Taylor Hall Smashed Rich Dollaz To Get On T.V.


HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop New York reality star, Rich Dollaz, was having threesomes with video model Taylor Hall. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jhonni Blaze.

An insider is saying video model, and one time Wiz Khalifa jump-off, Taylor Hall, lives with two roommates in a raggedy part of Atlanta, so when  Rich Dollaz came to town … Taylor would packed up and rushed over to stay at his crib.

Here’s the drop:

“Rich tired to cast Taylor on L&HHNY but Mona rejected her. Taylor didn’t have a personality that would capture a television audience.”



  1. WHO…? **sounds of crickets** Mona Scott Young is the damn devil, she an evil blood sucking, disgusting human being…yuck I feel dirty just tying about her…

  2. It is a damn shame how these dime pieces have to sleep around for cash, food and shelter. Ladies get an education and take care of yourself.

    • Shes not a dime. To me she looks like she smells, the weave is horrible and the spamx sweat pants with to tight unitard isnt sexy. Anyone can dip into their 401k and buy her body.

      • Shes a dIme alrIght. A dIme a dozen.

        Buy her body? She earned her body through numerous big macs and fries.

        Saggy small breasts and big legs. She doesn’t have ass she has hip and gut.. do some squats, sit ups and push ups.

        Id give her a solid 5. The cheap weave and cheap mismatched clothing dont help. And pls stop with the tattoos. It looks like dirt.

        Hey I’m no dime myself but then again I’m not claiming to be or trying to be a reality sex symbol either screwing C list rappers.

    • All dem jailhouse tattos she looks like anything but a lady….btw what is she smelling in that pic that smelly cheese that develops behind your ears?

  3. You hit it on the bulls-eye!!! What is going on ladies? Keep your pocketbook closed. Treat your kitty kat like you would your cash. Save it! That’s why men are quick to call women Bitches etc. Women act like they like it by calling themselves that. Dumb!

  4. Selling ass is cool.. have you heard “Or Nah?”..
    Better earn that money whore or Ima take it either way.

    You ain’t bout that money? GTFO!
    (Good luck getting out of that hotel room, btw, you still gonna get raped, because you saId no)…

    I feel bad for young women who have no direction and let these fools take away any hope that they ever will..

  5. A girl has got to pay her bills though, right. LMAO. She is taking her shot, can’t blame her. The industry is HELL on anyone that does not submit and comply. We know this!!!

  6. open legs spread with hot butter!!……rich dollar will make them holla (benzino looking mofo with no neck!!)

  7. damn these hoes sleeping around with broke azz nigga like rich dollar damn hoes hard up smdh lmao rich dollar

    • these hoes will sleep with anybody with a benji to spare. Nowadays trickin is a hobby and whoring is an opportunity to boost a career.

  8. At least Rich f*cking women. As far as the unknown….she just trying to be known.

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