Amber Rose Being Paid Off to Keep Kanye’s FingerInTheBooty Secrets?

amber rose paid off kanye west

Amber Rose blew the lid off of Kanye West’s anal play when she coined the hashtag #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. And the world was on standby hoping the ex-stripper would spill more tea on Yeezy’s kinky sex preferences. But instead, Amber completely flipped the script and called a truce by hanging out with Ye’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

We assumed Amber had been paid off to keep her mouth shut about Kanye’s love for getting his butt fingered, and it looks like we were right!

Sources claim, Amber is blackmailing Kanye for millions. And since the rapper is broke, Kris Jenner and Kim had to step in to pony up the dough.

“Amber has so much dirt on Kanye and it’s well known she’s been shopping her story to publishers and movie honchos for some time now. Kim and Kris have decided to step in, and they’ll pay what it takes to keep her quiet. Amber’s rumored to be demanding $10 million to get this done,”

Can you blame her? Get $$$ Amber.


      • ..and if it wasn't for Kanye, we wouldn't know Amber. She got paid for doing that and he probably wasn't the only ass she fingered…lol.

        Hoes ain't

        • Yes hoes ain't loyal and males are the most unloyal hoes on the f*cking planet stay woke hypocrite. I see you dick riding for Kanye I see you.

    • She better have at least a secret camera in her bathroom and just erase daily after recording otherwise, catch the people who will take you out. The fact she was first with KW is strike one against her, that they had to pay her for her silence is strike two. Those greedy witches do not like to be separated from their money and they will make Amber pay.

      • Naw, Amber is a smart hoe. Most likely got shit in a safe deposit box and several have the keys with orders to publish if she has an 'accident' …the witches paid her off cause Kanye is still useful. Kanye would be having an 'accident' before Amber would, he's the one making music would be worth much more, ahem, dead… and he was going against the programming so they called their pet coon away from his boyfriend in Paris to play happy daddy, you've seen the photos of him grimacing and faking like he actually cares about his daughter?

        Kanye is the one in danger, stay woke, I know yall hate women even the mixed ones but look at recent history. Whitney, worth more dead, Mike Jackson, worth more dead. Kanye's music is trash now but if he was dead, shit would skyrocket. #staywokefools

        • Then the public would say man this is the best kanye made now I understand his godly visions he really was yeezus he was a genius so futuristic he was trying to tell us this all along yeah yeah yeah

  1. If kim paid that means amber got dirt on her and the family why else would they pay her off

    • Like what? It has to be something associated with the government like income tax evasion, or something else illegal. Or that Kylie had abortions, she better have receipts for all and any info.

  2. They are fools for paying. Everyone knows Kanye is gay. I'm sure there are others who have taken more than a finger or two up the butt. Or even several dicks. Kanye time is up and the Ks are going to take him out. He is becoming more of a liability

    • @Freddie Kanye is playing a losing game he's no Tom Cruise or John Travolta he's not protected he made too many enemies back when he dissed GWB talking bout he hated BP, – Kanye hates BP! Kanye is in a bubble, obviously if not he'd understand he lost his juice a long time ago. Living in the closet is for losers, or rich white men. Name me one black male in the closet that hasn't been outed from Will Smith to Tyler Perry…Wendy W outed Puffy decades ago. 50 basically got outed by Chealsea Handler the ww who was bearding for him.

    • @Freddie
      Yes Kanye is gay there is absolutely no doubt about that …
      Yet if the Katrashians Kim and Kris are about to take him down why paying 10 Million to keep Amber's mouth shut…
      Kanye's proof of his gayness is enough bad publicity to take him down wouldn't you say ?

      • Cause its not his time, yet. He is more useful right now they have that disabled male trick baby to exploit and the trick male baby needs a daddy in the public eye, right now, that is.

        • ok that makes sense plus I bet he has signed a very profitable life insurance for his children…

  3. They don't have to pay her off because Amber doesn't want the shit she's done to get out either. I bet her entire body is probably nothing more than a radioactive dump site.
    The thing I don't get about this fingers in the booty drama is people are making more fun of Kanye but everyone leaves out the fact that Amber actually put her fingers in some dudes ass. I know how hard it is to get the smell of onions off my fingers. How do you remove the smell of ass from under your nails?

    • Oh please, she is/was a stripper aka a sex worker & Kanye, a trick who used her as a beard. Hoes do worse than that and it's the TRICKS/JOHNS/MEN paying for the services! Keep making money Amber make those white witches and their pet coon pay you millions!

      • Okay but that still doesn't take away from the fact that she put her finger up some dudes ass. I'm sorry but I can't get with this new trend of celebrating the antics of any nasty woman. White, Black or other.

  4. Amber has dirt on that whole family she remember Reggie cheated on Kim with amber no telling what Reggie told her amber f*cked nick cannon who used to f*ck Kim. Chyna associated with the family before she dated rob know a lot of family secrets and chyna and amber are best friends and lovers and kanye and tyga are both rappers and made songs with the same people like Chris brown who also f*cked amber along with drake who was tygas labelmates then we know Nicki minaj used to dyke with amber

  5. This is f*cking stupid! Why are they paying this hoe money! Go the Jay-Z route and erase that bald headed bitch! Hoes lives don't matter. Nobody will give two shits about Amber Rose!

  6. young thug apparently has a new single called digit with kanye.

    digits is an acronym for finger in the butt in the escort game.

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