Jeezy & Crew Released After Posting $1-Million Bond


Rapper Young Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins along with five other associates who were also arrested on Sunday on weapons charges, have posted the one million dollar bail (each) and are being released from jail.

The arrest was the result of police finding an AK-47 assault riffle on Jeezy’s tour bus after a warrant was issued by police who are investigating the murder of Bay Area promoter Eric “E-World” Johnson. Johnson. Johnson was shot backstage during the “Under the Influence” tour stop in Mountain View, California. Johnson died from his injuries.

HSK previously revealed that word on the streets is that Jeezy’s bodyguard (who is still on the run) was the trigger man, so it’s no surprise that during the next stop of the tour, police had caught up to Jeezy with warrant in hand.

Here is the latest:

“Jenkins, 36, is charged with felony possession of an assault weapon along with David Robert Kuniansky-Altman, 31, Alexa Beason, 53, Peter Arthur Maynard, 38, William Paul Gilmore, 48, and Kena Jermaine Marshall, 39, according to district attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

All six entered their not guilty pleas in Superior Court in Newport Beach and their next appearance in court will be a pretrial hearing on Sept. 5, Emami said.

Jenkins will be represented by private attorney Alex Kessel and Kuniansky-Altman by lawyer Rudolph Loewenstein, while the others will have government-appointed counsels, according to Emami.

Prosecutors allege that the six defendants possessed an illegal assault weapon on a tour bus on Sunday, the day they were arrested by Irvine and Mountain View police at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, Emami said.

He had performed at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on Friday night when Eric Johnson, a 38-year-old man from Orinda, was shot to death backstage, according to Mountain View police.

Police obtained search warrants at the Irvine venue for Jenkins and the five others, Mountain View police said.

The criminal complaint also charged Maynard and Marshall with felony counts of being felons in possession of a separate firearm and for felons in possession of ammunition.

Maynard has a previous conviction for criminal conspiracy in Georgia in 2008 and Marshall has one for possessing marijuana with the intent to sell in 1995, also in Georgia, according to the district attorney’s office.

Bail for each of the six defendants, who were booked into the Orange County Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana, was set at $1 million, Emami said.

Jeezy’s next court date is scheduled for September 5.


  1. Mannnnnn…this is there opportunity to snitch and haul ass! 1 million a price? Well damn the courts done made them an easy 5 million! And all because one damn idiot wants to be a hot head!

    • Umm, u DO realize that bail is usually 10% , right? Also, it’s returned to the bail bondsman or person posting after the person resolves the offense in court.

  2. he never had guns the TPTB was sending him a message jeezy don’t want to follow orders and doesn’t want to do the rituals anymore he’s tired he’s going against the grain. with him being in jail now maybe he’ll get back in line. EVERYBODY in hollywood have to keep doing the rituals to keep their money the celebs don’t control their bank account the TPTB control it stop doing rituals they freeze your account ask katt williams

  3. Now we all know Jeezy and his crew dont have that type of money. So who paid the bail? The record company maybe.


    • yep the label isn’t jeezy still on def jam or he called one of his rich friends like jay z perhaps.

      • Y’all fools don’t think Jeezy has 10% of a million dollars???? Or someone has 10% of a million dollars? Having 100k isn’t being rich. Y’all act like he has to GIVE and don’t get back a million dollars to the court. It’s no wonder so many of y’all in jail. Y’all don’t know how to get out. Bwahahahahaha

  4. the music industry is dying the music don’t sell anymore 10% is selling 90% is suffering the artists is doing whatever they got to do to sell. the music is shit and everyone is downloading music record labels buy their artist music. most of the old school stay on the road singing old songs. people like chris brown, try songz tour some these tours makes over a million dollars they get very little and the record label gets most of their money

    • That’s actually false.. The music doesn’t need to sell anymore. Artist still make millions off of touring, merchandising, publishing, Film, and CEOs branding deals with companies like Nike, sprite, samsung, Ciroc etc.. Etc.. It’s 2014

        • That’s right. 360 as in 360 degrees pay me all the way around. They get a piece of it all-endorsements, appearances, anything that makes money they get a cut. Artists are slaves, okay, SLAVES.

          Under these types of contracts you are a product not a person. So if ABC hair care wants you in their ads, a cut of that check is the label’s. If you do a movie, they get a cut of that too. Clothing deal at a major store? Cut them in.

          That’s why you see Beyongrel everywhere, she’s trying to stay ahead of the collectors. All that money is not hers, she’s got to pay up too.

  5. how many blacks folks are gonna preotest against jeezy was keeping it real wasn’t he he was gangster ain’t he.

    only reason jeezy’s out is because OF BLACK ON BLACK CRIME.


    • True Crazy Chris.

      Jeezy is a real problematic kneegrow.

      He is against his own people.

      All these thug rappers are. It is why he was granted bail in the first place.

      HOWEVER, you know what name I’m looking at in all of this:

      Robert Kuniansky-Altman

      I bet the automatic weapon was an Israeli-made Uzi.

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