Katt Williams’ Victim Got a Beatdown After Saying Kevin Hart Was Funnier

katt williams kevin hart funnier

The woman in Atlanta who were robbed by Katt Williams and his goons by gunpoint are finally speaking out. And it looks like the incident all started over a comment made about Kevin Hart!

The women spoke to WSB TV and retold the events of that frightening night. Apparently, the women approached Katt and asked for pictures, but things quickly got out of control. The pint size comedian got irritated and verbally abusive. That’s when one of the women said “Kevin Hart is funnier anyway.” That’s when Katt got irate, and pulled out his gun!

“I said Kevin Hart is funnier anyway and that like lit a fire under him. The next thing I know he’s charging at me. He actually hit me right here in my left temple (and) tackled me to the ground. We were tussling, I get kicked and I get pulled,”

The women ran inside their car, and Katt rolled up to them and started waving his gun back and forth. One of the women had her cell phone stolen by a member of Katt’s entourage. The victims now want the prosecutor to change Katt’s misdemeanor charge to a felony.

Now, let’s get down to the real question: Who’s funnier, Katt or Kevin?


    • I agree but Katt needs some damn anger management. He should know he's funnier. He can't let people's comments make him spazz out like this!

  1. This dusty Girl/boy looks like shim would follow a field rat to his hideout and steal it's crumbs.

  2. I think both are funny in there on ways. Tptb are going to take Katt out soon. Katt get it together before its to late. Sacrifice

  3. Katt is a comedy genius. Kevin Hart is just lame. Tries too hard. Imagine if you met a guy who behaves like he does, unfunny (but thinks he's funny & says mediocre jokes repeatedly), would you laugh or just get annoyed? I know I'd want to knock them the f*ck out!

  4. This is where our celebrities fail. Katt is in some dive comedy club. Yet, he tries pullin diva by not takin selfies with the girls. They get hurt, and mouth off and he gets but hurt and another arrest.

    He is really making it easy for TPTB to dispose of him.

  5. Who’s funnier, Katt or Kevin? Kevin…
    Yet my favorites will always be Richard Pryor in his 70's stand ups and Eddie Murphy in his both 80's standup… What a shame Eddie got lazy and a TS lover since then…

  6. Kevin's always been a stone cold sell out, Patrice O'neil (RIP) called him out for that shit and those two were hella tight back in the. Kevin hart would sell his mother if it meant making another movie.

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