Does Phaedra Parks Have An African Sugar Daddy Too?

Phaedra Parks African Sugar Daddy

HSK Exclusive – Porsha Williams is said to have introduced Phaedra Parks to a wealthy African sugar daddy, and when Phaedra’s husband Apollo found out he decided to pen a tell all book.

An insider is saying the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was cheating on her husband with her African sugar daddy.

Here’s the drop:

“Phaedra is currently working with Pastor T.D. Jakes but she’s committing adultery.

When Apollo took the wrap for their bank fraud schemes she turned on him and changed the locks on the house. That’s why Apollo freaked out before he went to jail.

She’s riding this Christian thing to death, but she’s really a witch.”


  1. no….really…? who didnt see this coming..? Fakedra has a client named reDICKulous, so uumm yeah, she’s a cheat

    • I woner if Phaedra would let me bust about 5 or 6 nuts on her hamster chin?? I mean I ain’t no African Blood Diamonder or nothing like that.

  2. She will have to answer on her judgment day. You can run but you can’t hide! She is getting her reward from the devil right here on earth and she knows better. Atleast I thought. I’m sure TD Jakes is hearing and seeing all this mess from Pheadra but he continues to support her? Hmmmmm TD….

    • Long as money stays green & the tithes & love offerings continue to flow in the form of it & Bentleys…you better believe he’ll continue to support her!

  3. You know what? I never liked Phaedra. It was something about her pompous attitude and i’s married woman attitude that annoyed me. The way she would come at Kenya about not being married as if she was better than Her annoyed me. I was laughing at Phaedra because of her skeleton bones falling out the closet and that clank sound that they made.
    She’s a fat frog looking bish!

      • Wow! a new level of low from 3 cackling fools. So I guess y’all pride yourselves on not looking African then? Aimless ‘Blacks’ still wandering around searching for that 5% Malaysian or Caucasian in your bloodline are you?

        But you do know that your long fake weaves don’t count as part of that? I suggest you look for the knuckle-dragging Neaderthal genes y’all rocking all too well!

        • @10_31 U r just mad because we look like the savior and you look like, well aliens. your skin is so pale and chalky it looks like it glows in the dark. U hateful hearted, vein face thin lipped spend all your money in the tanning salons or laying up in the sun soaking up cancer and burning up, no ass having jealous stringy haired insecure scrub!

          • @ u r so jealous. What part of what 10:31 said makes u think she/he is white. U are another level of stupid.

  4. Phaedra the Lawyer is so conniving and she’s very good at it too (Good @ being conniving, not being a Lawyer). Apollo is just dumb (Just plain dumb).

  5. Oh well….I guess Africa is to black reality stars what Dubai is to Russian sex workers lol.
    Um….did they mean that Phaedra is wiccan? Or just wicked???

  6. Phaedra is just a educated Thot..
    Just a hoodrat with a vocabulary
    She is all about the money

  7. I mean every one so hard on a hard working woman!
    Men do the shit every day.
    Apollo was no Angel.
    and I’m sorry to the loser group
    its never any fun when the Rabbit got the gun.
    So she has been a lady.
    She rarely lets us see her come out of the bag.
    Too me that is a Lady. And we nee to remember not to Judge others as we all fall short of the Glory.

  8. A heathen in the church, tempting the man of the hour… Pastor Jakes Watch Your Self! Hollywood is not worth all of this, Phaedra and her fellow jezebels will suck you dry like The Sahara… Please Believe! Deep in the heart of Texas is where you belong, not Rome 2.0!

  9. “its hard f*ckin with niggas you hope you can trust/ you a fool if your main chick is easy to f*ck/ and you got money? Is these hoes greedy or what?/ shit is devious, ex-friends wantin you stuck”

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