Keyshia Cole Arrested For Assaulting Birdman’s Side-Piece


Keyshia Cole to a break from her on-again-off-again reality TV filming schedule to spend some time in county jail. Early Friday morning Keyshia was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman who apparently was spending the night with her boo, YMCM’s, Birdman.

Here is the latest:

“Keyshia showed up at the Carlyle condos in West L.A. at around 5 AM and sources say, “security let her go up to Birdman’s penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts”.

Keyshia attacked her leaving scratches all over her face. Cops were called … and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.

She was just released on $46,000 bail.”



  1. Ghetto garbage all three of em. Police should have showed up with a big ass can of Raid, sprayed them three roaches and left the exterminator bill at the leasing office.

    Keisha Cole is about. As sharp as a marble. She leaves her Husband because he is cheating and then you go hook up with a dude that not only says he got a million hoes but kisses another dude in public. Way to go Keisha!!!! The should have tied Frankie’s tubes when she hit puberty….oh the Fuckery never ends.

    • Eddie, Birdman is a Thugged-Out Liberace. Wants us to view him as a ladykiller, but, that’s not his vibe. Some women stay in denial. Baby don’t care about neither of them. One has a scratched-up face and another is a thug. I’m at a loss for words, can’t make this stuff up.

        • He walk around with so much ice, a polar bear would give him a kiss. I call it as i see it. Looks can be deceiving, as we know.

      • You know what, sometimes you have realize that some people should be written off. A lot of times if a black dude gets with the AWW (average white woman) sisters will write him off. But I have a litmus test for sisters. Any woman that would get with, lay with, kiss, date or even entertain the idea of being with the “Thugarace” in my book is. Total loss

        • I feel you blackman, this menage is too much. Keyshia can do much better than this. Can’t blame him for smashing Mami, but, What was she thinking?

      • Don’t give up, just writ on a word doc, cut and paste it in the comment box, like I do…lol

      • Girl, just stop with the crazy punctuation, get a new screen name / email and come right back. Unless they checkin for your ISP they won’t even know its you.

    • I don’t buy it, she showed up unannounced and at 5 am, she can be an employee all she want to. If its 5 and she ain’t a singer and there ain’t no studio in the condo there ain’t no music and if there is I know what microphone she was singing in and it’s not electric. And since when have bosses stopped screwing their female employees. Keisha has a PHD professional hoodrat doctorate. Which means that she is always sure of her target, a professional never assaults an innocent suspect. The whoopee was no doubt, in violation of Hoodrat code NBIANHYAFA3AM (never be in a ninjas house you ain’t f*ckin after 3 in the morning ). Its a law and she broke the law….lol

      • Go on and do you thaing…’s all goog, I share so you can too..

      • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

        YOU getting a whoopin’ for “NBIANHYAFA3AM” but not before I go tell my colleagues & our client!

    • Looking at your comment made me realize something. As soon as the little bar dropped on the security gate, the security guard was probably laughing like a hyena

      • Lmao, yea security was triffling. Keisha is a bird, get back with your husband and get your life, might catch a serious case of hiv messing around with bird mud slinging man. I really hate ghetto females.

  2. smh. did she really think birdman would be loyal and faithful?
    i wonder when mental illness will be addressed more in the black community

    • I have’t stopped laughing at ELTH’s comment and here you come making it worse.

      Hilarious !!!!

      • She was always into dudes like birdman. Keisha is a hoodrat and was raised in that mentality. She tried to upgrade those type of men when she was married to Boobie. Obviously u cant take the rat out of Keisha

  3. we cant trust Keyshia’s lyrics anymore even though she is still releasing classics. the bitch did exactly what she said she wouldnt ever do in life which is ”fight over a man” OMFG and it was not even worth getting arrested just because of that ugly faggot ass nigga. ewww bye

  4. My HSK Family,

    You all will have to help me out on this one since I had NO idea Keisha was so “closely acquainted” with the likes of Birdboy.

    Clearly I’ve been giving Keisha far too much credit over the years.

    • Guuuuuurrrrrrrrrlllllllll!!N. You too????? Gurrrrrllllllllll??????.

      There just are no words..

      • GUF,

        `\(°-°)/` I MUST…live under a damn rock & never get out! In my wildest dreams I would NEVER see Keisha with that fool.

        I’m just OUTDONE! And…here I thought
        Christina Milian was the all time worse!

        • Jazz Prince days were numbered from the day Christina signed to Lil Wayne and her penchant for dating producers in the past should of been a clear indicator that the storm was coming.

        • Bahbeh….

          The rock you live under must be a duplex, and I must live under there too.
          Because I had NO IDEA,

          Have we women come down to this…fighting over bird man ?

          Oh Scotty beam me up,and out with a quickness.

          • GUF,

            Scotty will have to beam BOTH our asses up because I’m STILL in disbelief!

            Keisha has had a long history of “getting it in as a means to help her career.” This was only a secret when she was an unknown artist. How she could stoop to THESE levels now is beyond my wide open mind. I’d hug her first then slap her silly & her hug again if I had the opportunity.

            Keisha has lost her damn mind…

        • FUCK MAN…. ME TOOO! I guess Christina and her momma just put it out tthere,What mom makes stripper clothes for their kid!!

          Cant we hav a clean not crazy woman singer lol.
          Alicia I wrote off, Lauren is off… India, Jill are ya’ll still cool?!

    • If Keisha Cole ever had a ounce of credit from me, it went out the window on the very first episode of that Reality show they had. It wasn’t what she did, it was her family . I know thats not right but sometimes association can’t be overcome when the people you are associated with are unnnnbelievableeeee!!! It was over for me in their first episode when her sister and her cousin were outside of the grocery store arguing over Keisha Coles FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING!!!!! Ones said French and one said Italian, they almost took it to fisticuffs. Man somebody should have told them that they had made it like the Evans Family when James Got that Job in Alaska. I couldn’t believe that it never came to their mind to just spend another $2 and get both bottles. If they were out of money, they could have borrowed a 5 from one of the camera men. From all the angles they captured them arguing in, it had to be at leat 4 of of em. It was a awful scene. I knew right then that I could expect some questionable behavior from this girl……

      • I’m so glad I missed seeing that episode. Maybe if I had seen her Reality Show I wouldn’t be so ashamed that I gave Keysha so much credit. Now, please excuse me while I go put foot up my own azz.

        BTW @ELTHP, you are on fire today. KMSL!

      • Just _Join,

        OMG…see what happens?
        Once I learned Lauren London gave birth to a “Lil Wayne Checking Account Expense” I FORGOT ALL ABOUT HER…just like all the major production companies, casting agencies & directors.

  5. Keyshia always was ratchet with a nasty attitude. It sounds like she was Birdman’s side piece as well. The same way Christina Milian is sleeping with Lil Wayne to stay relevant Keyshia doing the same.

  6. Keyshia should have been locked up awhile back for bringing that ugly, ratchet azz family of hers on BET. Birdman, of all the damn people…see, he looks like a rotten, aged fishhead. Good riddance to all these ratchet nasty azz people.

    • the funny thing is i actually met birdman b4 he got the pentagram inked on. he was actually a nice charming fella. its actually his brother slim who is the mean 1

  7. Keyshia is so disappointing. Her husband seemed cool until he cheated.
    ETA: Is that really a star tattooed on the top of dudes head or have I been drinking too much wine?

  8. Keyshia you trifling heffa! You still married to Daniel Gibson. I hope you get nothing out of the divorce!

  9. I gave Keyshia too much credit thinking she was a good girl and wasn’t an industry ho! Her ex boo Jeezy killing a club promoter to death then his album debuts number1 on billboard. Anybody say blood sacrifice. R.I.P. to the brother. Now Keyshia getting all ratchet and arrested a few weeks before her album is released on Oct. 7. Anybody say publicity. The music industry aint ish!

  10. Isn’t this hoodtastic bird Keisha still married? Take your Ratchet ass down to the courts and get a divorce before you start throwing tantrum behind baby.Some people are just Ass backwards.

  11. Jacky & The HSK Staff,

    The “Auto Refresh” issue is happening again. Please address this annoying issue & fix it.

    Your immediate attention to my request is greatly appreciated. 😉

  12. Hell.i thought he was still married to the teen stripper……but who FIGHTS over THAT?

  13. Keisha is a bird plain and simple, a ratchet, a hood rat,a chicken head scallywag,ghetto then a mutha f#cka! And there is no amount of money that can change that

  14. Yuck!!!! Keshia you like bird man ugly ass? That’s one ugly ass motha f*cka he threw ain’t nothen good look’en at all nothinggggg! Yale just after what’s in his account cause it couldn’t it sho couldn’t be nothing else or is it to get him to get some beats for her and I guess produce a c.d. Keshia I didn’t think you’d stoop that low girl but what can you expect?

    • Some of you are cracking me up with ya tales of how shocked you are over Keyshia Cole getting with Bird man! She always struck me as being into the thugged out hood types..and furthermore his money is shocked about what?

  15. birdman gets p*ssy only because he got money.

    birdman is married guess his wife doesn’t care as long as hes making money.

  16. It’s ok…..she has an album coming out. Arrest is now the modus oprandi for marketing yo isht.

  17. Off topic but….
    I just read about Musiq & his new “alter ego” I turn to vh1 soul and what’re they playing? Musiqsoulchild. Coincidence? Vh1 ain’t slick.

    • Man I just looked that up and he is doing an interview and there are pictures of him with like a black plastic or leather, maybe its pleather, hat shaped like a crown he got a veil on his face talking about rappin because that’s what the people want. Yeah, he has pretty much hit the curb….lol

      • “Plastic or leather, maybe it’s pleather.” I just died. Hit the curb, literally, he seems to be out his damn mind… And oh? Drugs? That would explain him being out his damn mind. I didn’t watch the interview, the photos were enough.

    • Chris,

      Since when did we learn of Musiq Soulchild being on drugs? Last I heard him & India were dating & doing great. Please say it ain’t so ;-(

      • @Ms Reg Music lives with and has a child with Meelah the former lead singer of the group 702..

        • @BA,

          I had NO idea! Last I heard he’d coupled up with India Arie & let me tell it…they were going to make the most beautiful brown skninned musically inclined children on earth!

          So much for life under the rock duplex I share with Girl Under Fire. Between the two of us…we don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on!!!

          • I guess yall about to give me the guest room above the garage because I kbow less than you do. Damn Damn Damn!

  18. Its too late 4 that now
    Keishas down with the baphomet I peeped that out in her new videos 4 her new album. It doesnt help that shes messing around with Birdman also Only Jesus can help her now

  19. Yall wrong for bashin Keyshia like that! Only she knows who shes lovin/fu**in/datin ..if its Birdman, good for them both. Get some life ya’ll and in the meantime, enjoy the music!

  20. Grown azz mofo’s showing so much hatred and division toward a sista! A sista that shares her gift of music with us all. Yeah, most of yall is from urban areas so whats with all the ghetto rhetoric?? I know. The tricks of the internet. lmao.

    • And the females too with their nasty comments.. all falls for the okey doke. Too funny and not funny. When did people stop using their brains to THINK. Ahh! When the robots took over..lmao!

    • GTFOH with that bull!!! This hoodrat ain’t did nothing that damn relevant for you to be all up in arms about this low budget hoe. We clown EVERYBODY and they mama on here. Now what…Go sit in a corner somewhere.

        • Wrong! You don’t have valid reasoning in your point. You’re just a Stan with butt hurt feelings. Don’t get mad because nobody gives a two fcks about your girl.

        • This is a married woman, with 2 children, fighting over a married bisexual whoremonger and goes to jail. She tweeted about some disloyal nigga a couple of hours before she went to someone elses domicile and waged an unprovoked attack on a unsuspecting black woman, black woman, black woman, black woman. How am I suppose to have respect for a black woman that has no respect for, not only herself but she has no respect for black women. Because her beef is clearly with bird brain and not this woman. I know what a black woman looks like that deserves respect and Keisha Cole bares no resemblance to that. Are you suggesting that a female deserves respect simply because she has a punany?

  21. I wish I could locate that old YT footage during the Hot Boys days when Juve and crew requested females from the audience for a Back Dat Azz Up contest and Baby, high off something, interjected and starting pulling men, even identifying them by outfits. He screamed something along the lines ‘Cause I F*ck with N*gg*s too!’ The expression and pregnant pause by the band and audience members was a classic No Homo moment.

  22. When Are These Black Women Gonna Learn Stop Messing With These Married Men Keyisha Is A Hypocrite She Divorced “Booby” Because He Was Cheating
    Now She’s Cheating With Baby!!

    Hollywood Is Built On lies Secrets And Cheating All Celebrities Cheat No One Is Perfect In Hollywood
    These Singers Sing About Cheating But They Cheated In The Past

    I Recall Keyisha Did A Song Called “I Should Of Cheated” Basically Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her And She’s Catches Him
    In The Act!!

  23. I had alot of respect for Keisha when she made it out of the ghetto through hard work,i never would’ve thought it was actually jaw work that got her through. After seeing her show and the company she kept i finally saw who she was and wrote her off as another ghetto tragedy tale. Keisha attitude is nasty as well, Lauren London i knew she was through when she said she favored thugs. I wish people understand you don’t have to become your environment.

  24. keyshia’s still married dating a married man yes baby’s married.

    but hey whatever works for them.

      • yes birdman keeps his wife behind the scenes she was in high school when she met his old ass we know baby likes them yopung.

        no wonder he wanted to do a album with r Kelly they both like minors.

        and kimora had saome good p*ssy if birdman sauid that about her.

        somehow as long as you rich you get gierls no matter how ugly you are.


  25. It’s now being reported that the woman behind the assault was Birdman’s assistant Sabrina and that this might have been a publicity stunt for Keyshia’s album coming out next month which nobody is going to buy. Wow Keyshia’s ex boo Jeezy shooting and killing a promoter for publicity for his album and now trifling Keyshia beating down a woman. The music industry and the blood sacrifices. Smh. It’s just sad.

  26. Keysh my girl but girl….Stop fighting over these men. They ain’t loyal. Lol “it takes a fool to learn that love don’t love nobody”. Fight over your son girl.

  27. look at the chics they get though.

    if he is ugly or faggety i dont want him.

    ask michael jordan or prince or shaq.

    they all tried to get down. i want to roll over to a nice looking rich man.

    and i can do that!

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