Puff Daddy Bumps Stevie J To Produce?

Diddy Stevie J Reunite

Joseline Who’s Doin’ Who?

That’s the kind of info that Stevie J is said to care less about … especially since he’s said to have been re-bumped by his Diddy!!! Don’t believe me … Just ask MiMI!

“Stevie J is recording with Puffy again, and he’s making money again!”

An insider is saying Stevie J is back rockin’ with his former Bad Boy Records crew and he could give a damn what people saying about wifey Joseline Hernandez having extramarital affairs.

Check it:

“Stevie is happy right now. His dreams came true – He’s back making music with Puffy. Stevie and Joseline are still together — they’re swingers.”


    • Such a stupid question “is Joseline really all Woman”. Take ya ass to porn hub. tHAT p*ssy is all over the internet for all to see. what she wears, the makeup, the butt shots or too much working out can make her questionable but trust shes a girl.
      Cant stand her stank attitude at times but she is a beautiful woman…Every woman is not going to have the same body type sorry

    • Nawwwwww…..He can’t because that would mean he will be going back on drugs again and they done told him if he don’t stay sober he was going to do Fed time. Plus, he got to pay that back child support or he can do time for that. Let that man make that money. I’m quite sure him and Diddy done talked it out. Hell, this might be Diddy way of saying he wants out of tptb. We just gotta see and wait. In a way, I am glad that Stevie J is back! Doing what he do most! Making hits!

  1. Check Stevie resume. He a beast on the
    Boards he got more hits under his belt
    Than a lil bit. Puffy just looking out
    By putting him back on
    Hope he don’t get sacrificed

    • He won’t. Diddy already did enough collateral damage to the point that his brand is almost diminished. Shouldn’t ‘t sacrifice your best friend, your brother, your mentor, your artist for something that came back and haunted him. That’s how the Diddy curse came about. Also Joseline is not about to let that happen. Joseline is from the streets. And everybody knows that at least 85% of Hispanics have a backup and an option. Joseline got that and some. Pay attention to the way she talk. Her accent is giving us a clue as to who she knows. She ain’t slow leak nor a dumb person by a long shot.

  2. contrats stevie, was hapy to hear Puff back at producing again, cause the music thats out now straight gabbige!!!…….we need that bad boy sound again in the airwaves!!!!!

    Make magic Fellas

  3. I happy for Stevie J, music is in his blood and he’s at his best making music..as my father would say, don’t mix business with pleasure.. Good Luck to Stevie J, I hope he has a few hits at doing his music..IJS

  4. Happy for Stevie J…they can say what they will about him, but the brother’s talented.

  5. wasn’t Hosliene getting dicked down by Stevie’s son??
    remember it’s been known for whorish Step Mother’s to f*ck Their Step Kids, in Holisene case She’s likes V’s and D’s

    at the same damn time

  6. It’s never the same second time round…. so don’t expect it to be….. Puffy and J both need to move on, the music thing is over. Next!!!!

  7. Just watched Love and Hip Hop .. and the Afterparty w/ Joseline and Karlie Red …lol. Only my guilty pleasure show. Hoe-saline is waaay too funky and nasty to people. Fucked up thought process she workin with. Surprised she still has teeth. Anyway .. its cool to see Stevie J back on his music grind and that Puff will be part of that creativity. He IS a mogul .. lets not forget. Just goes to show that people can change and I hope Stevie embraces that change for life, and keep making great music.

    And to the youngsters that think music is only for them (after reading some posts), what fantasy are you livin in?? Sure ain’t reality..lol. Music is for everyone. I’m 50ish and ghostwrite. Get you some.

  8. Hold up! STEVIE J Kissed LIL WAYNE ON THE LIPS !! Appears to be more of “We made up” with P. DITTY!! Smh

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