Porsha Williams Turnt On Scripts & Booze @ RHOA Reunion!

Porsha Williams Turnt Up

Reports are revealing a mixture of prescription drugs, painkillers and alcohol are what fueled Porsha Williams’, during the RHOA reunion that led her to exit the show… with a bang!

“She is very unstable. She’s been taking medications and mixing it with alcohol.”

Sources say after she attacked Kenya, Porsha “suffered a nervous breakdown”. This, after Porsha’s said to have sought treatment for depression following her divorce.

Insiders say.. between the booze, the drugs to battle her depression.. and “the prescription painkillers following her recent breast augmentation” Porsha straight snapped!

Here’s what an insider told the press:

“Porsha was drunk… there were two bottles of wine in her dressing room. She came to fight Kenya and needed some liquid courage!

Bravo knows that she is now nothing but a liability. Her attack on Kenya failed, and she lost her mind. It’s all very sad.”



  1. This story has been covered on here AND in other places on the news/web FOR THE LAST 3 DAYS. It’s like a damn mini-series.

    • What I don’t understand is why fire Porsha? The Real Housewives of New Jersey fight all the time. They didn’t fire Juicy Joe and Joey from last season’s brawl! Not condoning violence but juicy Joe and Joey had an ugly brawl on the RHONewJersey and guess what NO ONE WAS fired for fighting. Why do they fire black cast members and spare the white cast members of various RH shows. They fight ALL the time on RHONEWJERSEY and nothing changes unless the cast members leave on their own. Yet RHOA has the number one show among housewives and they are Quick to replace a member for anything. Lets call Bravo out for its Discriminatory practices. Jacqueline L of the RHONEWJERSEY manages to stay relevant despite her extremely boring story line and you fire peter and Cynthia. Not cool Bravo!

      • Not to be funny @Ms.Black but Porscha seem a little mentally unstable. It seem right after the brawl she had a mini mental breakdown and have some emotional issues which are unresolved

        • She was always breaking out into crying fits before this episode. It was obvious she had emotional issues. People go through divorce all the time, some after 20 years of marriage. But Porsha just couldn’t seem to get it together. It’s no fun watching a mentally ill person on “reality” television. It would be like Bravo was taking advantage of her condition. She needs to be let go from the show so she can focus on healing herself.

          • I think she was already being considered for termination, and this mental breakdown she had just helped them make that final decision. I felt bad for her watching her cry her eyes out while they held her down on the floor. I think she needs a break from the stress of filming.

            • It’s not a mental breakdown. She’s still fresh from her divorce, which is why Kenya kept needeling her. Kenya has her camp trying hard to get the story that Porsha is “unstable” out there and they hope it sticks because Kenya wants the younger, prettier Porsha off the show. But it wasn’t a breakdown. She was just upset she let that she devil get to her, it was clear the more experienced women had tried to coach her about Kenya’s antics beforehand . So not unstable, but I do think she was a lil tipsy.oh well.

            • Ms G I don’t couch for the accuracy of this story, but the rumor is that Porsha is being offered a spot on L&HH ATL. She might actually do it since it would provide a platform to push her “music” to the public. I would stay home just to see her and Joseline go at each other.
              Stay tuned. 🙂

        • HMMM we teach our children NO to BULLYING, But yet the Bully gets to keep her position on the show and the the one being BULLIED Season after Season and reacts to such treatment gets the boot!!!!

          what are we really teaching here??????

          Kenya should be the one to get the Boot also if thats the case!!!!!


      • HMMM we teach our children NO to BULLYING, But yet the Bully gets to keep her position on the show and the the one being BULLIED Season after Season and reacts to such treatment gets the boot???!?!?!?!

        what are we really teaching here??????

        Kenya should be the one to get the Boot also if thats the case!!!!!


      • Why do black people always pull the “black card” to minimize shit?
        Victims, get a life!

        • @Anonymous WE BLACK PEOPLE DON’t Have to pull “Black Card” AT ALL. Its played on our behalf all the time. Is it not true that they fight and brawl on other RH shows? Yep and no one is let go of due to this violent behavior but the black cast members. If fighting is not tolerated, please make sure it applies to ALL shows

    • Poor Porsha..they are really throwing her dumb ass under the bus..the whole thing is scripted including the damn reunion show, everyone put Porsha up to that for more ratings for that coon show, now when it receives backlash, thanks to Kenya calling the authorities, Porsha ass is thrown under the bus..wat a shame…so sad..pleas boycott this train wreck and ban BRAVO, Andy Cohen and all the Real Housewives series..yuck..I just threw up in mi mouth..disgusting!

      • Yup. They set that dizzy bird up and made sure they were seated close so it could get physical. I’m done watching this show.

    • Wow, I’ve never been accused of being the topic of a person of discussion! Lol That’s too funny. :-D. Are you sure YOU’RE not Kenya instead??

    • Oh hai there, gutter rat. Cause only a gutter rat would use such reasoning. Let’s take that criminal Phaedra, she HATES Kenya with a warped passion. She has however managed to not put a hand on Kenya. Your beloved Porsha lacks self control. Now she may have lost her peach. Poor dat.

  2. most black people are retarded. I know this because I am black and retarded as well but mostly black but also retarded.

  3. As someone who has admittedly had past experience with “substances”, I actually find this quite believable. When you mix opiates with alcohol, all good sense goes right out the window.

      • In some cases, all alcohol and drugs do is bring out the real you. There are quiet alcoholics and alcoholics who act a damn fool after they hit the bottle. Some people get high and meditate. Some get high and commit murder. Porsha was acting emotional on that show long before that hair pulling incident. Unless she was on substances the entire two seasons she was on that show, there is no way that substances are the only reason for her behavior. Maybe the woman is just plain crazy.

        • Naw, she just reacted like a lot of women would so. You let some bitch wave a scepter in my face and expect her to get shoved away at the very least.
          Had I been there I would have done what Nene did, ask Andy if we were all there to talk or just listen to Kenya rant through the bullhorn. U see Kenya tried it w NeNe and got shut down quick. Porsha just didn’t know how to handle Kenya. She just turned 30 and Kenya is like 45. She got played.

          • What about the aftermath of the fight, though? Did you see Posrha’s meltdown? All weeping, and wailing on the floor, just a few moments after what she did. That looks like normal behaviour to you? Well it ain’t normal to me. Now I don’t know Kenya personally, but the woman has used props before. These females should know Kenya is about the dramatics. You are right that Porsha got played, because Kenya is far too smart.

            • Yeah fool. Of course it was normal. I’ve been a cheerleader, in pageants, and interned at a high profile fashion business and I can tell you women often melt down after a fight. When the fight was over , Porsha spoke to Massa, I mean Andy and she was perfectly calm and explained she was raw from her divorce and she has been taking mess from delusional stinky Kenya for 2 years. Then they showed a montage of Kenya harassing and baiting Kenya over the past 2 seasons and I’m convinced Kenya is the crazy one. You may not think its normal to cry after a fight ,but I don’t think its normal to see some woman who is pushing 50 acting like a hormonal teenager.
              I actually hope Porsha stays off the show. She’s from a prominent family and doesn’t need Kenya’s ghetto stink rubbing off on her.

            • Well said george mike! These women are completely jealous with rage over Mrs. Moore. Kenya is too good to b on the show with these rats.

            • Yeah, she needs to take time off and film the second installment of her highly anticipated stallion booty series : Ghetto ass hot mess

  4. If this doesn’t prove that Kenya has the juice on that show then I don’t know what else will,she got Porsha ass fired!

    • That’s not an accomplishment. So many people despise Kenya that it could actually back fire. The streets are talking, a lot of viewers feel alienated by Andy’s double standards when it comes to the housewives and won’t watch the show anymore

  5. Many people despise Nene too, but that hasn’t stopped her being the highest paid housewife on Bravo. Reports are saying Kenya has angled a very lucrative pay rise for the next season. Rightly so.

    With regards to the fight, Kenya didn’t lay hands on ANYONE. So quite why people are acting like Kenya is a bully is beyond me. Porsha is THEE ratchet hood rat personified. Then when the fool realized she looked like an imbecile, she started to cry. So on top of lacking self control, she lacks conviction to stand by her actions. She’s pathetic.

    • I understand why Kenya and company are trying so hard to sway public opinion because Andy reads the blogs and Kenya needs the show. Unlike Porsha , she doesn’t have parents and siblings who love her. She will never get married, and now that people realize she’s a former escort, its unlikely big Hollywood doors will open for her. So she needs the show. Andy doesn’t discriminate against ex bookers. Danielle Staub was an escort like Kenya. And got fired because no one would film w her, not because of her hoing. But Jill Sarin should be the cautionary tale here. Andy can keep Kenya but people will quit the show because they hate watching her. His choice.

  6. Philadelphia bka Philly doesn’t feel like the back and forth today. This subject is gettin old, fast

  7. None of the women on RHONJ ever laid hands on each other. Teresa has acted crazy but she has only charged and flipped a table not a housewife. Also, Juicy and Baby Joe though they had a bad fight neither never pressed charges like Kenya which becomes huge liability for Bravo. Kenya is brillant u may hate but the chick is smart. Trust me when I tell you had she not pressed charges Porsha w ould still be in the cast. Did Apollo get ousted, no, why because Brandon didn’t press charges.

    • No Kenya ain’t smart. If she was she would have realized that the show could have been a step up. Instead she acted a fool and made herself look like the evil twat that she is

  8. From what was said “Brandon” was paid very well and will not be appearing on the show any longer this where Lawrence steps in to be a constant companion of Kenya instead of Brandon

    got that from T.a.m.a.r.a T.a.t.t.l.e.s

    • I thought I saw him pick up a purse and switch away in the back ground but I wasn’t sure. The series usually keeps at least one pet queen on hand: Derrick J,Miss Lawrence, Duane etc. I don’t k now what the point is, I just figure Andy likes to give back to his community.

    • All of Kenya’s “friends” and imaginary boyfriends are paid to be there. How sad and pathetic.

      • Kenya is the only TRUE DOCUMENTED beauty queen on RHOA and the other ladies feel intimidated and insecure about it

        • In the other ladies IMAGINARY heads, they WISHED they were all beauty queens
          Especially Phaedra, NeNe and Porsha.

          • PHEADRA –
            the southern belle turned alleged criminal

            the ex stripper

            the failed dumb debutante

            • hmmm But they all MARRIED Though, which coins the title of the show ” REAL HOUSWIVES OF ATLANTA”

              BYE FELICIA

              April 23rd, 2014 at 10:38

        • I really don’t think anyone Cares because it was 25 years ago and Kenya is no Vanessa Williams.

        • You can’t keep getting by on what you use to be over 15 -20 yrs ago. If I ever wore a Miss USA Crown on my head I would consider doing a reality show like this a step down not a step up! She’s on here because she isn’t the hot commodity that she was.

  9. She’s probably been on drugs. Had to cope with being married to a gay man who never wanted to have sex with her. I just don’t understand knowingly marrying a gay man even for money.

    • Ok but should you be accusing someone of being strung out without and proof? Because Kenya peeps started this rumor. All the wives have drinks backstage on all the reunion shows, its encouraged by the producers . But saying someone is probably on drugs is a serious accusation . I J S

      • Look at the behavoir and by the way I consider alcohol a drug as well. Might not be fair but hell they put themselves out there for public consumption. That’s the price you pay for exposing yourself and your life to the reality tv cameras.

        • Ok but u can get drunk without “probably been on drugs”. Hell I got twisted at my aunties cookout and danced all crazy with the Latino guys that were there roasting the pig,lol. Doesn’t mean I have a problem but I know had Kenya been there her ass would have wound up trusses and twirling on the spit like the rest of the pork,haha

    • We might be in the minority, but I’d like to see Sheree back, too! Oh, the drama that would ensue!

      • Yesssssss. Sheree can handle her some Nene. And she would have Kenyas twirl spasms under control in no time, lol

      • We started an email campaign to bring back Sheree! So far, nothing has happened, but Andy did have her on WWHL about a month ago and she looked GORGEOUS. Really.
        The “manliness” of her face was gone. I think she was taking the HGH that made Nicole Murphy become mannish and she stopped. *shrugs* just a guess

  10. Yea right, she embarrassed herself, made a fool of herself and now this is the best her management could come up with, she was high on drugs from her breast augmentation. This has turned into a PR nightmare for her. Now, she’s going to forever be associated with this fight at the reunion show. As if her image wasn’t already tarnished, with the DUMB BELL tag, she’s looked at as the DUMB FIGHTING EX HOUSEWIFE, LMMFBAO!!!!

    • Doubt it. She’s gonna land a baller and get married again. No one really cares that she pulled Kenya’s hair because she didn’t hit her or hurt her. My husband said it looked like a high school cat fight, not serious. I think had Kenya been cut or bruised the public would be less forgiving of Porsha but Kenya popped up smirking and didn’t even.seem upset. As it is people just think Kenya has amazing hair and Porsha has great tits, lol. Ones real, ones fake!

  11. Team Porsha ^,^ “the healing has begun” Porsha bailed out-of-jail. I be waiting for Porsha’s next SHOW.Jacky Hollywood street King Thanks for keeping it street and up-to-date.^,^ Peace Be With You

  12. Have you guys seen Porsha’s new tits? Holy mackarel! I would love to rest my head on those when I have a migraine headache. Damn! Yum yum my nigga!

  13. Those hoes fight all da time on married to medicine & theyre throwing real blows @ each other they haven’t fired and 1 from dat show it on bravo.

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