James DeBarge Busted On Dope Charges.. AGAIN!

James Debarge Arrested Again

James DeBarge is in the tank today, after sources say the 50-year-old singer was “arrested on suspicion of narcotics possession in South Los Angeles, last night [April 25th].

Details surrounding Debarge’s arrest are scarce at this time, but it’s an alleged drug bust that far from being a first for James. Just ask his ex-wife, Janet ‘Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty’ Jackson. Cops say they made this recent James Debarge arrest around 9:30PM.. booking him at LAPD’s 77th Street Community Station jail. That’s where James DeBarge is reportedly “being held without bail.”

Peep what The LA Times reports:

“DeBarge has had a public battle with drug addiction in recent years, which landed him in Los Angeles County jail several times. DeBarge was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon involving a gun.

He was arrested twice by the LAPD in October 2011, initially on suspicion of drug possession and then assault with a deadly weapon. He was back behind bars last year after being arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and possession of a controlled substance. In 2011 he was convicted of drug possession and in 2012 he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and drug possession, court records show.”



    • Im too young to really know who that guy is. But I remember a comment that this guy’s mom remembers Janet being pregnant. Why doesn’t she claim her kid? And was she doing drugs with this guy?

    • this child’s existence was never proven.

      james was offered millions to tell his side of the story but he won’t talk because he wants to be loyal to janet.

      james did say mike used to peep through the door and watch him and janet have sex.

      mike would jump in the bed while they was lovemaking and mj would call janet tinkerbell and james and everybody else had to call him peter pan or feel his wrath.

      mj fired a staff member for calling not calling him peter pan.

      • Funny but when I lived with James he never told me that peter pan shit or about mike being in the bef while he was f*cking and that nigga used to spill all the motown and jackson tea to me.

      • But you are right about his loyalty to Janet and the Jackson family. That is what I mean when I tell you James is a real good brother he would rather live a meager lifestyle than betray his ex-wife for millions of dollars. One of the realest niggas I ever met.

          • No. He would though if it wasn’t for his past fame. I mean he hates being “James Debarge” all he wants is to be a regular person w/o people treating him different because of who he was. ( I think the reason he liked me so much is because I treated the nigga like he wasnt shit.) If he could he would be a handyman James could fix anything with damn near no tools. It was amazing. That was his passion besides music. To answer your question the nigga get phat royalty checks til this day he said them bitches started really getting piggy when itunes came out he said he get the most money from Motown 25 performance. (Sorry for rambling just reminicising on my time spent with the big homie Mr. JD very special man taught me alot about life.)

      • There’s nothing for James to divulge about a assumed Child with Janet because their never was a child period!Al has stated several tines in interviews that he’s never seen a child and what woman would not want the world to know about her first and only child?!That never made sense.

        • BA I have trolled this site for years and never posted one comment because I don’t speak on things I am not 100 percent correct about. I heard the whole story from the horses mouth and you are incorrect.

          P.S. That hebrew isreslite shit you be hittin niggaz wit is wild. Ive never heard it before and it is intriguing.

        • There’s a child and a large pregnant belly with Janet and this dude in the jet magazine in the 1980’s.

            • Anybody that really knows Janet knows her weight fluctuates from time to time or between Albums.So,I’m not sold on that Jet Magazine Assertion.

  1. When I found myself homeless and alone on the streets of California back in 2010 is where I met James Debarge who I call Mr. JD that man took me in and treated me like a lil brother and this nigga didnt know me for shit and I always will be greatful to him for that. Im not gonna lie and say he does not have a drug problem but if you indured the type of childhood he did you might have ended up with worse problems than him. James is a good man with a heart of gold and does not deserved to be clowned or talked down on because of a substance abuse problems because just like him we all got our issues.

    • We all have our issues, but anytime you’re as old as him and REFUSE to get yourself some help you deserve to be talked about. They have plenty of LEGAL drugs to help his depression and insurance will pay for them. He has no excuse to wallow in his pain.

      • He does not wallow in his pain. He has good days and bad days. He is just a nigga that likes to snort cocaine. Its his money he can afford it and he aint hurting nobody.

        • Mike, I feel what your saying, but it says he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and a hit and run, I think that means he is hurting someone.

          • Lonn I had moved from Cali by that time but I remember when that story came out and that shit does fit James’ M.O. because even though he is one of the most kind hearted men I ever met he is still a real ass Detroit nigga and will not hesitate to whoop a niggas ass in a heartbeat if you try him. So trust me some foolish nigga tried the wrong one.

            • @Mike Rich your points come off as very authentic and you seem to be a real nigga.Growing up on DeBarge outside of JanetJackson I don’t know much about James musically.What was he a artist or a producer?

            • Mike the only thing big about James is his drug habit. He weigh about a 110 soaking wet.

            • As far as with Debarge he just did background vocals but after that he did alot writing and vocals for D.J. Quik, SugaFree and cats like that. Idk about producing but I know that nigga used to get on my nerves every morning waking me up playing that raggedy ass keyboard he rebuilt and singing loud af waking up the whole apartment complex.

              Reggie you must be the one he assualted with a deadly wespon huh? U can tell us its ok.

    • Mike rich thanks for sharing that. It’s unfortunate when the most humble and generous among us are not able to beat those kind of demons. I will lift him up in prayer.

  2. james still gets high next the debarge family drug issues is worthy of another book.

    this family is better known for drugs than the music.

  3. Sad, I hope God will help him find peace.

    Cannot even blame this on the parents, it was Bobby whose fault this is.

    • The father was raping Bunny and some of the boys and beating the hell out of the mother……a lot of the blame can go his direction.

      • Yeah, but Bobby was the one who targeted James because he felt the father liked James. Bobby raped and beat James.

        But yes, the father was evil and Mama DeBarge was gonna put up with whatever so her chillum could have some good hair.

      • @R in NYC Michael Jordans sister alleged that MJ Sr.use to come by her room at late hours and Rape her as well.She also,claimed the mother knew about it and did nothing to prevent it.Very Sad!

  4. That evil father of theirs really messed up most of the Debarge children. It breaks my heart to see their ongoing struggles with drug addiction.

  5. Reuters is reporting that James was seen having lunch last month with Dr. Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson’s death doctor). Now that’s a story right there.

    • If Michael Jackson AKA Peter Pan hadn’t bleached up his skin using Chemical Peel the media wouldn’t have been so enamored with him.Do you think the “Off The Wall”MJ would have gotten the same type of publicity?I doubt that!

      • wasn’t til thriller when mj reached crossover status yes he was always popular but the thriller days was when he ruled the pop charts.

        black Michael was better than whitegirl Michael.

      • You are a complete idiot!Do you really believe in your heart that the Media would have gravitated to the BlackMJ in Contrast to the PaleMJ?You can’t possibly be that disingenuous.Have a Seat in the Nose Bleed Section!

  6. I have never done cocaine or any other drugs — why is it sooooo powerful? How does it make one feel? Does it make everything seem like it goes away. Just tryin’ to understand. God bless you James DeBarge and all of the DeBarges. I wish love was more powerful than cocaine. Sigh…. apparently not.

  7. I couldnt imagine a lifelong battle with something that happened so many years ago. Wish him the best. I wonder what type of therapy do people refugees from conflict countries have. You rarely hear of them self destructing and rehashing the pass. Had a friend who explained this theory to me when he worked on his PharmD about different types of trauma.

    Hope he is able to heal.

    • You need to research. Most refugee survivors suffer from pts and the suicide rate is las high. Things have a way of manifesting its self. You don’t have to be dealing with the exact incident to be affected by it

    • Everybody’s daddy didn’t stomp & rape em’_! I see why they r f*cked up. It don’t matter how long ago it was, dammit it happened!!! Let’s c how long it would take u!

      • Everyone has been through something. I empathize however do not accept that it is ok for someone to continue to let their past haunt them – especially 40 years ago. The father is dead and no longer able to hurt him. Again I hope that he is able to heal and learn how to effectively cope with his issues. Everyone who has experienced trauma is not on cocaine or rx and do go on to be fairly functional individuals

  8. How old is James? In that picture he looks like he is at least 95 years old with severe back problems and a bad bladder!

  9. The article says that James was “arrested on suspicion of narcotics possession.” How can someone be arrested for suspicion. Either a person has drugs or not. This sounds as bogus as hell. James may be on drugs, but this arrest may be illegal.

  10. Sad he just can’t leave that dope alone mane he’s getting to ol to be getting high i guess rehab isn’t enough sad this is a talented brotha him and his family sad mane

  11. I remember his daughter thought she was gonna be the next Britney spears! Sike! Nobody has heard anything from her sense she released the ultra Basic ass song,she just didn’t have that Debarge spark

    • Kristina’s career nosedived very quickly.Its been like 4years ago since her album dropped.

    • no maybe she didn’t phukk the right men and women.

      her album was no different than any other pop album at the time.

      • She can f*ck whomever she’d like,but at the end of the day,you need a Hit Record and Christina lacked that.

  12. Awe that’s mean. She tried. At least she did make an attempt. Addiction is a cover-up to the problems. I was told with cocaine they like the taste. It makes them feel really good about themselves like they can handle anything. A confidence booster. It’s probably like a harsher form of sugar. Once you have it in your diet it’s hard to get it out of your system or psyche for taste.

  13. I often see his brother Marty.i feel so sad everytime kuz year by year it gets worse….smh.

  14. bobby debarge died horribly with aids his reward for raping his brother and other evil deeds he did.

    bobby was with the group switch guess we know what that really means.

  15. All of those DeBarges are messed up. Was it the industry or was it their home life that started the trend?

  16. Mark Debarge is on gofundme tryng to raise $15,000 for a gospel album. So far in 10 months he has raised $90. I guess not too many people want to donate to an addict.

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