Prince Crowns Morris Day W/ Purple Rain Pass!

Prince Morris Day  Reunite 2014

The Time Has Come…

HSK Exclusive – Word from the inside reveals… Prince, Morris Day and The Time are reuniting. Know why? Because the Purple one is about to mark the 30th anniversary of his cult classic movie, “Purple Rain”.

The timing will also mark three-decades since The Time broke up, back in 1984. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Judith.

“Prince has BEEN at odds with Morris Day and the other dudes in The Time.. but they’re all speaking again. So expect a tour soon.”

Did the drop:

“Prince is rekindling relationships with everyone. He reached out to Vanity too.”


  1. Purple Rain movie is the shit!! I was born a year later that it was made. Childhood memories. Oh, and also Denise aka Vanity is a child of The Lord now! So I don’t know how she’s going to feel about rekindling an old past that she’s put to death.

      • Naw Chris, the article clearly stated ” Prince gas also reached out to Vanity”.
        Vanity is born again, don’t know about Appollonia

        • Appollonia is not THAT born again… Denise is. But who the hell knows what their pocketbooks look like…

        • And Prince isn’t? I will NEVER forgive Larry Graham for infecting him with that shit.

          • Wat ‘chu talkin’ bout Willis (Eddie)? LOL

            What did Larry Graham give to who? Please tell me!

          • larry graham a bisexual drug addict and woman beater his bandmate patricia banks wrote a book about him and sly satone’s crazy ass pulling guns on people when they was doing coke.

          • That S as you call it was the best thing that could have happened to him and over 8 million others. Go to JW.ORG and find out for yourself. May God be with you.

    • I will definitely be at this show. I know that doesn’t surprise some of you who know me. LOL

  2. Time did not break up in 1984, they were hot for a minute after that and went on with solo projects.

    • I think the article I’d what we call “word f*cked” it reads like The Time broke up, but what it really is saying is that Prince broke ties with Morris Day and the Time. The Time has been Doing gigs on an average of about 200 nights a year since then. What I want to know is, why does Morris Day Look like a cross between Little Richard and Prince, this muafuggah has been spending a lot of TIME under the Knife, dudes getting plastic surgery ain’t cool. Hope he don’t start wearing throwbacks like Mr Bigg, Once the Throwback comes out, you know a prison bid is just around the corner, and I don’t think Morris will get any rest in prison….lol

      • Prince AND Morris have been under the knife. Prince is wearing he hell outta the wigs. Been doing it a long time.

        • Prince aint been under no damn knife. And he doesn’t wear wigs. Stop spreading lies and bullshit.

          • Yes he has. Look at pics of him from the late 70’s- high school pics, in the studio, etc. before For You, & look at pics of him from about the mid 80’s on. Do a side to side pic comparison. You’ll see the difference.

      • Plastic surgery doesn’t seem to work as well on men. They usually end up looking like Bruce Jenner.

    • “The Time” were NOT “hot for a minute” idiot.. they had plenty of hits before “Purple Rain” (several top ten singles in the R&B charts) and they DID break up in 1984 & reformed in 1990, and have been off and on since.. check your facts before posting, dumbass

  3. Umm…Maybe I was too young to appreciate it. Never got the point of that movie, like under the cherry moon. Prince movies were the entertainment blueprint of poor acting, cheesy storylines, pretty women straight to dvd-esque tight soundtrack format.

    Clarence Williams the 3rd was the most entertaining person. He is the GOAT at portraying the character of your broke down, neurotic, substance abusing uncle. Ala sugar hill, tales from the hood, half baked etc etc. Hype Williams probably studied this when directing Belly.

    • Yes… you are too young to understand and obviously not a Prince fan as he said the movie was loosely based on his life (to that point anyway). Back then, you had Michael Jackson and Prince…

      • Not necessarily too young just didn’t ‘get’ the movie. My parents have Prince albums on vinyl in mint. I prefer more indie rock like ‘The 1975’ than pop/rock. Loosely is an interesting term if the movie indeed is based on his life. Judging from his pre-contract wide nose, brown skin, nappy hair photos – the actress portraying the mother isn’t believable.

        People complain about denigration of women in entertainment yet almost each woman in this film is naked, lingerie clad, gyrating in trans make-up sans the mother who instead is brutalized by her alcohol drunk husband who late shoots himself in the head. Black males were portrayed as brutes(father), pimps(Morris), buffoons(every male in the film) and effeminate (prince…and every man in the film). Morris and Jerome were just corny. It just difficult to understand the contradictory acclaim but from your explanation MJ and Prince were the only bones that Hollywood would throw at the time. I understand the collective Soul clap for 12 years as a slave, kinda sorta.

        Awesome soundtrack though. I can only imagine the increased Church’s spicy strips & honey biscuits and Chablis wine boxes when the remaster and release purple rain dvds. Still think CW3 is the GOAT when portraying crazies and was the best part of that horrible movie.

        • It’s one of those things where you had to be in the time period to understand. Basically he wanted to make music his way and on his terms and getting flack from the management of the club about it not being relatable to other people. At the same time he didn’t trust anyone with his music which led to strife in the band because he would accept any of his input.. Then he has the crap going on at home seeing how his father was selfish, non trusting and abusive and saw himself turning out to be like him which he didn’t want to do. It’s a lot of read between the lines with the movie but hm coming out and singing Purple Rain, a slow sad song at a dance club after everyone was just hyped from The Time’s performance just shows he wanted to do his music his way but he also needed to learn to trust the input of his band members. He wasn’t sure if they would respond to it, but the crowd did.

    • N.I., a lot of it had to do with the times we were living in as well. MJ & Prince were fighting to get played on MTV (a huge deal), and there wasn’t much of a presence of Black preformers in mainstream music, so it was a big deal to us kids back then to be able to see one of our entertainers, on a movie screen, no less. Good times!

        • I know…but that’s how it it “twas…

          And I have a couple of his albums on purple vinyl…haven’t seen ’em in awhile though…hopefully they aren’t a warped mess.

      • MTV was owned by Warners. Prince never had a problem having his videos played on there. Michael’s label head Walter Yetnikoff was going to pull all his artists off of MTV and accuse them of racism if they didn’t play “Billie Jean”. Carolyn B. Baker turned down a Rick James video because she felt it was sexist.

    • That movie was the BOMB and Prince did not direct it or write it, which is why it’s so much better than his crap. I LOVE Prince, but he is music and not movies.

      Purple Rain the movie and soundtrack molded my life! I played the shit and still do, out of Purple Rain. It was deep as hell yet easy to listen too. Sigh.

  4. This is something I will look forward to with great anticipation. While I may not be the biggest Prince fan here(that title is held jointly by Ms Gemini and her living bra and DaRadiant1) his work with The Time was IMO his very best.

    • You KNOW that I will be throwing my prosthetic bra on stage, too, and those puppies are expensive, like they came from La Perla….lol

    • I’m going be wearing my purple bra to the reunion tour! Prince is nuts, but he is a genius and Morris Day was the best in the movie. Can’t believe it’s been 30 years.

  5. How about on VH1 overview that Mayté reunited with someone with in her past that she has been seeing. I hope its Prince she is talking about!

      • Honey if they are back together, Imma scream screen so loud that your hearing will make you go deaf! LOL!

        • When I watched her on “Hollywood Ex’s” it was plain for all to see that she was still carrying a torch for him. She still had their wedding china in her china cabinet at one point.

          Did he get remarried again? I was thinking he married some other musician’s ex-wife. Not in the mood to Google at the moment.

    • He was something else. I read a biography on him and I told my sister after reading it, if I made it to be in his band I would have been fired day one…I know we would have gotten into it. The only ones that spoke up was Wendy and Lisa and back then he actually had respect for them musically. Prince problem was that the Revolution was only suppose to be a show band. They did do some stuff in the studio with him after Purple Rain but before then, Prince did most of the tracks on his own and just used the Revolution when they had to perform live. When the band started getting as big as he was that’s when he dropped them, and to date I thought that was his best band. I won’t even get started on how he treated women. Susan, the girl from Vanity 6 along with Vanity were friends. Him and Susan had been together for years and then he started seeing Vanity and was very open with it which of curse hurt Susan. When they broke up, she was the inspiration for When Doves Cry. He started seeing Wendy’s twin sister Suzanne and messing with Sheila E. which would put Wendy in the middle when drama went down. He was truly something back then but I appreciate his musical genius and I would love to see this show.

      • Very true. Prince always played all his own instruments on his albums and just wanted the Revolution for shows. He does not play well with others and really needs to stay single.

  6. This is good news I guess I read last week prince has signed back with Warner Brothers. I just hope he don’t end up dead…..usually when big corporations resign artist the f*cked over right before the anniversary of their biggest effort for them it means time is ticking…..Remember Thriller 25 and Whitney Houston 25? they dropped those albums shortly before their murders I just hope they all play the game smart but more than likely someone in the circle is about to die.

    • It seems to me as if after MJ died, it got Warner Brothers thinking more about partnering with him, since they know when he dies, there will be a wave of folks running out to buy his music, so they may as well insert themselves back into the revenue stream.

    • Oh God! So that means if Prince do this, that means somebody is going to be sacrifice.

      • the tabloids always put in their mags that a certain artists has a few months to live they did mj, whitney, and gary coleman like this.

        and plenty others.

    • Prince wrote his own stuff unlike those two. Mike wrote more at the end but I get your drift.

  7. Does this mean there will be a Prince, The Time AND Vanity 6 tour???? OK, maybe not Vanity 6, since Vanity is a holy roller now and weigh upwards of 200 pounds, but what about Apollonia 6????

    I would love to see an Unsung Vanity 6/Appolonia 6.

    • It should be noted that Vanity (Denise) has had serious health issues for years; she was on dialysis, temporarily blind in 1 eye, loss some of her hearing, etc. She had been a drug addict for years & it’s a miracle that she’s even alive today. So with all that & considering she’s like pushing 60, I think she should be given a break about her weight. I would love to see an Unsung on them too though.

  8. On a video on YouTube, MJ owned half of Sony records. Let me go and find that video and post it up here.

  9. remember a few years back they was announcing that mike, prince and Madonna was all turning 50 now I think this meant that IT WAS TIME FOR ONE OF THEM TO PASS.


  10. no matter how smart or high and mighty prince is the folks at warner brothers and the music industry are smarter and have more power than him.

    of course give prince what he wants then cause a accident or a death then resell every album made.

    guess the industry’s getting tired of prince and wants to make more money dead artists sell records mj, whit, and if prince dies an untimely death the industry will skyrocket.

    plus prince has lots of unreleased music.

    • U know what Chris? Prince is one of those rare artist that you have to sit, think, and analyzed their mind and moves. Prince can actually basically can literally can out smart anybody who think they can pull a fast one on him.

      • Prince can have you sit there and actually have you thinking that can have you in deep thought and make you see things from a different prospective.

        • Very true. Remember “The Ladder”? How do you get to Heaven? One step at a time.

    • I can’t even imagine that! I was always a Prince fan first and MJ just didn’t do it for me.

    • WOW!!! To sit here and read these comments from 2014 in April..Just breaks my heart and now in 2016 April he's dead for real.. My God!

  11. IMO, Prince is just a self-serving hypocrite. He wants to make nice with everyone now just because it’s the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain. But he didn’t do this a few years back when he didn’t let The Time use their own name cause he owed it. They had to release their cd under the name ‘The Original 7’. Same thing with The Family as ‘fdeluxe’ or something.

    • I hate to say it, but I was thinking the same thing. He is lame is that is the reason, I’m really hoping it’s because he found God and he is trying to close his doors, but the timing shows different.

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