wasnt involved. You mentioned black on black violence Im talking about this typical negro ish. If this involved someone dying from a meth explosion I would say White folk.

        • They don’t hear you tho. This is truly some bootleg nigga shit. What was the feud over? Make up and gloss?

          • Bootleg nigga shit? Please.That statement alone tells me your mind is white washed.

        • That’s the problem. It is a human issue but you choose to characterize it by race which perpetuates a negative black image. Do you catagorize positve accomplishments as black also?If not why?

          • N I is a racist. Read the comments it posts. Always black bashing. I just skip over its smart ass commentary usually because it gets my blood up

            • The hell they don’t. Better read up on how they wild out in China town over that “protection money”.

        • @smarter than you look, “until you continoulously read about piss poor hits in a barber shop u will continue to say black folk” How ignorant is that?Don’t you know 90% of what you read, watch and listen to comes from 5 major companies? So you think you are getting a fair view of all ethnic groups? U need to wake up ur just a product of accomplished programming.

            • Smarter: Evidently, the information contained in a book titled ‘Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern America’ applies to Quan and his father’s situation – not typical n-word ish that we know and love.

              Next time I read about a middle-aged adult penetrating children, I won’t assume the perp is White male nor mumble “White trash” when a mobile home spontaneously explodes(meth lab) – statistics, experience and media aside. All humans are flawed. I stand corrected and chant 100 Hail Marys and then go in peace. I hope that you too will see the light 😉


            • Being facetious. I agree with Smart. My original comment was genuine and true. ‘I pray for his dad (genuine). Black folks (true)’. Wish his dad well and the article was indeed about black folks and ironically n-word ish 🙂

  2. Sounds like an inside job. Only his dad got shot? Someone chased the shooter but he got away? Shooter may have gone to the back, to the left? Setup!!!!! Black people acting like monkey’s to the max! It’s enough money to spread out to all the rappers so who cares if he said she said in a song. That’s dumb and sissy like.

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  5. If all of these are so clearly sacrifices how come the police never agree? Surely the cops collectively gotta be smarter than the niggas on a blog right?

    • Check out Whitneys Houston sacrifice. Cmon son, do u really think they have no video footage like they said of that day even though they were in a famous hotel?

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    • Most cops are Masonic and down with the Broterhood
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      Its mostly only working class/star struck folks that are in denial of sacrifices
      Even foreigners from other countries are awoke and aware then afro americans.

      • Sleep now little one.. Grown folks talking. Don’t want you to get nightmares. Go back to sleep.

  7. 4 is the number that lets the elites know it was a planned hit….4 hours they left Michael Brown in the streets.

  8. If i was related to Corey Lamar, i would be in jail right now for whoopin’ his ass or bringing the grim reaper to his doorstep. Again, these dudes give animals a bad name. They kill based on hunger and fear. Pink Gangstas in Atlanta increasing the pile day by day. Almost killing a man because his son talked s**t about them on a mixtape. “Quan, hurt my feelings, boo hoo hoo.” Sticks and stones, Yeah Maaaaan!

  9. Anonymous @19:17 “Most cops are Masonic and down with the Broterhood”

    Could you please repeat that for all of the non believers who visit this website!

  10. This culture glorifies violence and morals & intelligence is ridiculed or perceived as “trying to be White”

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