JOE BUDDEN A WANTED MAN: ‘Jail Phobia’ Sparks NYPD Hunt For The LHHNY Star!

Joe Budden Wanted Man

It seems as if there is no man … no Woman … no Cop … no Judge … alive that could keep Joe Budden from being on his shizzle! That’s because the rapper is said to be refusing to turn himself in … even as a wanted man with an active warrant for his arrest!

A tipster tells HSK that “Joe Budden is a wanted man for missing a court date.” He’s said to now have one message for the ‘boyz in blue’ … “f*ck da police!” “Joe caught the case back in 2014 for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend Audely Robles,” a source reports.

Dig the drop:

“Joe is a b*tch a** n*gga. He would choke a woman out, but he’s afraid to go to jail.

Joe is talks tuff when his crew’s around … saying shit like ‘Fuck da police’ but behind close doors he’s shaking like a leaf. He’s afraid of sitting in jail for a few hours before posting bail.

Joe’s a b*tch!”


  1. Wtf is wrong with your source ( he would coke a women out)
    Too cheap for proof reader sounds like hsk through that last bit in kinda personal huh !
    Who wants to ever go to jail ?
    Lohan went to jail and got kicked out because it was over crowded gtfoh!!
    Keep it moving joe f*ck da police ! I’m not ever saying I agree with CHOKING OUT a female but let’s be real for a second we don’t know what she did or said and now the so called new female is how you young kids say um ratchet!! Ratchets need too be tightened up !

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