Rosci Fired From ET For Smashing Married Producer?

Rocsi Fired ET

HSK Exclusive – Word on the curb is that, Entertainment Tonight host, Rocsi Diaz, will not have her contract renewed… Know why? Allegedly, Rocsi was smashing a married producer of the show… eventually said producers wife found out.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Nishelle Turner from Showbiz Tonight is going to replace Rocsi Diaz”

Here’s the drop:

“It was Eddie Murphy who pulled some strings and got Rocsi her hosting gig at ET. Rocsi got in and she started smashing one of the producers of the show. When it was time to renegotiate her contract.. Well you see where that’s going.”

Rocsi responded by posting photos of her on the ET set.


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        • Correction: i wondered why she left anchoring the nightly news to host big brother.

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  6. Sounds like the same story about porsha from housewives of atl so her and rocsi sleeping with producers always heard that rocsi was a hoe

    • Porsha and Rosci got kicked to the curb for it.
      Julie Chen was rewarded .

      Am I missing something?

      • Well on a professional level there is no comparison between the education and career of Chen to Porsha and Rosci. Most men with real power do not want to marry a ditzy, gold digger with well known thot like tendencies. He’ll date, sleep with and make babies with her but marriage….nah. Don’t get me wrong Julie is also a hoe for dating a married man but she played the game right by keeping her dirt on the low and not being desperate.

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  7. I always wondered how she got that position. She was on that garbage network b.e.t. 106 n Park. Rocsi slept with Lisaraye’s ex husband Micheal and Lisaraye whooped that ass. I thought Rocsi learned her lesson.

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  10. Rocsi you should know by now people will talk when you sleep with a co-worker esp. a married co-worker. It opens the company up to sexual harassment, lawsuits, bad press. Leave your bedroom out of the boardroom. You are an attractive woman and many men will hit on you. You have to resist those advances because they generally aren’t good advances

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  21. Smh lol Damn! Rocsi would’ve been somewhat pretty had she played her cards right with Eddie Murphy.

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  24. Amazing ..not condoning what she did at all but in typical woman fashion.. you go off on the woman and have nothing to say about the married man? NOTHING..because we all know it takes 2 to cheat right? I have heard these things about her before.If true terrible that women feel like they have to do this to get ahead but shouldn’t he share in the blame?ijs

  25. She had to be sleeping with someone because she’s as interesting as a cardboard cut-out. She had ZERO personality.

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  27. An estimated 15% of women have had sex with their boss. So what Roxy is in that 15%.

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