1. nothing but 2 old hags fighting over petty shyt (what They need is some dick inside Them)

    • No Anita Baker is really a nasty artist., she and Luther had a major falling out..
      Her attitude stinks.. I wouldn’t pay a penny to see her.. I would pay to see Cheryl, she treats her fans with respect…now that’s just my opinion…..its

  2. Hell even the late Rick James said Anita Baker was a bitch! What is wrong with The Songstress? I thought she was this strong person that U can feel her spirit and her presence that tells U that everything is going to be ok.

  3. Smh Damn shame when you have the ol’ skoolers on social media wildin’ out. Wooow, who knew? Anita Baker’s known for her shadiness very much in the same way as another iconic Detroiter…Aretha. Miserable washed up yester year hag. Shame on you Anita lol

  4. The parents of a college friend live next store to the home that Anita Baker shared with her husband Walter (inspiration for Giving You The Best That I Got) and he claims that the police were called on numerous occasions when Anita would take to beating Walter on the otherwise lavish lawn.

    I’m not surprised that she didn’t respond to Cheryl Lynn and only blocked her because it’s not like she opens her mouth when she sings anyway. Cheryl Lynn responses were stalkerish and comical at the same time. I don’t think either is a old hag, that’s too far with it.

  5. Why call out somebody out on twitter because they blocked you. That is ridiculous and petty. She is way too grown for this. Cheryl needs.a life…..its just not that serious.

    • IKR. Why not text, email or write Anita a letter airing her concerns? This seems like Cheryl just wants some attention.

  6. anita baker always has her attitude her and jill scott goty into a few years back forgot why don’t care.

    aion’t nobody chwecking for anita or Cheryl unless you like the 70’s 80’s r&b circuit.

    and got to be real is one of the gayest songs ever made.

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