Keyshawn Johnson Booked On Battery Charges!

Keyshawn Johnson Battery Arrest

Another Pro-Athlete Bites The Dust…

Keyshawn Johnson is out on a $20K bond after sources reported the 41-year-old DWTS star was arrest on domestic violence charges, yesterday morning [April 21, 2013]. Reports reveal the former NFL’er had a nasty spat with an ex-girlfriend “that got physical.” According to Calabasas cops… “Johnson allegedly smashed his girlfriend’s phone and her hand somehow got in the way. Consequently, her hand reportedly received a nasty gash.”

HSK broke first word, back in Sept. 2013… exposing the former NFL’er for “keeping regular hookers on his payroll… who he smashes Raw Dawg!” Now, sources say.. “Johnson and his ex have verbally battled regularly throughout their relationship”.

Here’s the latest:

“Deputies were called to Johnson’s Calabasas, California, home early Monday “regarding a possible spousal assault,” a sheriff’s statement said. “When deputies arrived, it was determined that the resident and his ex-girlfriend were involved in a domestic dispute,” the statement said. “The ensuing investigation resulted in the arrest of the resident for misdemeanor domestic battery.”


  1. Boy the media keeps feeding us stories. Never anything positive about a black man. They either 1)hate all black women, but esoecially their wives and girlfriends, 2) are gay and wear skirts. It’s f*cked up man. Truly f*cked up.

    • I have to agree with you… it’s like back in slavery when black men were… well, you remember the history. Sad that black folks KEEP feeding into this crap.

  2. I once heard him say that his great grandfather was a chief of a Indian tribe. He must have been in charge of the Slapaho kickaho tribe. He always Been extra regular. Anyway nothing to see here folks, keep it moving, just a girl fight, no big deal

    • Another kneegrow claimin’ to be something other than…

      He look like a big dumb country boy to me who lost his mind over a becky, LOL

  3. It amazes me that every time a relationship has a problem OR ends, the man is always, always, always at fault and the woman in the victim.

  4. I always thought Keyshawn was a fieldsman with the nonchalant attitude but the whole time this Biggs was just another Becky Chaser..

  5. Why does he favour a 65 year old man? He looks soo old now.. Damn if that’s what 41 looks like..shame..a low down dirty shame& he’s an ex professional athlete..boy how the mighty fall..he look like he reddy for an old folks retirement village..yuck

  6. Ahhh man i loved keyshawns idgaf attitude, the fact that he sounds countrier than a basket of brown eggs with a hint of bass in his voice, a dying trait amongst black males, but please dont tell me he abuses women too. Must be a lot of lead in the water supply or something….

    Just hope keyshawn jr didnt learn this behavior with his cute teenaged self (no pedo).

  7. This is a product of mismatched people trying to make things work. Incompatible. Just let the relationship go (also see Game & Tiffney). There is a reason you are exes. Don’t do anything to give the media to report

  8. The mask is coming off, so, a lot of the dirt that’s been hidden from view is coming to the surface. Ugly likes attention, it will show itself. None of this ish is new, been there from the jump. Those who idolize athletes are naive, these cats ain’t saints. Keyshawn is just one of many…Stay Tuned!

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