R Kelly’s Camp Gives Up New Diddling Details!

R Kelly is a Predator

Members from R Kelly’s circle aren’t only looking at Mr. ‘Black Panties’ from the side eye.. they’ve aired out the Chi-Town singer’s latest alleged ‘sexual harassment’ settlement… to the tune $100K.

Sources say this latest accusation against Robert ‘R’ Kelly was in 2010.. “by a 36-year-old housekeeper, but he settled the case out of court for $100,000 to avoid litigation.”

Here’s what Page Six reports:

“The woman worked for Kelly for about a year, beginning in 2008 when the “Bump n’ Grind” singer did just that: talked dirty and groped his employee.

A source close to Kelly further told us that there’s been discord in the singer’s inner circle lately, and further secrets about him are “starting to float to the surface about the millions he paid out over the years to a wide variety of women.”


  1. Mr illiterate sounds ever so slightly to me. Allegedly he can’t read or write, wonder if he has problems understanding when bitches say NO!

      • He has chicks around him when he is making music, he says the words they write them down. This came out of his own mouth.

    • @ 10:18 Apparently SO!! SMH! I haven’t BOUGHT (ANY) of HIS MUSIC (since HIS SEX TAPE)!!

  2. I can honestly say that I was happy to read that the victim was 36 and not 6. He’s still a fool though.

    • I know I thought it was a typo and 3 was keyed in instead of 1. If this is true it sounds like he needs help and is out of control.

    • I concur. His stock went up just a touch after reading that he is actually aroused by someone over the age of puberty.

      • Why would his stock go up for that reason especially if he sexually harassed this woman?

        • Because a man who harasses adult women is more bearable than a man who does anything with minor children. Maybe you don’t share that opinion…but whatever.

          • I would think that working as R. Kelly’s housekeeper would be just as scary as working 3rd shift at a carry out in the ‘hood…lol

            I bet everytime she turned around, he was standing behind a potted plant with his junk hanging out.

            • Bwahahahahahahhahah!!!!!! That was a good morning wake up belly laugh! I’m just picturing his pervy ass behind a ficus tree flashing the poor woman.

              oh..I guess that’s not really funny, but y’know what I mean 🙂

            • LOL! Can’t you just see it now?

              She pulls back the shower curtain, there he is….with his junk out.

              She opens the broom closet to get the mop, there he is…with his junk out.

              She bends over to put food in the dog bowl, well, you get my point….LOL

  3. I will always remember the day when my friend came over so we can walk to school and she told me she had seen the R Kelly video. We went to her house to ask her mom and dad if we could watch it and her dad said I needed my moms permission. Luckily on the way to school my mom drove past us and we went to her house. Me, my mom, my friend and her mom and dad, little sister ,Little Brother and big brother ALL WATCHED that video when R Kelly pissed in that little girl face! That was when I was in 5th grade, wake the f*** up people this man is a serious serious danger! And the fact that he will never talk about Aaliyah because she’s dead, only proves that he was married to her, and Sparkle was right!

    • Your parents let you watch a sex tape of a grown ass man peeing on little girls while you were in the 5th grade? WTF???? Wow.

    • What kind of inappropriate shit is that???? You do realize that’s crazy for parents to watch porn with their children right????

        • Bless your heart Gluten. I scanned your blog and it surely seems that whatever your childhood issues may have been, they certainly did not effect you in a negative way intellectually. I really empathize with your medical challenges, and I wish you all the very best in your path to better health. Much love sis.

        • Well at least they let u watch it to let u know up close and personal what to beware of. A lot of kids are ignorant and fall right into the traps

    • What kind of parents allow their 5th grader to watch that filth?(side eye) whether they were there or not ..That’s inappropriate…

      • Gluten explained herself and I admire her for coming through such a rough childhood intact.

  4. Ok you guys are right. Thank goodness in this day and age so many ppl have these tapes out, that kids HAVE seen them, aka Kim K and that I’m not a weirdo. And I guess im the only one who remembers how huge Space Jam was, and how everyone was shocked that R Kelly would do that. Then came the rumors… just my two cents.

  5. And as far as Aaliyah is concered, it does matter when a predator preys on kids. That man sould be in prison instead of working with Gaga. Just my 2cents.

    • Cosign, in prison, non-protective custody. His CHOMO (Child Molester) ass would be fixed then.

      gaga is a satanic bitch so she don’t care who she collaborates with.

  6. As long as the money kept coming they kept quiet abut his predatory ways. If they had spoke out many would have been spared. Not everybody wants to best touched no matter how much fame/money he has.

    • Im thinking the same. Its sad that these women lack integrity and seek justice instead of settling for hush money. Shows you the mindset of this society.

      • What for? so that the people and the system turn on you? these men have powerful lawyers and even if u have a good support system u still might not win

  7. Mr. ‘Pee On You’ is a prime example of the ‘Money Over Everything’ mentality of the Industry (And, by extension, the majority of black America). I recall artists still beating ‘Da Pied Piper’s!’ door down to write, produce, or collaborate for/with them in the midst of his sex tape scandal, even to the point that they were practically bragging about it in a magazine interview at the time. That being said, no one should be surprised if he really is broke from all the hush money he’s paid to his victims.

    • Raheim, I knew that Kellz was broke for real when I heard from a real estate agent friend that he was having to sell his little Disney get away villa in order to pay his Orlando attorney. While none of us regular folk would turn up our collective noses at the 3 BR/3BA home w/pool, it is hardly a celebrity crib…and the fact that he needed to sell a 260K house for legal fees told me he was tapped out.

      • #Gluten Putin–LOL Thanks, but all credit is due to Dave Chappelle, who coined/immortalized the term in his two classic R.Kelly parody videos from his show:



        ^The originals weren’t mirrored, so I’m assuming these were for copyright reasons

        Christa–Damn, then it must be true that homie isn’t exactly ‘caked-up’ nowadays. When not even your plethora of songwriting & producing credits can keep you (More than) afloat, you know it’s serious. Karma is truly a bitch, whether 16 or 36 in his case.

        • What it says to me Raheim, is that another Black man has spent his fortune in order to stay out of prison(see O.J.) BUT both men, while unarguably
          facing a judicial system which is prejudiced as hell, were fortunate enough to possess that one color the justice system DOES favor and that is green. Maybe Kellz will prove smarter than the Juice and stay out.

          • Christa, I agree to an extent.

            I think R. Kelly is into something much more sinister… like providing black kids to higher ups. He is some type of pipeline.

            I don’t care how debauched white folks are, they are in competition with us ON EVERYTHING, even in deviance and R. Kelly is pretty damn deviant.

            For him to be able to stay outta jail, he is doin’ some shit we prolly cannot even imagine.

            • You may be on to something because he calls him self the pidepiper. As the story goes the “the pied piper” played a pipe and attracted multitudes of children then lead them all to be slaughtered.

            • @MaryJane–Yeah, that’s why I called him ‘Da Pied Piper’ in my post–There was a point in time (after the sex tape dropped) where he continually called himself that in songs lol

        • Not true. He was a defendant in a case in the Orlando area and did retain local counsel as any sane person would. I’m sure his full time legal team is Chicago based, but that’s not of whom I was speaking.

      • R. Kelly is far from broke but he likes to play broke. I know that for a fact. He’s cheap as hell.

      • Something aint rite with that troll trying to come on here to disrupt the conscious. People may have teased u at times but this is what a real mind control operative work like

  8. I ride with Kelz march madness picks cus he know all about getting in the sweet 16. Lol

  9. This is a straight up lie cause R.kelly would never try to hit on somebody that was 36 wtf! Now if it was the babysitter then yea ok I would believe it…but 36 now that ain’t even Kells

  10. R.Smelly is a God damn closet case! I swear this guy is about as straight as a noodle.

    • Probably was molested in the church like a lot or youngins. The pic is alluring like he is winking for a private ‘trapped in the chocolate factory xiii’ listening party – :). These comments are hilarious. Didnt know that he was a functional illiterate.

  11. nobody forgot when R. Kelly and Jamie Foxx got caught dookin each other in the butt backstage in a dressing room during their 1995 tour. they all trapped in the closet

  12. All I can think of is “oo oo ah ah” the sounds of The Zoo, white T’s and panties, and choppin up something in the kitchen .. after that, its all blank.

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